What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Just like another other weekend, I guess.

Hello, chums! I asked you a question, so answer it. Myself, I have the wonderful Cara staying this weekend so we’ve been playing fun games of making playlists and, ah, investigating cowls, visors, and glitter. We have our reasons. Games-wise, I’m planning to sneak in more Binding of Isaac: Rebirth when I have a moment.

Now 74 hours in, I’ve recently unlocked the D6 as Isaac’s starting item. This reusable doodad rerolls every item dropped in the current room, giving you a second chance at cool loot. It’s a “You can ruddy do one, Random Number Generator” button. It’s unlocked through a relatively tricky challenge of getting a deep way into the game with a character who’s kinda pants, which demonstrates fair mastery of rolling with the RNG, and then at that point the game concedes “Yeah, okay, go on, you can go mess about now.” I have been messing about with it. It’s pretty great. I’ve still got a lot more to unlock, though. I’ve got to unlock the final two bosses, for starters.

I had a lovely swim in dear Kenwood Ladies’ Pond this morning too. The water temperature’s gone up 1.5 degrees to a positively steamy 5.5C. It is my favourite place.

But that’s enough filler from me: what are you up to?


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    DayZ. And a bit more DayZ, I’m afraid.

  2. ExitDose says:

    Commander: The Great War
    Squad Battles: Red Victory
    And probably a little bit of Mini Metro here and there.

    • andytheadequate says:

      Commander The Great War is a fantastic game. Took me 20 hours but managed to win as the entente last week. I was utterly obsessed with it for a while, it’s such an addictive game.

      • ExitDose says:

        I’m still at the stage where I’m catching on to the game’s workings. I can see how it would be addictive. Did you beat it from the start of the war?

        • andytheadequate says:

          I did, although I was playing on the easiest difficulty setting.

          The game is fairly intuitive to learn. The only things I had to look up was why some of my units appeared in yellow or red. Basically it meant that they had moved/fought too much and needed time away from the front line. I lost far too many units until I figured that out. My other top tip is to upgrade your troops after you’ve researched new technology, and only use artillery on a very focussed part of the front line.

    • imperialus says:

      Funny that you’re playing HoMM 3. I actually just busted out Might and Magic III Isles of Terra again for the first time in years. Damn that’s a good game.

  3. richtaur says:

    I can barely play anything with Games Done Quick is going on! Too tempting to watch experts play through my favorites.

  4. dysomniak says:

    Definitely going to putting some more hours into Far Cry 4, which I play a bit like Mr. Walker, just pulling pins out of the map and having fun with whatever happens along the way. So far I think my favorite “emergent” moment was chasing a Pagan’s Wrath convoy on foot down the side of a mountain, fighting off wild animal attacks along the way, only finally getting off the crucial RPG shot at the bottom just as they were about to lose me on a straightaway.

    May try dipping back into Metal Gear Rising as well, and/or try another of the side missions in Ground Zeroes.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I remember coming across a convoy once while driving. I sped up, got ahead of them, and pulled across the road. I then tossed a C4 pack into the bed of the pickup I was driving. I also planted one mine a short distance past my road block.

      Worked better than I planned it. All three trucks tried to crowd around the road block. So, I blew up the roablock, and that took out two trucks and damaged a third one. Which promptly tried to speed away, only to run over the landmine and pretty much end things right there. Marvelous moment. Its the open world where these games shine the brightest by far.

      • dysomniak says:

        Gotta love “holy shit, it actually worked!” moments. I had one recently where chucked a grenade at one truckload of baddies at least 30m away, fired a rocket a second pulling in slightly closer, and then started machine gunning a couple more soldiers on foot before both explosives hit their marks.

        I’m almost at 50% completion now, and basically out of anything good to unlock until I do a few more story missions so I guess I’ll need to quit faffing around soon…

  5. John O says:

    My heart is beating for the dishonored Corvo. The german subtitle for the game is “Mask of Rage”. I like that. A lot.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I did not know that bit about the German subtitle. My my, that is apt indeed. Thanks for posting that tidbit.

