Dirty Bomb Extraction Dirty Bomb Beta Is Live

gettin' those tax credits, eh?

It might appear that we didn’t cover the news that Splash Damage’s upcoming team shooter Dirty Bomb has been unrenamed Extraction and is now Dirty Bomb again, but what really happened was that all the chopping and changing sent our tags system into quantum disarray. There are in actual fact 418 posts about Dirty Bomb in our system, but they can only be seen if you can correctly guess which name the game is going under at any split second. It was called Dirty Bomb 655,315 times for the duration of the last sentence, and Extraction 641,978, so good luck with that. You’ll probably have more luck getting into Dirty Bomb Extraction Dirty Bomb Extraction Dirty Extraction’s closed beta, which went live today.

The London-set multiplayer argy-bargy, oi oi apples and pears, watch it guv’nor, is ‘out’ on Steam now, but it’s a store page without an install option unless you get accepted to the beta. Lob your name in the hat here. Not sure of waiting times, but given this is a free to play shooter rather than a paid affair I presume they’re not going to be too stingy about it. The game’s out proper sometime this Summer.

Dirty Bomb is what Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory studio Splash Damage did after Brink didn’t quite work out as planned. It’s set in a post-disaster London, in which mercenaries gangs duke it out for whatever it is people duke it out for after the world’s gone to hell. It seems to have dispatched with the free-running aspect of Brink, and the DIY character stuff, in favour of a straight-up fight between “a wide array of distinct Mercenaries”, of which each player picks three per match.

I’ve not seen it in action first hand, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you if the fancy-lookin’ screenshots are at all representative of the real deal. However, apparently there’s no restriction on discussing the closed beta once you’re in, so I imagine we’ll all been hearing plenty about Dirty Bomb Extraction Bomb Dirty Dirty soon.


  1. rocketman71 says:

    Brink worked exactly as planned, given that it was a soulless clone that they had the gall to release two weeks early because “it was ready” despite some bugs that should have precluded it from coming out of alpha.

    It was also a string of broken promises, like the implementation of LAN support, which probably destroyed the game when, fixed, it could have been a very good esports option.

    Brink was the game that made me stop preordering, and also the game that made me realize that the team that made Enemy Territory was no more.

    Dirty Bomb looks like a prettier Brink, but P2W.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I really, really enjoyed Brink. Was so, so sad when they released the expansion for free, but the game was already dead :(

      • DailyFrankPeter says:

        Even if it is the next Brink, I welcome them to try again.

        Brink was brave and fresh enough… that even if it is dead in a week, it’s no worse than the last COD or Titanfall have been for me, AND I will have seen something different for that week

        (COD AW/TitanfallI just bought, played once and abandoned, even though Titanfall is kinda fresh, and even though AW was meant to be a rebound to the trusty, relaxing experience of Black Ops 2, they both screwed something up resulting in a bore – surely a new Brink couldn’t have come at a better time!).

    • Ansob says:

      It was a soulless clone of what, exactly?

    • AsianJoyKiller says:

      Sure didn’t feel like Brink when I played it. A lot more responsive, and the levels made more sense.

      No idea where the p2w idea is coming from.

    • Wowbagger says:

      Haze killed preorders for me – time splitters 2 was a master piece that was thoroughly shit on by that horribly deformed monkey foetus.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      I would rather eat stale bread I know two rats have had sex on than play a game made by the team who made Brink. The people who made Brink should be launched into the sun.

  2. dazman76 says:

    I have the beta installed and ready to try, which I’ll hopefully do today. I really enjoyed ET:QW, and was disappointed by Brink. I’m willing to give SD another “chance” to create something as special as ET – both despite the Brink episode, and also because of it. SD learned lessons with Brink – it tanked, and that isn’t something that passed them by.

    I have my own “pet hate” developers who I tend to distrust, and since most games cost a premium I leave them well alone. But a freebie? Come on – how bitter do you need to be to state your refusal to try a free game? Maybe it will be P2W as you suggest – many of these F2P games are – but still, it’s free. It’s not even a large download by today’s standards. You might even like it :)

  3. Monkeh says:

    As an avid lover of multiplayer RTCW and it’s ”sequel” Enemy Territory, I was really hoping this would turn into ‘ET in a modern setting’, sadly it’s not. Movement feels really sluggish and constraint to me, even though the Quake/UT-like movement in RTCW/ET is a huge part of what made it great.

    Real shame that Splashdamage doesn’t just remake ET (ditching the Wolfenstein logo for obvious reasons), since I’m almost completely certain that would gain more popularity than this 12 in a dozen modern FPS.

  4. Ogun says:

    Had a very quick go on the earlier Dirty Bomb beta/alpha thing, but it just felt too much like an Unreal mod and there was a cheater running around insta-killing everyone so I uninstalled it – will probably be dumb enough to download/try it again when the beta opens up more.

    Loved ET to bits, ET:QW to a far lesser extent because the vehicles just felt like a tagged-on afterthought (like that stupid tank level in Q4), but still enough to pre-order Brink and buy a new PC – then felt like an idiot. Brink was a decent game with plenty of potential (despite the stupid dress-up Barbie feature and the downright useless botmatch), but they made such a total hash of the release that it was effectively DOA with no hope of recovery. Myself and one other friend had it on DVD – everyone else was waiting on the UK Steam release, and waiting, and waiting, and then their pennies went to some other game and screw Brink and the horse it would eventually ride in on.

  5. Tom De Roeck says:

    Im liking DB so far. Sure it has some F2P progression mechanics, but I think the basics are pretty good. Its like a casual brink, of sorts.

    Also, the GUI and menu have improved so much.

  6. Lobotomist says:

    This is exactly the same game as their previous game : Brink , that failed so very miserably.

    Same game, from same developers.

    Why do they think it will work this time around ? Please dont tell me “prettier graphics”

    • drgreatjob says:

      Because Splash Damage is a developer that only knows how to make games one way. Every single thing they’ve ever developed has been an Enemy Territory clone, but way shittier.

      Nobody should report on their games. They are bad, and the developers don’t give a shit.

  7. Wisq says:

    Well, that’s a relief. “Dirty Bomb Extraction” sounded like a particularly dangerous and probably highly painful medical procedure.

  8. abrokenchinadoll says:

    Those of you who are wondering where the P2w is coming from is the advancement system. I hear it works like this: You buy a crate with keys. You get the advancement or clothing style. Adds new weapons and such. Everything seems preset based on the loadouts they show. You’ll level the loadout it seems too.