Shiny Shiny: The Resident Evil 4 HD Project

WIP it good.

If I were prone to making rash, sweeping declarations, I might say “Resident Evil 4 is the best action game.” Then I’d hastily add “Wait, maybe this side of Vanquish?” Then “Hang on, what do I mean by ‘action game’?” And “I’m not sure I mean that.” Followed finally by “I shouldn’t have said that.” Let’s settle for: Resident Evil 4 is very good. And now it can be a fair bit prettier, if you want.

The first big release of texture pack RE4 HD Project dropped over Christmas, making over the first section of Capcom’s own HD revamp. The makers are trying so hard to recreate it faithfully, they’re tracking down real-world places and objects Capcom digitised.

First off, the texture pack is awfully pretty. I do slightly miss the heavy black lines, but look at this:

I usually avoid ‘HD’ texture packs, as they often make the game look quite different or are simply the original textures resized with some filters run over the top. Even Capcom seems to have done resize-o-filtering for many textures in the RE4 rerelease. The RE4 HD Project, though, are trying real hard to be both faithful and fancy.

They’ve tracked down tiles, chairs, statues, bells, arches, and doors, doors, doors that were photographed and turned into textures, giving them fancy HD bases for their recreations.

They’re fixing a few minor errors in geometry too.

Anyway, this release makes over the opening Village section’s environment textures. The rest of the world, as well as enemies, items, weapons and all that, will follow later. Download it over here and this might help if it crashes for you.


  1. padger says:

    I always like to pretend HD means “HOT DAMN!”

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      In Sweden it might mean Högsta Domstolen, i.e. the Supreme Court, or the newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad. Considering that these remakes aren’t always all they’re hyped up to be I also think the improvements made in HD versions are Highly Debatable.

    • rabbit says:

      HD …. I was approaching this with the same level of enthusiasm that I normally feel about HD projects like this (which is … not very enthused. So often, even when the texturing has been done tastefully, the models themselves are so dated that the HD texture work just attracts my attention to how dated the models themselves are. That, along with the developments in controls over the last few years (for instance how the arm & gun models nowadays aren’t glued to the bottom of the screen, they sway slightly as you look around, which I now find pretty much essential), has been stopping me from revisiting Vampire Bloodines and Deus Ex for quite a few years.)

      ANYWAY on to the point I was gunna make …… followed a link or two and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn check this!!!!!!!!
      link to
      Really really really really impressive work.

  2. hemmer says:

    Did they fix the crappy controls in the PC release at some point? I tried it once and immediatly went back to the consoleland version. :x

    • Ansob says:

      Yeah – they ended up fixing mouse controls so the mouse behaved like an actual mouse instead of behaving like an emulated Wii pointer. It’s still ridic-o-bad tank controls, but at least it aims like RE5.

      • hemmer says:

        That’s good news at least, thanks for the info.
        Now I’ll probably try it out again at some point to see if it’s an improvement over the PS3 HD version. :)

      • jonfitt says:

        Most of the tension in the Resident Evil (and spin off) games I’ve played comes from the redic-o-bad tank controls. If you could back pedal circle strafe around zombies (or even just circle strafe), they wouldn’t be able to get a hit in.
        My suspicion is that because Japan never took to the PC in the 80s/90s, they missed the Doom/FPS revolution. They were married to old consoles and hence produced something that took its shooting inspiration from a lightgun game (static player, zombie shamble towards screen).
        Even in the PS2/Xbox generation when consoles finally got twin sticks as standard and adopted a standard for FPS controls, nearly all of the FPS titles were Western.

  3. Christo4 says:

    Can i say that one thing i absolutely hated on pc was how wobbly the aim is, i mean it’s all over the fkin place. So annoying.
    And the second one is that at a point in the game, you needed the thermal vision to take care of an enemy and i didn’t have any weapons that could hold it and as such i had to go back several hours and redo them. Fuck no, i stopped there.

    • carsonoid says:

      FYI, you can kill them without the thermal, you just have to either get lucky with hitting all the slugs. The thermal is just there to help.

    • hemmer says:

      Who needs thermal goggles when you have THERMAL WEAPONS!? Seriously though, I was just too lazy for all the slug-aiming and fried the suckers whenever I could.

  4. Antistar says:

    Nice; RE4 remains the only game I’ve ever bought on two different systems. First the original Gamecube version (to play on my then-housemate’s Wii), and later the original horrifically bad PC port.

    That looks like some incredible dedication (and results) in this retex project; it might just get me to buy the game a third time.

  5. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    That’s some impressive dedication, tracking down the original objects and re-photographing them.
    Kudos to these people (even if I have no intention of playing RE4)

  6. DanMan says:

    Hi, I’m a graphics snob and I approve of this HD texture pack.

    Seriously though, like Alice wrote, texture packs can be of very questionable quality. Sometimes they go too far and create a patchwork look where they replace a low-res texture with a high-res one that’s similar but not the same (a ground texture with a completely different one, e.g.) -> nothing fits together anymore. Sometimes they don’t go far enough and then you have some super hi-res texture next to really ugly ones (kind of what Capcom did themselves).

    These people seem to know what they’re doing. Good for them. Capcom should pay them for finishing their job.