    • jonahcutter says:

      That’s a good subtitle. My first playthrough was pretty non-lethal. But my second I rp’d Corvo as unhinged and consumed by his rage, murdering anyone who dared stand in his way the slightest bit.

      • KwisatzHaderach says:

        I did a similar thing. Tbh, I think the second unleashed playthrough with a murdering pittiless Corvo was much more apt to the games story. It felt “right” and was certainly the funner run of the two.

  6. Maritz says:

    I’ve reached that awkward half way point in Far Cry 4, as I did in 3, where everything to do in the game seems really tedious. I’ll probably go back to it in a couple of months and complete it, again as per FC3.

    Instead I’m going to go outside and blast up the roads on the motorbike.

  7. stoisko says:

    This War of MIne, best game ever.

    • Buffer117 says:

      Me too, although I’m finding it a bit easy now after a few play throughs, even with different characters.

      Also, while I’m getting fed up with zombies, a zombie mod of this game would be amazing! I think it would actually be the zombie game I want to play!

  8. golem09 says:

    Terranigma, what else?

  9. Immobile Piper says:

    Mostly the first Witcher.

    I can see why people decry its portrayal of… many things. Banging women for what amount to collectible cards is particularly amusing, in a way I’m not proud of at all.
    Beyond that the world does have a nice touch to it, and the combat is so-so but does the job. Not too many games emphasize good planning and preparation which is probably my favourite aspect of the game. So far so good, for the most part.

    I also finished Hotline Miami. Very good. Worth all the praise it’s gotten.

    • malkav11 says:

      The combat is probably technically better in Witcher 2, but I just can’t hack it in that game. Witcher 1 was tough, but I understood and was capable of executing on its mechanics and the huge emphasis on preparing and using the proper spread of potions meant as long as I could figure that bit out (and I certainly could), I could probably win. It’s pretty great.

  10. amateurviking says:

    More Dragon Age for me. Nearly finished. Attempting to romance a cute lady dwarf.

  11. Chris D says:

    A bit more Elite: Dangerous.

    Latest cause of death: Not realising the freighter I was boosting to catch up to was actually travelling towards me.

  12. Blackcompany says:

    Too much Eurotruck Simulator 2, and far, far more Elite: Dangerous than I should. One day I will take a break from these two games. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

    But I’ve found a half dozen good standalone trailer mods and a gas station retexture for Eurotruck. Not to mention map mods. So now the world is full of real companies and logos and I have a very nice Volvo 780 (thanks to a mod) with a nice sound package. Really having a blast driving all over Europe.

    And Elite…just started my first rare goods run. Made it quite a ways now. Seems you get interdicted and such a lot more with rare goods. I even lost 5/12 when my cargo container was blasted by a pirate, but I managed to get away. Combined with a ton of exploration data, I think this is gonna be very profitable indeed.

  13. mandrill says:

    Elite: Dangerous. All weekend, every weekend for the foreseeable future :D

  14. Moraven says:

    Descent 2nd Edition
    Just got King of Tokyo. Might get around to it.

    Persona 4 Golden.

    WoW in between it all.

  15. norfolk says:

    Insurgency and, maybe, Democracy 3.

  16. Grizzly says:

    Having a bit of a blast trying to make the 1980s Chevy Opala go around Montreal in Game Stock Car.
    Playing a bit of Shogun 2: Total War
    Practicing a math and physics exam.

  17. cloudpersona says:

    POE. And more POE

  18. TomxJ says:

    Keeping it spooky and replaying the Blackwell series. Then I’m gonna read the house of leaves and watch the crow at my local cinema.

  19. K33L3R says:

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Those eyes have seen things man

    Might also mess about with Gamemaker, something uber easy like a twin stick shooter

  20. Stellar Duck says:

    I’ll be spending it in the cockpit of an A-10c I suspect. Currently went back to basics. Been doing missions for a while but I’m increasingly aware that I’m missing fundamentals when it comes to flight so I’m now trying to rectify that.

