Run Chalk Run Find Sword Run Slay Minotaur: Minos’ Maze

I perfectly captured the moment where the minotaur gave me a good whack.

Psst! Hey, you! Yeah, you, poking around a video games website at 3 in the afternoon. Are you looking to lark about for a few minutes with a free game you can play in your browser? Okay, come on – but do turn your sound down a little, as Minos’ Maze has quite loud zany music. It’s a small freebie where you’ll scamper about inside a labyrinth, dodging the inevitable minotaur and other enemies until you can reform a sword and slay the beast. It’s a tricky one.

There you are, dropped down into a procedurally-generated labyrinth along with a honking great robominotaur and minor mechanofoes. You’re defenseless at first, having to run away from everything, but finding a sword shard will let you murderise smaller enemies, stun the big beef, and smash open objects to find health pickups. It’s difficult, what with everything trying to murder you and the labyrinth being a labyrinth and all. Leaving chalk marks (a random assortment of cats, ducks, skulls, swords, hearts, and other cute doodles) in theory helps you mark off where you’ve explored, but I mostly found it comforted me as I fled my inevitable death.

I have yet to find every sword piece and murder the minotaur, but I’ve enjoyed 15 minutes of fleeing and dying horribly. Perhaps you might too!

Top tip: diagonal movement is a lot faster than simply walking forwards. And pay attention at the start; it’ll briefly show you a nearby sword shard. And you can use the mouse to attack and chalk instead of the keyboard, if you want.

Only now that I look do I discover it started as a student project. What clever little students!


  1. Rizlar says:

    Argh. Hard.

  2. Neowitch says:

    Thank you for writing this nice article! :D It blew us away. *cough and we didn’t even know you could use the mouse cough*