Smite World Championships: Day 1 Roundup

The Smite World Championship is an eSports event taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. The prize pool is just over $2.6 million making it the third biggest in eSports history. Pip is out there writing daily reports, exploring the event and putting PayDay bars in her handbag (just in case).

Day one of the Smite World Championships opened with North American favourites Cognitive Red taking on the Chinese second seed Doage Is Dog. It looked briefly like there might be an upset as DID scored first blood on Cog Red’s Hunter, Snoopy. Unfortunately for DID, that was not a sign of things to come and the rest of the kills, and indeed the game, went to the young North American side.

The second match saw European team SK Gaming defeat Brazil’s We Love Bacon. (Do you have any idea how much affection the gathered press had for the latter’s team name?) Knowing how comfortable SK are at LAN events that wasn’t a surprise.

The first real tension in the tournament came as Titan (formerly Aquila, formerly Agilitas) took on OMG, a Chinese team running with several standins in their lineup. Titan looked to be under pressure early on as OMG – familiar with the EU penchant for late game victories – attempted an aggressive early game lineup. Unfortunately for the Chinese side (and fortunately for Titan’s long-suffering coach) Titan were able to hold on until their gods came online and the game swung back in the top EU seed’s favour.

Red’s sister team Cognitive Prime then picked up a straightforward victory against Latin America’s 404 Name Not Found. I’m looking at my notes for the match and the words “absolutely dominating” feature.

Determining who would leave the tournament was the next order of business and We Love Bacon forced DID’s exit from the SWC just before OMG dispatched 404. Obviously, nursing a defeat never feels great but it’s a slightly sweeter exit than you’ll get in some eSports tournaments – the bottom four teams each walk off with just over $32,000 each.

The final matches of the day were the ones with the most hype around them. European LAN powerhouse SK Gaming versus NA favourites Cognitive Red; Titan – coming to SWC after a meteoric rise from the EU amateur scene – versus Cognitive Prime and their home state star Barraccudda.

SK scored what’s probably best referred to as a statement victory against Cog Red, leaving the hotly tipped NA side visibly subdued – shaken, even – despite conceding first blood to their fifteen-year-old star player Divios. The second of the two matchups went the way of North America, though, as Red’s sister team Cognitive Prime beat Titan. It actually looked like Titan were repeating their “make our coach have a heart attack” strategy as a strong early performance by Prime started to pay fewer dividends in the face of Titan’s ability to regenerate health after the 20 minute mark. A badly chosen teamfight and Prime’s ability to punish Titan for engaging at that point gave the North American side the advantage and saw Prime earn their spot in the semi-finals, leaving Titan to fend off We Love Bacon in the quarterfinals.

So where does this leave the competition? Well, if Titan can beat We Love Bacon and Cognitive Red can hold off OMG in the second day’s best-of-three matches you’ll see an EU v EU or a NA v NA semi final – possibly both. If not, the Brazilian and Chinese sides will advance and square off against two of competitive Smite’s best known teams.


  1. heretic says:

    Post so early young Warr!!

    EDIT: lol now I realise it must have just been evening in Atlanta…

  2. PepperTitan says:

    I am loving how much coverage this tournament is getting. Watching Season 1 was exciting for me as a very longtime Smite player and even though my favorite team didn’t make it to the SWC (RIP Dignitas) this is already a great event. They really cranked up the production values and I can’t wait to see the rest of the matches.

  3. Turin Turambar says:

    OMG did it well enough as to have a bit of hope in the second day, we can forget the other Chinese and Southamerican teams. It was a surprise when SK won over CoGRed, I though CoG Red would win everything.

    • Premium User Badge

      Philippa Warr says:

      I’m impressed by OMG actually – will be col to see how they fare today :)

      • Turin Turambar says:

        Reality came crashing down, lol.
        Well maybe next year.

        I liked that Titan won the first semis, if only because I like Ymir and he is underrated in the US league (the league that I followed the most, even if I’m European)..

  4. Shadowcat says:

    I read this as “Smile World Championships”.

    I wish that’s what it was, too. I’d watch it, just to find out what it took to reach that level of competition.

  5. Jeroen D Stout says:

    I wanted to see what Smite is, the first thing I see in a video of it is a thin woman in barely existing clothes.

    :-/ boh

    • BAshment says:

      and like the Taliban you wanted her covered up.

      • Jeroen D Stout says:

        And you use letters and words to convey meaning. Like the Taliban and also Pol Pot.

        • BAshment says:

          I think that’s how language works.

          • Jeroen D Stout says:

            And as there are multiple reasons to use language, there are multiple reasons not to wish the first thing you see of some random game to be a sexualised image of an almost-nude woman.

          • BAshment says:

            I would understand if there was a full blown porno shoot in the commentator booth. A woman wandering around in a bikini is hardly offensive, a bit strange but I guess the organisers are going for the american sport style presentation for example boxing matches.

          • Jeroen D Stout says:

            I am commenting on the in-game screen, though, the woman who I presume is meant to be Shiva. Sorry, I was being rather ambiguous.

          • BAshment says:

            ahh i see my mistake. In all fairness I don’t think hindu gods covered up much.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        When I think opposition to sexism, I think those relentless crusaders for women’s equality… the Taliban?

        Your analogy’s broken. Or your “Troll” button’s working just fine. Can’t tell which.

        • BAshment says:

          my analogy is fine. Its reference to radical (orthodox) Islam’s relentless effort to cover the female form to protect themselves from desire. a common practice to this day.

          • Jeroen D Stout says:

            My comment did not stem from hoping to prevent myself from desire, however. If you ran a rusty fork over a blackboard and I’d ask you to stop, that would not be because I object to music.

          • jrodman says:

            Eee arr arrr ohhh arrr..


    • Vandelay says:

      I’ve just had a glance at some of the goddesses’ profile pictures on Smite’s website and compared them to some traditional images of the goddesses. It is quite interesting to see the comparison, as there are plenty of completely starkers pics of most of them, as well as the scantily clad that a fair number of the Smite Goddesses go for. Then there are the few of them that are depicted in long flowing dresses that don’t really accentuate the breasts, yet Smite still feels the need to do so (particularly the case with Chang’e.) Neith is probably the worst offender though, who also happens to be one of the free gods you have access to with the game. Most images are obviously the very simple sideways style of Ancient Egypt, but she is definitely never depicted in a skin colour dress that at first glance looks like only her nipples are covered.

      I really like Smite, but, yeah, it is problematic in that regard. I suppose it is a step better then most MOBAs, as they at least they have the excuse that much of the source material shows a lot more nudity. The problem is that the source material takes the angle of them not suffering from the human condition of shame, rather than making them “hawt!” As a result, Smite seems content to just use similar shaped females for the goddesses. Even Arachne has the same kind of upper body on top of her spider legs! Even though that is actually fairly faithful to a few of the images I found, I’m sure they could have been more interesting with her.

    • Turin Turambar says:

      Oh, Smite is full of barely clothed voluptuous women. It could be argued that lots of ancient goddess were drawn or sculpted the same way but… it’s just an excuse. It happens in almost every female god of the game, not just in 3 or 4, and they even started in a concrete date, when they also started to change the look of some good to make them more “cool”, more “aggressive looking”, hotter and more bouncy in the case of women, etc. Even a god that it’s was just an old dude in robes (He Bo) received a lift and was made younger looking and they put him some weird spikes. Because spikes are cool?

      • Vandelay says:

        It is true. But I do like a lot of the style of Smite in many ways. It never takes itself very seriously, which is welcome from a genre that can be a bit up itself.

  6. PopeRatzo says:

    USA! USA!