Have You Played… Dracula Cha Cha?


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Christmas Day! Doctor Who, the Queen’s speech, crackers, spuds, sprouts, Mary Poppins, The Snowman, Uncle asleep in an armchair, all the good Quality Street gone… oh, what a big day I like to imagine you’re having! There you are, wrapped in tinsel and smeared in chocolate as you read this. Me, I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas, but gosh oh holly [holly is traditional Christmas foliage, and its name rhymes with golly -Christmas ed] I always find a minute for Dracula Cha Cha.

Off goes Dracula on a walk, collecting presents and power-ups, fighting toy soldiers, getting into a dance-off with Father Christmas, using his Dracula Karate on candy canes and Christmas trees, leaping about, and playing rock, paper, scissors with reindeer as a timer runs down. It’s a one-button platformer inspired by Tomena Sanner, ostensibly about scoring high but I’m perfectly happy larking about in its winter wonderland.

I’ve played it so much that I can’t help but think of Green Door as a Christmas song, though opinion-havers believe it’s inspired by everything from a lesbian club to H.G. Wells. Whenever I hear it, no matter the time of year, I feel instantly Christmassy.

Creator Lobo’s site is long-offline but it seems this archive link still works. Quick! Grab it before it vanishes and you miss out on a wonderful Christmas tradition.


  1. Llewyn says:

    There you are, wrapped in tinsel and smeared in chocolate as you read this.

    Damn it, I knew I should have set a password on the webcam after all.

  2. RobF says:

    Yesss. Both this and Tomena Sanner are proper grinny brilliant. Love them both but Tomena Sanner doesn’t let you play rock paper scissors with a reindeer so just loses out there.

  3. Bugamn says:

    Firefox blocks it when downloading because it might contain virus or spyware.

    • demicanadian says:

      I ignored the warning and downloaded it anyway, but then my antivir blocked me from running the executable. Since it’s not from original link, I’m in doubt it’s false positive.

    • Guzzleguts says:

      Yep, I got warnings from both Chrome and Avast. Think I’ll play safe.

    • RobF says:

      Gah. It’s fine, it’s the packing that causes virus warnings to go off. I’ve no idea why this keeps happening to stuff made in the thing DCC was but it does.

      • AlexC says:

        The reason why every webbrowser & AV software is going RED ALERT is because the dev dudes website & email address has “infectious” in it’s title, inside the readme txt file. Every AV software is taking this literally. So much for the effectiveness of AV software… it’s totally safe to download this little gem!

  4. antelpe says:

    My Christmas game of choice is still Hyper Princess Pitch.

  5. edwardh says:

    That’s some really funny stuff. Wish I’d understand the jump timing though. Seems a bit random to me.
    So where are the leaderboards at? ;)