Invade Your Own Home: Intruder Adds Custom Maps

This is a sneaking mission.

Intruder might not be the prettiest game at this point in its development, but what we played of it was fine team-based first-person stealth-o-shooting with handy gadgets. Now you can live your dreams of joining a team to break out of your office undetected, as a hearty patch launched shortly before Christmas adding newness including support for custom levels. We would’ve told you then, but, well, I had mulled wine. Oh, now it has ziplines too. Can’t forget the ziplines.

The patch Superboss called “THE BIG ONE” means folks can now make their own maps in Unity, and naturally play ’em with other folks. More than in many FPSs, where levels are abstract murderzones simply painted up as real places, your office or home might make decent levels. Intruder’s heavy stealth can make use of vents and dead-end rooms and all those other things that slow traditional shooty-bangs, after all. The patch added a load of other stuff too, so do dive into the notes if you’re curious.

I’d missed Craig’s preview the first time around, and reading it now am pretty excited by tales of hiding behind plants, flushing people out of vents, catching other players out by hearing their radio, peering around corners with a camera on a stick, and hastily improvising when plans go Pete Tong.

If you want to play, though, you might be in for a wait. Superboss only sell a few early access slots at a time for a $10 minimum (about £6.50). Only 15 spaces are left as I write this, and who knows how long they’ll last? Quiet and deliberate growth might be sensible for a complex game still with a lot of work left, lest it be flooded with demanding hooligans. Here, enjoy some hammy infiltration:


  1. Gap Gen says:

    There’s no point in covering the doors, they always come intruder window.

    • JB says:

      First things first, Gap Gen wins. Just wins. Everything. Well done.

      Secondly, thanks to RPS for the reminder about Intruder, I had a hard drive die on me last year and forgot to install Intruder on the new one. Huzzah!

  2. Wret says:

    There were 2, and then there were none. I’m going to see if I can force this off on a friend so they stop. playing. Payday 2 despite how much open contempt they have for the game.

  3. JustAchaP says:

    Interesting, it makes me think of Spies vs Mercenaries but very epanded upon.

  4. Spy_ says:

    They will be refilling copies of the game generously so long as every thing is running smoothly.

    I’ve been playing this game since July 2014 and I’ve put over 200 hours into the game. Easily the best $10 I’ve spent on a game.

  5. Theonemat says:

    Probably the best game of all time.

  6. 1110 says:

    I’ve been playing this as a staple game for kinda allmost a year now, and love it to bits. It’s not generic multiplayer; there’s something truly great about it. I want to say it sometimes reminds me of the epic fun I had when dayz was brand new, but I’d be underselling Intruder.

    The older community members and new ones too regularly take the time to stop matches and give complete 101 guides to newbies. Jump in :)

    EDIT4: There were gift codes here, but they were all used :)

    EDIT2: Also plenty of us hang out in #Superbossgames in freenode link to in case you want to chill or need help.

    • Javier says:

      Holy shit, did you just, technically, buy me a copy of the game? English not being my mother tongue I thought the giftcode was a coupon for a 50% discount of the game. I saw the video above and instantly fell in love with the game, so I was about to” buy it” with the code. Oh man, thanks! You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Nicest thing I’ve seen anyone do in a while ;)

      • 1110 says:

        No worries :) I hope you enjoy the game like I do.

        I was actually sneakily replacing the code when I noticed someone nabbed it, and since your reply no-one has taken the CVE one. I’ll remove that bit when it’s gone, so give it a shot folks.

        • GameOverMan says:

          Sorry about that. I reedemed the first code and I was testing the game (configuring the controls, reading about the console commands). Thank you very much for your generosity. I hope the EU servers will be populated in the future, this game deserves to be more popular.

  7. Spy_ says:

    I suppose I’ll be a gent like 1110 and generously donate a gift code.

    Redeem here: link to

    Have a fun time playing the game!

    • daknine.^ says:

      Oh my god! You are awesome, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :D You have just made someone very happy who wanted this game very much. It will be in good hands I swear. Have a nice day and thanks again :)

      • Spy_ says:

        You’re very welcome, I hope to see you clocking in a bunch of hours into the game!

  8. rekedens says:

    Best damn shooter you will ever play. I’ve been playing for well over a year now.

    free code NVSFQ-HXCFB-0L7ZV-04S9S-RDVED

    • PlKupo says:

      Holy cow! Thank you so very, very much! I can assure you I will speak great things about this game to my friends every time I have an opportunity!

      I actually came back to this post to see if there were more good comments because I had planned to buy it earlier this morning before going out. I feel kind of guilty now, but it’s good to know my money would have been put to good use!

      I had decided to buy it for two major reasons: I love stealth games (and multiplayer variants like the Hidden mod for HL2), and I love games where the community makes content, because I know they last (pretty much) forever, with cool new stuff popping up all the time. I used to play the heck out of CS mostly for the community maps.

      You guys sure know how to build a strong community! You rock!

  9. Dongers7878 says:

    I wish I had the money to give one of you guys a gift code because it’s honestly been one of my favorite games ever.
    I joined the community back in September and was taught to play in my first match. Since then I’ve clocked 113 hours of playtime and spend the whole day in the IRC talking to other players, the majority of whom are really great.
    We recently finished up a huge tournament that went on for a few weeks and it really showed the potential growth that the game and community has.

    I can’t recommend this enough to people looking to get into a tactical or stealth game. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or hop into IRC.

  10. SteelRaven7 says:

    Hello is this reddit?!?!

    All claimed!

    Here’s a gift code:


    Here’s another gift code:


    Here’s a third gift code:

    1HUQG-Y1Z94-N… No wait that’s the first one again.


    You should totally redeem them


    Also hmm here’s a fourth code:


    • kniera says:

      I just made a account for this, I took the second one. Thank you so much, will (hopefully) catch you in-game :D

    • Skuba says:

      Thank you SteelRaven7!!! Hope to see you in-game :D