Have You Played… Windosill?

Poke it!

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Windosill is a magical diorama full of wonderful, eerie, and often sentient objects to pull, tug, ping, crank, stroke, yank, slide, tickle, and otherwise poke at. It’s a short puzzle game where getting things wrong is just as pleasant as getting them right. Each pretty object has a playful interaction, makes a nice sound, and moves in a pleasant way. Who knew jabbing at an amorphous box filled with eyes, mouths, noses, beaks, and teeth could be so relaxing?

Windosill, then, is a puzzle game of ten little scenes to solve. In each, you need to find a cube that’ll open a door and let you roll a little wooden car into the next diorama. The cube’s never visible, so at first you need to poke at the objects in the scene to figure out what they even are and what they do. Even what appears to be background art can be vital. Some are physically impossible too, containing things that never could or should fit or be inside.

Once you chance upon the first part of the solution, things start coming alive, interacting with each other, and revealing how their odd behaviours relate to one another. It feels very organic – and not just in how so many objects are eerily alive. It’s quiet and awfully pleasing, a playful and magical puzzle box. I think you might like it.


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    Bluerps says:

    I got it in some indie bundle, years ago. I think I bought that bundle for something else but I still tried Windosill, just to see what it is. I intended to play just for a couple of minutes, but then I finished it in one go (not that it is very long), because the game is delightful.

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    distantlurker says:

    The barge left the quayside in the fading light of January gloom.

    It’s 10′ pole abandoned in the long grass. Unused.

  3. Jalan says:

    One of the final puzzles is rather agitating (not impossible mind, just agitating) and killed the vibe of the game for me a bit.

  4. elderman says:

    I loved this game. It’s been a while, but I think it was the combination of it’s easy-going rhythm, the charming flights of fancy in its design, and the agreeable little puzzles: not hard, but just enough to make me feel I’ve earned the next surreal window.

  5. somnolentsurfer says:

    I’ve had this sat on my hard drive for years. I think I followed a recommendation from Simon Parkin’s Twitter when it first came out. I’ve still never played it.


    It is beautiful. The puzzles have some of the dream-logic quality of Grow, and it sucks if you get stuck LIKE I DID SORRY I SUCK GUYS because there’s no way to figure it out if you don’t grok its dream logic, but it’s essentially a toy you can play with until you solve it and it is beautiful. Have I mentioned it’s beautiful?