Alien Undersea Exploration: Tachyon Reef Trailer


I couldn’t tell you what’s attracted a shoal of underwater exploration-y games, beyond perhaps a growing dread that maybe we won’t be lucky enough to die before the world’s drowned, but I’m glad they’re surfacing. FarSky and Subnautica are floating around now, it’s surely time we heard more from Diluvion, and I’m forgetting a few others. I’m adding Tachyon Reef to the list, as the deep sea explore ’em up due later this year has only just caught my eye. Come squeeze into your cozzie for a trailer. And yes, that is a roboshark up there.

Developers Five Archers Corporation are sending submersible captains through a mysterious portal in the Arctic Ocean to the alien Tachyon Reef, a place filled with strange creatures and technology – sometimes both in the same form. It’s mostly about exploring, recovering technology, upgrading your sub, and just watching what undersea denizens get up to. And look, it has a manipulator arm so you can jab at fish.

Judging from recent updates on its Steam Greenlight page, models only have that lovely untextured style because, well, they don’t have textures yet. That seems a shame. The clean untextured look leaves a lot to the imagination, while the few textured screenshots squish that ambiguity with uninteresting and muddy details. Hey ho!

Five Archers plan to release Tachyon Reef some time from October to December.

[Bonus commentary: this is my favourite song about the world flooding.]


  1. padger says:

    Seems like the tide has come in for underwater games. Perhaps it’s just a general current within games right now, but it does seem like everyone’s catching this particular wave.

    We’ll sea what happens, I guess, pacifically when these games hit the beach (of online retail.)

    • ikazrima says:

      I think I’m going to get deeply immersed in this, hope that this will blow us out of the water and doesn’t disappoint with shallow gameplay.

  2. ilurker says:

    This looks and sounds a bit like the 1997 not-quite-gem Sub Culture, to the degree I did some quick checking to see if it’s a remake. Even the model for the ship is similar!

    • Lim-Dul says:

      Yeah, when I first saw the game on Greenlight I immediately thought of Sub Culture as well! I’m a bit disappointed by their texturing efforts though. The game looks much more stylish when untextured. That’s the problem with going for high fidelity instead of some deliberate art choice, especially for indies who oftentimes cannot reach triple-AAA quality graphics if they go for realism.

  3. RARARA says:

    Warning, jump scare at 0:17. -_-