PlanetSide 2 Aims To Break Record For Most FPS Players

Not pictured: 1,100 players.

It’s all full now. Go home. Go break your own record. Or start planning your attempt to break this one.

“Dedication’s what you need if you wanna be a record breaker,” goes an old song. But ugh dedication is such an effort! Trying is a real hassle! No thank you. No, what you need is to find someone dedicated to organisation, then ride their coattails to a world record by joining in a ‘most people…’ attempt simply by turning up in a place at a time. Far easier.

And why, here’s just such an opportunity! PlanetSide 2 players are aiming to break the Guinness World Record for Most Players Online in an FPS Battle, and you could be one of them. The current record is 999 players, held by a game created solely to beat the first PlanetSide’s playercounts.

Man vs. Machine set the record in 2012 but was created solely to do that. It was only playable on that one day and then shut down. That seems a bit cheeky, but the record’s only a lark anyway.

PS2 community group PlanetSide Battles and developers SOE are trying to break the record by rounding up 1,100 people on January 24th. If you want a chance to get in on it, signups are over here for folks who can absolutely, definitely, positively, even-if-my-skin-falls-from-my-bones-ly make it; that’ll give you a chance to be selected. Folks from the RPS PlanetSide 2 gang are trying to get in, so go on, join up with them.


  1. Tom De Roeck says:

    And heres the corresponding forum thread:
    link to!

  2. P.Funk says:

    Can someone explain to me if this is a matter of having X number of people playing the same game at once or if there is in fact some way that these people are playing in the same “space” akin to how Eve players do (I don’t mean time dilation, I mean a single server universe without shards)?

    • Guvornator says:

      As far as I understand from the reddit, it’ll be on one server as one (incredibly laggy) competitive battle. At the moment the record is held by some barely game created especially for the purpose, so it’d be nice if it was held by a proper game wot people actually play an stuff.

    • Cephas says:

      It’s the latter – “most players taking part in a single online battle in a first-person shooter video game.”
      So this means we’ll have 1100+ people on one continent (like a giant map) and I assume that alone counts as being a battle.

      Continent being 1 of 4 maps running on a server.

      Should point out we break this record all the time, it’s just that there’s no one there to verify it!

      • FreeTom says:

        Hmm, I was thinking that. We should see if we can get some admin on Miller to issue a server-wide “Everyone to The Crown, we’re taking a photo” message on the 28th.

      • MrUnimport says:

        Are you sure? It sounds to me like they all have to be present in the same area or thereabouts, or it’s several battles, not one.

        Of course, PS2 can’t actually handle the entire server pop being crammed into one hex without people five feet away from you derendering abruptly, medkits no longer working, jetpacks cutting out mid-air, and all sorts of sundry warping of the fabric of time and space, so maybe I’m being too optimistic.

        • Asurmen says:

          They only have to be on the same server in the same instance. Instance in this case might mean continent though but that’s it. They don’t have to be in the same battle.

    • cosmitz says:

      Hate to be ‘that guy’ but those huge battles in a single system is indeed on ‘one node’/one server. They have ‘reinforced’ heavy duty servers they attribute to systems when a huge battle is brewing, with corporations/alliances having an interface where they can request a system to be reinforced.

  3. Cephas says:

    Note that RPS and RTRS (the NC outfit) each have 5 spots I believe. Around 2400 people have applied to play and 1100 are able to play. It’s factions all fighting each other, so servers will be playing together!

    I’m not sure how likely signups now will be to get in but you never know!

  4. Jakkar says:

    I do hope I get to join the horde.

  5. Dibola says:

    The date is wrong, it is on the 24th.

  6. stoopiduk says:

    Can’t help but think they’d have had a better swing at this six or 12 months ago. I imagine that forum thread would have thrice as many people interested if we rolled back the clock.

    I wonder when PS2 player population peaked?

    • MrUnimport says:

      I’m pretty sure it peaked at launch, dropped like a stone, and then began to stabilize afterwards, long periods of slow decline with one or two resurgences.

    • Cephas says:

      I saw somewhere on Reddit that overall something like 2600 had registered to play. That’s not even up to date numbers

  7. Viroso says:

    Once I played on a really really busy server during a really really crowded battle and the way the game handled it all was by making half the players invisible unless you got close enough to them.

    I don’t think the game can actually show 1000 players in the same area.

    • Dibola says:

      The game uses a type of Dynamic Rendering. After so many people it starts reducing the distance that players will render for you and render what it feels is most important. While over a 1,000 may not show up for a person, it’s the server slots and who is logged in playing on the chosen map that counts

  8. Moraven says:

    They might be able to do it easy with the PS4 launch. Likely enough interest on that platform early on.

  9. chuckles73 says:

    Crap, why’d they put it in the middle of the Global Game Jam?! I doubt I will have the time to play Planetside2 that weekend.

  10. liquidsoap89 says:

    Missed opportunity for a One Million Troops Tag. Disappointing.

  11. Brothabear says:

    Too late Sony

    Man vs Machine beat you by 2-3 years..I was there. Shit was a bit chaotic but Still to see a thousand players all shooting the eachother was great

    BTW same Technology in this game (Pikkoserver) will be used in Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade.

    • Asurmen says:

      Sony them to it the fist time around :P

    • vorador says:

      Because records are made to not be broken, right?

      In any case, PlanetSide 1 had the record until Man vs Machine was made specifically to beat it. So they’re trying to take back what they had.

  12. Maelstrome26 says:

    Hello RPS,

    Your article is slightly incorrect. People are no longer able to sign up as all slots have been filled. Please can you edit the article to reflect that signups are now closed (they have been for about a week now). Thanks!

    – Maelstrome26, Planetside Battles Admin