Have You Played… Driftmoon?

The infectious enthusiasm of firefly Fizz is reason enough to play Driftmoon. Indie RPGs can be scrappy affairs, but this fifteen-hour tale from husband and wife team Instant Kingdom is, although crude in appearance, a really rather lovely thing.

After an evil wizard turns his friends and family to stone, a young adventurer goes off on a journey to uncover the mystery behind it, and thwart that bastard King Ixal until he’s jolly sorry.

The emphasis in this RPG really is on adventure. So much so that you can switch the combat off entirely, should you wish to. Leave it on, and you can still mostly find conversation options that will let you talk your way around it. And that’s where Driftmoon shines – the conversations, which tend to be witty, charming and well-worth reading.

There are even proper puzzles in there. And, as I mentioned, an enormously enthusiastic firefly, who made me grin throughout. Oh, and perhaps most importantly of all, there’s a panther who accompanies you called Queen Velvet The Third. Sold.


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    Lexx87 says:

    Sounds lovely. Once i’m done with Dragon Age: Origins, 2, and Inquisition plus finished reading the pre-quel books I may make this my next RPG as a breather before Wasteland 2.

    So in about 2018.

  2. B0 says:

    I have played it, and heartily agree with the joy of this game. Very pleasant and characterful.

  3. MartinWisse says:

    I wouldn’t call it crude myself, just a different, more old skool appearance from the big AAA RPG giants. I’ve played it for a couple of hours last year and liked it well enough. One of those things that is nice to play through on a couple of evenings or a long weekend.

  4. Anne says:

    Fizz did mention the other day that John had paid him/her (still haven’t figured that one out) another visit, and was, would you believe it, super excited about it!

    Of course Ville and I are also very glad to hear that John still remembers our little labor of love. :) I’d like to clarify one little thing though: It is almost possible to turn the combat off in Driftmoon, but just almost. If you select the adventurer difficulty, you’ll encounter very little combat, and the little you do, should be passable in a breeze.
    Best, Anne & Ville, the developers of Driftmoon

    • Wowbagger says:

      I very much enjoyed your game so thank you muchly!

      • Harlander says:

        Mm, thanks a lot, it was a charming bit of gamery.

      • Anne says:

        Thanks Wowbagger and Harlander. Great to hear you’ve enjoyed Driftmoon!

        • syllopsium says:

          Yep, it was a great little diversion – thank you.

        • Samwise Gamgee says:

          Hi Anne I loved your game, it game me a feeling reminiscent of when I played Ultima’s 6 & 7 many moons ago. Will you be making any more games?

    • Manburger says:

      Thank you guys so much for your great work! Perhaps a overused word to describe Driftmoon, but: it really is completely lovely. Truly charming, and some excellent worldbuilding! I also really dig the physics puzzles and the way you can drag objects around. It feels really good. I am most definitively on board for whatever you do next!

  5. tobecooper says:

    I’ve been playing Divinity: Original Sin lately, and it really reminds me of Driftmoon a lot. D:OS like a wealthier bigger sister. They share the same personality, humor and some looks, they work in similar ways. Both are distant cousins to Ultima too.

    • Paul B says:

      That sounds good, because I really enjoyed Driftmoon and am looking to get D:OS soon. One of the things I loved about Driftmoon was that it was just the right length – it never outstayed its welcome. Plus, it’s generally jolly nature and lightness of touch was a nice change from the heavy going BioWare RPGs I normally play.

  6. alexheretic says:

    Thanks for the reminder, just picked this one up. The price at green man gaming is currently not one I can really refuse!

  7. syllopsium says:

    Lovely game, in some ways reminiscent of older RPGs, and gently amusing. Plus there’s some engaging collection quests in it.

    Crucially, it’s quite short. I love RPGs, but fitting in a 60-100 hour extravaganza these days is a struggle.

  8. caff says:

    Glad to see the love for Driftmoon. I’d never have noticed it if I hadn’t read John’s excellent review (but I did have to remind him to give it an honourable mention in RPS best games of 2013) :-)

    It’s charming, so beautifully handcrafted and clearly a labour of love for the talented couple who made it. I don’t think Divinity or DA:I come close to the story and world of Driftmoon. Wonder what they are working on now?

  9. Bodylotion says:

    I have played Driftmoon a couple of hours but because of my huge backlog I somehow quit playing even though it’s quite fun. Did install it now again though…

    Have you played…. Dink Smallwood ?