    It’s hard to not shoot stuff but I really need to work on just flying and it’s actually pretty fun in itself. I bought a basic flight qualification campaign and am now memorising check-lists and doing the tests over and over until they’re there by rote. Next up is landing with one engine. I’m not sure how that makes sense as a progression but whatever. It’s certainly hard. Just a bit weird it comes before flying traffic patterns and doing regular landings.

    Hopefully this’ll all mean that when I’m done I’ll be a lot more confident and able to mess around with avionics and sensors and not have the actually flying suffering as a result.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Yeah I found the same thing, but being borderline obsessive I decided that I would shelve DCS and go and spend most of my disposable income on general aviation sims and equipment. It just felt daft floating about, being all “target locked delta niner niner uber wang” and prodding my MFD buttons, when I had no idea about basic flight. I know the A-10 takes care of stuff like yaw damping to the point where it may as well be auto-rudder, and that didn’t sit right with my obsessive side. So off I went to P3D, FSX and X-Plane, bought a ton of Cessnas and some complex aircraft to graduate to, and started inhaling VOR’s, DME’s, airspace and all the procedural stuff. Curently got my eye on a proper yoke and might even try out some real world lessons. Its like a form of incontinence where I can’t stop throwing my money at it.

      Can definitely recommend DK2 with P3D and DCS, its utterly sublime.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        I nabbed FSX in the Steam sale but it didn’t really grab me. It’s such a huge eco system that my own obssessive side kicks in and I spend more time wondering what I’m missing out on than actually flying.

        And I guess I miss the fidelity of the A-10c pit to a large degree. All them switches are just so satisfying to click and poke. I know that some of the stuff in FSX also has plenty of switches but I can’t figure which ones or if they even work in FSX Steam or what the flight model is like. So far I’ve been flying Cesnas and a private jet of some sort and even with everything turned up it seems to simple. But I can’t tell if that’s the flight model, the plane itself or me finding that when I don’t need to manage SOI and SPI and slew Mavs around, I suddenly have a lot of extra mind space for just the flying. :/ I doubt it’s the last one though.

        So I suppose in some ways it’s just simpler to load up DCS. And cheaper. As you say, you can basically throw infinite money on this and still there’ll be something that is super tempting. :D

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          FSX is about 10 years old, out of the box is fustier than my grandma’s knickers and also suffers from sim-money-pit-itis, as they all do. If you want the really good stuff, its payware all the way. The stock planes in FSX are very underwhelming, though I did really enjoy the flight school in the C172. Its basically a virtual Private Pilots Licence, which was a great start to really flying. Would highly recommend the A2A C172 or Cherokee if you want simple planes but with proper fidelity and switches. If you want LOTS of switches, look at stuff like the light commercial aircraft, especially glass cockpit items. Maybe even try heavies like the airbus etc – they have cockpits and switches that will make the A-10 blush (wait til you see the CDU and auto-pilot panel on a 747. Nerd-tears will be wept). Check out a PMDG 737. It has manuals. Very, very big manuals.

          It is very sedate compared to fast jets though. Sometimes I hop back into DCS and marvel at how quick I can scoot over the landscape.

          • Stellar Duck says:

            I’ve watched some videos of the PMDG 737 (I’m pretty sure that was it at least. Maybe 777?) and it looked great.

            Problem is that most of that stuff doesn’t work with the Steam edition as of now. If that changes I might look into it indeed.

