Dystopian Pointy Clicks: Wadjet Announce Technobabylon

Jas Mann is a movie producer now, you know.

I’ve played enough games where handing control of our lives to an omnipresent AI leads to a horrible dystopia to know that, when one is inevitably created, I really shouldn’t sign up. I will, of course. It’ll sound exciting, I’ll be curious, it’ll have some lousy invitation system to ensure everyone’s always talking about it, and I’ll cave to peer pressure. Fifty years later, the world will be horrible and I’ll end up in a terrible pickle like someone in Technobabylon, the next adventure game due to be published by the sharp Wadjet Eye Games.

Technobabylon is set in 2087, in a city run by an AI where we can drown our woes in virtual worlds and a secret police keep order. They rarely indicate happy times, secret police. Two of those coppers and an agoraphobic who tries real hard to live in cyberspace end up tangled in conspiracy, and boom there you go your video game is off. You don’t need me to summarise everything for you. Go read the game’s site.

Creator James Dearden of Technocrat Games planned to release Technobabylon for free in eight episodes, but with three out, he’s now joined up with Wadjet to go commercial. This new version will bring voice acting, new art, tweaks to the story and gameplay, and will of course finish the story up. Dearden has pulled downloads of the original free episodes of course, but perhaps you, dear reader, played it before and might tell us all a little more about it?

Technobabylon’s due this spring. For now, have a trailer:


  1. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    This looks like it might fill the Beneath A Steel Sky shaped hole in my heart.

    • XhomeB says:

      High five for mentioning BASK. Love that game to bits.

      • Saarlaender39 says:

        But s/he didn’t mention BASK – s/he mentioned BASS…you high fived him/her for the wrong game, you silly you…tsk,stk,tsk.


    • Turkey says:

      I should replay that game at some point. I vaguely remember that it had a pretty big twist and some gross organic machinery.

    • Sardonic says:

      I like to imagine Primordia takes place in the same universe as BASK, personally.

      Also deffo gonna get this.

  2. Gus the Crocodile says:

    Dammit. I liked it better before I realised the title wasn’t actually TechnoBaby(-ion?).

  3. TomxJ says:

    I noticed this on wadjets Site earlier this week, looks great! Always good news to hear David and Co with a New IP, Gemini Rue, Resonance and Primordia have been brilliant.

    Although the mind boggles on why I have spent so much time and money on a PC from space, when I play and look forward to games that can practically run on an abacus.

  4. Skabooga says:

    Wadjet Eye have been on point with most of their previous releases, and near future shenanigans always get my interest. I’ll be watching this one. With my Wadjet eyes.

  5. pund says:

    def looking forward to this one,thought ‘the shivah’ was P . good and ‘gemini rue’ simply brilliant!

  6. vahnn says:

    Always refreshing to hear a main character who doesn’t sound like a Batman clone.

  7. Shigawire says:

    This looks like it’s going to be a great game.

    If any of you still haven’t played the remarkable Resonance, by the same publisher, you should go and buy it right now. It’s one of the best adventure games of 2012, and indeed in recent memory. And it does fill that nostalgic niche that presses our buttons. ;) But primarily, it’s a great game for excellent writing, excellent puzzles, and a very ingenious inventory and memory system.

    Though, it’s not the exact same developer. The developer for Resonance was XII Games, under Wadjet Eye Games.

    The developer for Technobabylon is Technocrat Games, under Wadjet Eye Games.


    I’ve played the first episode of Technobabylon, and it is an absurdly strong opening to a cyberpunk story. It still has a few bizarre old-school adventure puzzles, but no cat mustaches as I recall. I reckon that if you thought Broken Age was too easy you’ll like this one. Anyone played the other two episodes?

  9. Charles de Goal says:

    This other game has lovely accents:
    link to adventuregamestudio.co.uk

  10. jankenbattle says:

    Enjoyed The Shivah, and absolutely LOVED Gemini Rue. Can’t wait.

  11. Harrington says:

    Curious to give this one a try. Wadjet Eye’s published games have been a bit more varied in quality than their in-house work, but some of them – Resonance in particular – have been truly excellent.

  12. santouryuu says:

    hey everyone,i am new here.
    i have played all the 3 episodes of technobobylon,and was really looking forward to more
    it was a great game,especially the second episode.though the third episode was a bit forgettable,but the first and second episode were comparable to other cyberpunk adventure games Beneath a Steel Sky and Gemini Rue.
    really looking forward to this