Freeware Garden: The Screening

The Screening tasks you with testing, training and selecting the very best subjects that will help further the cause. And, as we all know that the cause is the cause, you too have to understand that the cause will be with you, as long as you are with the cause. Even if each and every mission your agents will tackle will be a suicidal one.

But, sadly, with the cause being the cause and thus a very important thing, you’ll have to be cynical enough to keep them happy and well trained until the moment of their death. For the greater good.

Each subject’s abilities have been broken down into gradable characteristics such as intelligence, disguise, strength or agility and resistances from torture to electricity to make things easier for you. Also, it’s well worth noting that captured agents can be tortured which might be (relatively) lucky for them but not so lucky for you. Or the cause.

But you wouldn’t allow this to happen, would you? All agents must die regardless of how their mission goes and with each mission requiring a different pool of skills and talents you’ll have to be pretty careful and thorough with both your testing and training. The three people you send away have to be adequately efficient in everything from ninja-ing to hacking and at the very least modestly adept in the traits the mission requires.

Then, you’ll tensely sit back and monitor the radio chatter to see how the mission went. Per chance appreciate the great humour and writing on show too, as your team proudly captures those Bolshevik terrorists trying to smuggle bears inside really big cakes before dutifully dying.

Get through five missions and you’ll make it to the most important one — the one codenamed “The Truth”. It will make you wish The Screening expanded into a full game.


  1. Pazguato says:

    Nice figures!

  2. aircool says:

    Wasn’t Frau Blucher out of Young Frankenstein?

  3. RedViv says:

    Neeeeeiiigh! *thunder crack*

    • Shadowcat says:

      Well I haven’t read this article past the screenshot, which may be a first. I pretty much had to leave at that point, so I could hang out in the Blucher/neighing comments section.


      • aircool says:

        Heh… I’d totally forgotten about the horses. Gonna have to dig out the DvD now :)

  4. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Fun, but the last mission is a bit frustrating. Even with really good people I failed several times.