            What I took away from the videos though was that I loved the CDU and it seemed you really had time to actually use it without needing to fear being shot down. :D

            Basically, I think the main issue is that the Steam edition of FSX is a bit shit. Though considering it’s Dovetail I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Those guys are really uncool.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            The steam edition is a bit shit. This is true. Sadface :( When I started, I just thought “sod it” and bought all of them – FSX (Disc and Steam version), P3D and X-Plane. To be honest I would recommend P3D over FSX. Even though its based on the same code, it runs a lot better, has DX10 working right off the bat, can use pretty much any FSX add-on, and is being actively developed by Lockheed. Its also the only GA sim with Oculus Rift support, which I really cannot emphasise the amazingness and importance of. Its downsides of course are the licensing options, price and “one install only” policy. Stock P3D aircraft are similar to FSX, with the odd OK one but generally not very good though. The C172 is ok. Still not sure about PMDG, I think some people have made it work but its not licensed.

            X-Plane scenery LOOKS much better at stock, but also has crappy stock aircraft (again, an OK C172 is included). It runs a lot better on modern machines, but does not have the amount of addons that FSX / P3D have. There are also very few airports with scenery which is a major, major downside, but you can get free addins. I think to be honest if you are not massively into General Aviation I would recommend X-Plane, preferably in a sale, and then heading over to Carenado for some cheapish planes and the X-Plane.org site for some free scenery upgrades. As of now the PMDG stuff does not work with X-Plane, but they are going to change that.

            If they manage to turn FSX Steam into a Steam Workshop-using super slick machine, with all the addons working as smoothly and easily as workshop usually does, it could be great. Its still a 10 year old sim though. To be honest there is no clear winner and yeah, Dovetail do suck a bit :(

          • Stellar Duck says:

            Thanks for all the info.

            Sadly X-Plane is not an option on my end. Tried out the demo and it ran like absolute crap on my computer. So for now I’m limited to DCS and FSX I guess.

            In the end, I suspect I’ll just stick to DCS, as it’s easier to just load up and fly and not having to worry about all the external stuff that is available for FSX.

            Of course there is also the other problem of me really not being good at flying and mastering all the stuff so I doubt I can learn more than one aircraft at once. So I’ll just settle on the A-10c for the time being as that seems to be going decently for me.

  21. Hogni Gylfason says:

    As a DK2 owner, Elite: Dangerous takes all my time, spare or otherwise. The experience is really on that mythical higher plane.

    • DodgyG33za says:


    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Will have to run my copy a bit more often. It seems like a massive time investment to get much out of it, even if I love the visuals in the DK2.

    • Eleven says:

      I have lots of fun games to play from the holiday sales, but yet I keep putting on my Rift to play Elite. It’s those moments when you find yourself contemplating the curvature of a star that’s filling the entirety of your canopy glass, listening to your fuel scoop sift hydrogen from its corona. It’s as calm as only deep space can be, though always with a sense of alertness because there are other people in the dark.

  22. Anthile says:

    A tasteful blend of Door Kickers and English Country Tune, which at times feel oddly similar.

  23. elderman says:

    Mass Effect 2. A Christmas present for myself.

    And I’m struggling with the demon of DLC desire. I’m almost certainly going to buy The Lair of the Shadow Broker. It’s my first time playing a game with extensive DLC, and I hate the business model. I’ll end up paying more for the DLC than I did for the game, and more than I’ve paid for many games I’ve enjoyed far more than I’m enjoying ME2… but I can’t help myself. I liked the character of Liara and want more of her story and want to know more about the Shadow Broker.

    I shouldn’t have let myself get drawn in to the Mass Effect universe. I’m not even going to finish the series unless ME3 releases on Steam some day, but all my rationalising gets me nowhere: I’ll be buying that DLC.

    • MartinWisse says:

      Buy it. Off all the ME2 DLC, it’s the best, it adds a shitload to the story and it has Liara.

    • malkav11 says:

      DLC can be a perfectly good business model, it’s just that Bioware’s one of the biggest offenders when it comes to doing it wrong. I mean, at least they’re on the end of the spectrum where most of the DLC adds meaningful content to the game and is fairly well made, but they never, ever lower the price of their DLC and they never, ever put it on sale, and unlike some other companies that behave similarly (if not quite as badly), they haven’t even made a bundle with the base game and all the DLC since Dragon Age: Origins (which was their first PC release with any significant DLC in the first place). About the only way they’ve improved is that in their most recent games you can buy and install the DLC through Origin instead of having to manually download installers for every single piece of DLC.

