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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Vat Is Going On?

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And once again, we’re back, with the new year rolling along like the inexorable vehicle of Death that it is, bringing us all closer to – fuggit. I’m a terrible pessimist. Hello again! And welcome back. Predictably, I’m terrified of VAT and how it factors into the calculation of video games. Some people tell me the distribution platforms will take care of things themselves. Others say no. Will they? Won’t they? I’m choosing to go with the former, at least for now. (Tell me if the prices are wrong. Please? Yes. Yes. Picture a sadface if you do not.) This week’s plushie is from Vesperan, and it lacks the all-important bucket. I’m going to pretend it’s hiding just below camera level, however. That goat thing is that cute.

Tropico 4
Were you feeling the urge to play as a benevolent dictator? Or, perhaps, were you experiencing the compulsion to be a tyrannical El Presidente. I won’t judge, either way. We were varying degrees of fond in our Wot I Think. Rob Zachny called it the “kind of theme park it has you build for tourists,” noting that it was a nice vacation spot but the illusion wore thin after a while. Not grand praise, but certainly flattering enough to warrant a dollar, don’t you think? (The standard code is apparently applicable, but most people don’t seem to be having much success.)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem
A collection of worms? Ew, ew. Ick. No. Wait. Oh, you meant Worms Ultimate Mayhem, the souped-up, re-vamped, high-definition return to Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem? Well, okay then. I think. Worms is a classic strategy franchise, one that your parents probably loved. (Or you, if you’re of the right age. But I’m convinced everyone on the Internet are teenagers these days.)

Trine: Enchanted Edition
I’ve always liked Trine, even if I’ve never found it exceptional. It’s a striking side-scroller, which wheels out puzzles and action at a decent rate. There’s co-op too, and although that isn’t particularly rare, it’s always nice to have. Why do I keep championing it every other month or so? I don’t know! Maybe, I’m just be secretly still infatuated with fairy tales. Either way, this is the well-shod version, polished, stuffed into a glittery cocktail dress and given Jimmy Choos.

Massive Chalice
I know, I know. Early Access, cynicism, and all that. But I really like Massive Chalice. It’s like a simpler XCom, with a heavy dose of eugenics, and the opportunity to pretend you’re an immortal monarch who can’t understand why everyone keeps spawning useless kids. The voice acting and the writing are both also pretty swell, which is why I’m happily condoning the purchase. I like it. Even if its current state of development, I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and suspect more than a few of you might too.

Also of note:

Dungeons of the Endless: Crystal Edition – $7.99/£5.28/€6.74
There’s something strangely hypnotic about Dungeons of the Endless’ odd mix of tower defense, RPG, and FTL-ness. It has a wicked sense of humor, although that’s rarely in the forefront. The item descriptions are totally rad, and deserve at least a few solid once-overs. Multiplayer is a lot of fun, once you’ve figured out the rhythm of the game. Unfortunately, I stopped messing with it for an age because of its disastrous ‘if you disconnect, you lose all ability to reconnect with that level of progress’ glitch. That said, this remains a lovely little game and you might find yourself indeed enjoying the pretty Crystal Edition, which comes with a host of nice add-ons.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Premium Edition – $4.84/£3.19/€4.08
Sexy Trip? Excuse me while I make a disapproving frown. That ’80s sci-fi get-up is definitely not the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet. (Sexy Robot Trip? Really? Bleh.) Nonetheless, Enslaved has always been a source of vague fascination, especially given that it’s a retelling of one of my favorite Chinese myths. There are things that could be done way better, but it’s going pretty cheap right now, so there’s that!

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