Living For The Weekend: Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Teased

I’ve not played Five Nights At Freddy’s or its similarly horrorsome, animatronic sequel, but Adam came to appreciate its well-crafted tension and I do enjoy its commonly-used, lazy-sounding acronym. What’s that game you’re playing? “Fnaf,” you say, and slip down your chair. What’s that game that got a sequel just a few months after its first release at the tail end of 2014? “Fnaf,” you say, head lolling to one side, tongue protruding, eyelids heavy.

What’s the game that’s now getting a second sequel? Yeah – fnaaaa– Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 is being made.

The sequel was first teased by an image on the Scott Games site with the words, “I am still here.” The sequel’s existence was later confirmed by an auto-response to emails to the developer, which stated it plain: “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is in production! Please do not email me asking any questions about it; NO questions about FNaF3 will be read or answered!”.

Which, alright, fair enough. Questions I will ask you, instead of emailing them to the developer: why isn’t it called Seven Nights At Freddy’s? Or Fifteen Nights At Freddy’s? 102 Dalmations pioneered the world’s greatest naming convention and it’s a crime whenever it’s not employed.

Thanks, PC Gamer.


  1. eggy toast says:

    Hahaha, why? The original game is 100% jump scares and not that difficult resource management. Instantly crapping out a sequel was a great idea, why not grab more cash, but who on earth needs 3 copies of the same fundamentally simple game?

    • Big Murray says:

      Because PewDiePie runs gaming now.

    • Kitsunin says:

      If the guy thinks there’s more to do with it, maybe there is. People said the same thing about #2, but the story was darn interesting, and the gameplay ceases to be interesting once you understand it well (that being why people who liked the first were thirsty for a second, and are probably still thirsty for a third). I don’t know what the plan is for #3, but I know I can already think of some changes which would make things pretty interesting.

  2. mukuste says:

    Five Nights at Fr3ddy’s

    Fi4e Nights 4t Freddy’s

    5i5e Ni5hts 5t Fr555y’s

    • Distec says:

      With names like that, they should get into the graphics card business.

    • Sarkhan Lol says:

      Followed by simply ‘FN4F’ with an edgy reboot.

  3. iainl says:

    Should have gone the Gobliiins / Gobliins 2 / Goblins 3 route, and now be on Three Nights At Freddy’s.

  4. lokijki says:

    The games themselves look terribly boring to me, but I’ve enjoyed the Game Theorist videos on their backstories, so I’m excited enough for this to come out even though I’m not going to buy it. It did seem like they put a fair amount of effort into building the story and atmosphere of the last two games.

    • Brooks says:

      Yeah I’ve never played an entry so far but I’ve really enjoyed the Theorist episodes and I’m interested to see what this adds to the story.

  5. Chuckleluck says:

    Excuse me for the worn out reference, but why on God’s green Earth does Five Nights at Freddy’s get a third game but Half Life doesn’t?

    • Shuck says:

      Well, with one of those games, new additions can be inexpensively cranked out in a matter of months because there’s no substantial changes made to the design, low expectations, and no real assets that have to be made; with the other game, the opposite is true. I leave it to you to figure out which game is which.

      • Turkey says:

        They’re the video game equivalent of the Paranormal Activity movies in almost every way.

        • Shakes999 says:

          Except one of them is actually entertaining. The comparisons are fair but PA isn’t fit to sniff FNAF’s jockstrap.

          • AXAXAXAS MLO II: MLO HARDER says:

            Yeah, at least a good FNAF player doesn’t have to suffer through jumpscares.

  6. Shookster says:

    What if this is Frog Fractions 2 and the first two games were decoys?


  7. rexx.sabotage says:

    Good game design?

    I can’t say but, developing a brand and milking it for every last nickel is certainly savvy business acumen.


    I’m just waiting for Five Nights a Stranger, which pits the haunted animatronics against gentleman thief Trilby.

  9. Solidstate89 says:

    I didn’t even realize Fnaf had a sequel out already. Much less development work for a third.

    Shouldn’t this crap just be 5 dollar DLC or something?

    • Harrington says:

      The sequel’s all of 8 bucks on PC or 3 bucks on iOS. It’s not DLC but it’s priced like it is.