    • -jj- says:

      Mass Effect 2 for me too.

      Second time around (first was on the 360) and appreciating the better graphics. Playing as a girl this time too, since I heard Jen Hale’s performance was great.

      Got to say I agree.

      Lair of the Shadow Broker is absolutely worth it.

      And Mass Effect 3, even if I had to buy it on Origin.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Definitely get Shadow Broker. Liara is barely there without it. Should have been part of the main game really. Great mission with some stunning set-pieces.

      I was pretty skeptical of Mass Effect initially and wasn’t fully won over by the series until some way into ME2 so if your appreciation for the series has a similar arc, maybe you’ll get ME3 later anyway. :P

      If you are considering any of the other DLC:

      Zaeed / Firewalker – is free so may as well get it if it’s not already installed.

      Kasumi Stolen Memory – is worth getting for the character. The mission is enjoyable even if it doesn’t map super well to the core mechanics (infiltrating a cocktail party to steal information from an office), but she’s a nice addition to the cast.

      Overlord – fun if you want more missions, but doesn’t really add much story.

      Arrival – Don’t get this. Liked the gameplay (stealthily breaking into a prison to get someone out), but *hated* the story.

      [SPOILERS] The choice to make Shepard basically commit genocide between ME2 and ME3 because it “has to be done” – player gets no choice in this – which ultimately makes no difference anyway because it barely delays the Reapers is just *baffling*. Then everyone just sort of goes “Oh well, you did what you had to do” and carries on, also making any subsequent ME3 conversations about making tough choices or ANY conversation with Batarians completely absurd.

      The alternate story, if you don’t play the DLC, that a bunch of Alliance commandos carried out that mission and Shepard is on trial for working with Cerberus instead of *genocide* works somewhat better. So skip that one.[/SPOILERS]

      If you do end up playing ME3, get: From Ashes, Leviathan and Citadel.

  24. nostalghia says:

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. And some Dishonored.

  25. Monggerel says:

    Reading All the Pretty Horses from Cormac Mccarthy.
    Feels like curing mild radiation poisoning with vodka.

  26. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Flying across Scotland in VR with Prepar3D.
    I wept. Actually wept.
    (In a good way)

  27. Museli says:

    I’m doing a bit of exploration, trading and fighting in space. Naturally, I’m doing this by playing Starpoint Gemini 2. It’s not a bad little game, and I mean that in the sense of a genuine compliment rather than a backhanded one. There’s not a great deal to it, but I’m enjoying what’s there.

  28. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Got sucked back into modding Skyrim.

  29. Rad says:

    I’m trying to do a Mass Effect playthrough this weekend, but I’m having difficulty making myself play ME2. I like ME1 and ME3 is alright. But, from the meaningless plot, consolitis infected interface, and characters will all the depth of a spoon, ME2 makes my teeth itch.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      For all the praise I bought DA:I on Origin and got stuck with Mass Effect 2 to prepare for 3.
      Finished one paragon male romancing Miranda because he screwed up with Tali and went on to a renegade female Shep. with maximum mineral bonus.

      I agree the main plot is full of holes and cliches (illusive man???). But I usually like the characters design and their story arcs. I’d be hard-pressed to find a better cast in an RPG. Most of the characters even have two sides to them, they all have some central conflict.
      Planescape:Toment had a great cast (Dakkon, Morte, Anna esp.), also liked DA:O and some of the final fantasies and similar JRPGs but there isn’t reallly much in video game RPGs at all.

    • malkav11 says:

      I’m with you on Mass Effect 2 being the nadir of that particular series (rather than the apex, as so many games journalists and fans appear to have it), but I felt like the characters were the biggest selling point of that game.

