Boo! One Late Night: Deadline Released

I might quip something about the horrors of offices, but I've always dreamed of working in one.

You might have seen One Late Night doing the rounds on YouTube last year. A short, free horror game about trying to escape from your locked offices while uncovering a spooky story, it had a goofy ghost trying to find you to spook you good. Jump scares are big nowadays, you know. But, as Adam recently found with Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, that’s no reason to rule a game out (he quite liked the first One Late Night too). So here’s news that commercial sequel One Late Night: Deadline launched yesterday, looking bigger, branchier, and a fair bit prettier.

Deadline is set in the wider office complex containing the office from the first game, with five floors of rooms to poke around in, computers to mess with, items to find, and things to read. A bit like if Gone Home actually had a ghost. Developers Black Curtain Studio talk about non-linear and optional objectives, multiple endings, a drowsiness system to keep in check with snacks, and a hearty dose of good old fashioned spooking. Something nasty is lurking out there, see, and your antics might be encouraging it. Gone Home with actual ghosts.

The game’s on Steam for £10.99. Here, look at this spooky teasery trailery sort of thing… if you dare:


  1. mwoody says:

    My main concern is the writing. The English on both the game website and the Steam page is horrible.

    The basic idea is that players who have been in similar situations, and worked with similar office jobs, will relate themselves to the game setting and scenario and become immersed.

    The company website doesn’t indicate in what country they reside, so I can’t tell if it’s a language barrier. That said, writing like that will definitely prevent me from becoming immersed.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      That’s not too bad, is it? Sure your example contains two instances of bad grammar. If that’s what you call horrible English then I’m not sure if you’ve ever truly seen horrible English. I’m not a native speaker myself, though I taught myself English from watching the beeb and with the early internet long before I even entered high-school, but trust me when I say non-native English speakers range from flawless and excellent to truly abysmal or even unintelligible. Calling this game’s website (which is hosted in Sweden or so Flagfox tells me) and Steam page an example of horrible English could be somewhat disheartening to not just the developers but any of the people who frequent this site doing their utmost to learn what is to them a foreign language. That is not horrible English. And you’d probably be missing out on some great games for no reason whatsoever if you set your standards as high as that.

      • Soldancer says:

        Eloquently put, and certainly better written than anything I could concoct in my “second language”. Also fairly jarring (in a good way) from a “shoe is on the other foot” standpoint.


    I might have enjoyed the first game more if it actually had something to say about the kind of economic enviromnent that causes the titular late nights to become the norm instead of just being the tale of how Generic Old Lady Ghost #15 is somehow hauting an office instead of a house full of cats.

    *watches trailer* Looks like they’ve partnered with the Hard Times Distillery. Good for them, I hear their business has been booming this year!

  3. Cleave says:

    Looks nice but I am so sick of the lens flare effect that all the new engines use where it looks like you have a dirty camera lens. Stop it. We’re meant to be viewing this with eyes, not through a camera.

  4. ymgve says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! Performance is abysmal, it can’t even crack 30FPS with all settings set to low/disabled on a GTX980.