  30. Tiffer45 says:

    This weekend I’m playing “To The Moon”. I think I’m about half way. So far I have had a lump in my throat three or four times and laughed out loud a few times as well. Delightful

    • kalirion says:

      Once you’re done with that, don’t forget the small bonus story that should be in the game’s install directory as a separate folder & executable. At least with the Steam version, may need to search for it otherwise.

  31. jonahcutter says:

    XCOM Long War.

    I had just finished Ammo Conservation in the foundry and finally started Tactical Rigging. Then my save got corrupted and kept crashing.

    Full campaign restart. I wept.

  32. punkamisto says:

    Wasteland 2, wasteland 2 and a bit of wasteland 2.

  33. EyalLan says:

    I find racing in Forza 5 while listening to a podcast quite relaxing, and so I’ve put a few hours into the game this weekend as always. I’m also making extremely slow progress through Isolation.

    On Android, I just finished my playthrough of KotOR and picked up the second game on Steam. Needed a role-playing game for the road and so I also bought Banner Saga and looking forward to dive into it.

  34. dylan s says:

    In wake of the Internet Archive opening up 2,000+ old DOS games for our enjoyment, my wife has introduced me to her childhood favourite, Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood. It’s a King’s Quest VI-era Sierra adventure game with a point-and-click interface (no typing, alas). I expected to indulge her for a few minutes, but now I’m hooked. It’s an excellent example of the genre — I’m surprised I’d never heard of it before!

    • kalirion says:

      Has anyone found out whether or not the Internet Archive actually has permission from the IP holders to release all those games? Quite a few of them are still on sale at Steam, GOG, and probably elsewhere as well.

      • Jalan says:

        Never stopped them when it comes to downloading TBs+ of music from big name torrent sites. Though they can’t release any of it unless its actually “free” according to existing license(s).

    • Wowbagger says:

      I found my favourite Atari ST game on there called GODS by the bitmap brothers, it is hard as nails but great fun also.

  35. Crafter says:

    Since the hybrid classes patch of Massive Chalice has just gone out, I am very tempted to restart it in order to test these new classes.
    Either that or wait for the 1.0 version and finish Shovel Knight instead this week end.

  36. Mr Coot says:

    Tales of Maj’Eyal and Gnomoria (went looking for RPS info on it and it was strangely lacking, hope there is some soon!). Scribblenauts Unlimited if I can ever get it to run.

  37. Faldrath says:

    Just had an excellent, fun online event of Game Stock Car Extreme with people from a racing sim site. 1970s Porsches 911… beasts, one and all! Great stuff.

    Other than that, I’ll probably play some more Path of Exile and hopefully finish the standard Hexcells Infinite puzzles.

  38. Barberetti says:

    Playing Salt while quaffing a few pints of Hobgoblin. Currently continuing my quest to find a spyglass …

  39. Philomelle says:

    I have committed an act of treason. Namely, I have dug up my old tube TV and PS2, as well as my copy of Okami. It’s still one of the best games I ever played and it holds up incredibly well for its age.

    Also yes, I am aware that it’s available on more modern platforms. However, buying it from Capcom these days would be like giving money to an artist’s abusive ex after he used their relationship to steal legal ownership of said artist’s masterpiece.

  40. malkav11 says:

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, of course. Tootling around in the Exalted Plains at the moment.

    I expect I’ll work in some WoW, Marvel Heroes, Talos Principle and/or Dungeonmans as well. Not really sure which at the moment. Apparently I haven’t actually missed my shot at anniversary Molten Core but man I don’t actually want to play an on-level Molten Core. Especially in Raid Finder. :(

  41. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    My Saturday was spent on spring skiing (probably ~10°C on the mountain, and there were occasional bits of waterskiing and grasshopping involved :| ) then loafing around with a book (Cloud Atlas) for a while since I couldn’t be bothered to poke at a computer. I have absolutely no idea what I will be playing Sunday, which is vaguely exciting.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Backlog time! It turns out Dishonored is a pretty fun game.

      I just got through the intro kill-free besides defending the Empress, but I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll be playing the whole game that way. I usually take a “kill only the especially mean people” approach to games that allow it, so I’ll have to see once the game really gets going. At any rate, I’ll be scouring the world for the environmental storytelling goodness I’ve heard so much about.

  42. UnholySmoke says:

    I picked up Arkham City in the sale, finished that yesterday. Well, finished the story, it still thinks I’m on 1.3% completion or whatever but bugger that. I won’t be playing any more Arkham games, I don’t think, I got more and more annoyed with this one as it went on.

    So, I’m downloading Human Revolution for a second play through – this one’s the Director’s Cut, and I’m not sure what that means, but I remember HR being a good game. New machine (i5, 980 GTX, etc) arrives in the week – that means FC4, FIFA 15 and shortly GTA V in 1080, so I have a few days to squeeze some more good times from my old workhorse before everything changes.

    • UnholySmoke says:

      Oh, and Dragon Age. I will be playing all of the Dragon Age.

  43. frenz0rz says:

    Elite: Dangerous. Saturday afternoon was bliss; football on a second monitor, cup of tea in one hand, flight controls in the other, plotting out optimal trade routes and hauling Resonating Separators around in my Type 6. What more could one ask for?

    I’ve also got Alien: Isolation and Banner Saga on the go, but those tend to lend themselves more to weekday evenings.

  44. kament says:

    The Witcher 2. In part because of upcoming TW3, but mostly because I never did catch up with Enhanced edition, and had some hopes for the better.

    Instead I’m now worried about TW3, though it’s clear they reinvented proper footwork, at least. And promised to provide more of actual witchering instead of politicking.

    What is still nor clear is whether they ditched those awful bossfights or not, for example. Or did they fix those blunders with dropping you out of cutscene with you weapons sheathed and the enemies having at you from the get-go; those were bad enough in the original, but in TW2 it was multiplied by the hundred thanks to the character’s inability to do anything without player’s input. Energy consuming parrying, too; what were they thinking? Not to mention that you can’t move on the defensive, ugh.

    I tried to love this game before and I try to love it still, God knows I played the hell out of the original, but it just frustrates me. For every tiny thing they accidentally (I can’t think of a better explanation) did right, like adding signs to combos, there are ten thing they FUBAR, and what worries me most is they may think it’s okay to make an action game out of RPG, and a bad one (even if pretty) at that.

    • Henson says:

      I’m a big Witcher fan, but it certainly bothered me how much the second game was…Consolified, in both mechanics and tone. Still so much to love, but I do worry that the trajectory may still be on the same course.

  45. Veles says:

    I’ve just today discovered the joys of Hearthstone

  46. Mungrul says:

    Started with more Elite: Dangerous, then when I got fed up being Interstellar FedEx guy I hopped into Shadow of Mordor for a while to twat some Orcs about. I’ve completed both the campaign and the DLC, but it’s a nice game to dip back in to when you need a break from others.

    Then I played a bit of Massive Chalice, until it dumped me in a certain doom situation and I quit in frustration.

    Rest of the evening was spent playing Diablo 3. Had a cracking Greater Rift game with 3 randoms. I was playing my M6 Demon Hunter, my main character, and a couple of the guys had obviously never done a level 26 rift before, so I had to concentrate! Great fun, and makes me appreciate how you can make D3 as easy or as difficult for yourself as you like. It scales wonderfully.

    Tomorrow will probably be more of the same, but I must make sure to spare some time in order to read Saga volume 4.

  47. Feenoh says:

    Unfortunately, like any other valve game, cs….. :(

  48. wu wei says:

    I’ve been really getting into bit dungeon II. Initially I thought it would be a cheap distraction for a few hours but it’s compelling in its zen-brutality.

  49. mukuste says:

    Still up after playing Eidolon all night… this game has sucked me in completely. It’s just SO GOOD, and it seems that nobody has played it…

  50. Jason Moyer says:

    I started playing Wasteland 2 in the middle of November. Since then I’ve put something like 250 or so hours into Assetto Corsa. So much for playing WL2.