Shipshape: Sunless Sea Release Date Set For February 6th

In this topsy-turvy world, who knows what constitutes a release date anymore? Me probably, and I think that finishing with your early access period and launching as a finished game ought to be called something else. February 6th isn’t Sunless Sea’s release date, then. February 6th is its Sweet 1.0, or its Rites of Ascension, or its Day That Everyone Starts Complaining That It’s Not Perfect Day.

Just last week the game sailed a little closer towards completion with its diamond update, which added a main storyline (or the closest the game comes to one) and continued to tweak the combat. Now we know for sure when it’s done, done and double-done, with only a final pearl update to come to “complete the major storylines” and add “a couple of little flourishes” according to a post on the Sunless Sea blog.

As I said at the time, I’ve been holding off on playing the game until its completion, so the February 6th date is an exciting day for me. I don’t know if it’s less or more so than Adam, who has already played it a bunch but has the advantage of knowing he loves it already.

If it’s been a while, refresh your memory of the game with this trailer:


  1. Muzman says:

    Failbetter failing worse all the time.

  2. tsff22 says:

    Fallen London has consumed so much of my life since I discovered it last year. Can’t wait for the full release of this.

  3. Fomorian1988 says:

    Yes! I’ve been anxious to play it ever since I got into Fallen London in 2014, but the Early Access status put me off. Finally, though, it will be out. Time to become a drunken zailor!

  4. Sian says:

    This somehow completely passed me by, but it looks very compelling. I’m not trying to decide whether to buy it now and get all future DLC for free, or wait until it’s released to buy it on GOG, which I like better than Steam.

    • Lagran says:

      Is it the GOGness you like, or the DRM-free option? If it’s the latter, then Humble has it on their website as both a Steam key and a DRM-free download.

      (And a bonus for me is that it’s a couple of quid cheaper.)

  5. Shadow says:

    Let’s hope for less grind and smoother progression for the final release.

  6. Matt_W says:

    Can anyone describe the actual gameplay for this game? I’ve spent a few weeks on Fallen London, so have a general idea about how content works for that game. How is Sunless Sea different?

    • Loam says:

      Well, to start with, it’s obviously not got limited actions. Aside from that, while it uses the same kind of system on land/in port, the sailing is its own thing (realtime, WASD, resource management, combat to be avoided or engaged in, weather, etc.). The stats system is a little different — there’s still challenges to be passed, but progression isn’t centered on leveling up stats, and the stats themselves are a different set.

      It’s much more useful to think of FL as a source of lore and familiarization for the StoryNexus UI than as a precursor to SS.

    • Muzman says:

      I’ll recycle a description I gave elsewhere, which may not work if you don’t know any of the games referenced, but anyway…

      Key [to liking it] is also grasping what sort of game it is. That it’s not quite Pirates or anything like that. It’s a little indie 2d adventure game that is a bit like Pirates but leans heavily on its writing and atmosphere. So important are stories in the game that they’re actually a form of currency.
      I try to come up with analogies of what sort of game it is and it covers a lot of examples and gets quite tortured.
      Think of Oregon Trail/Organ Trail with free movement from Pirates but no specific destination; you travel around, manage resources and people and get random encounters and events. In this travel you can find all these different islands and on many of these islands is something like a little game of The Yawgh or one of those life sims – little text based tales filled with choices and outcomes and tasks that evolve over time, which are affected by your captain’s stats, your crew, your cargo etc.

      That might be a befuddling explanation, I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. It’s probably not the tramp steamer game of anyone’s dreams and that can disappoint. It’s mainly too small and indie for that. But it’s very much its own thing and that thing is pretty cool.

      Actually playing it is mainly a slow and somewhat reflective time cruising around the darkened spaces avoiding (or hunting) monsters, finding new stuff to do and reading. All while listening to the cool music.

      So, yeah. Dunno if that’ll do. I never want to over sell it, but I find the general mood of the thing compelling enough even when things seem hopeless. Life in the unterzee is tough at times. But when I think I am just grinding some trade route, something changes in the ‘neath, as they say. Something always changes. And I’m off again on some other fascination.

      • Matt_W says:

        Thanks much to you and the poster above you. That actually does help give me a better idea what the game’s like than the trailer does. I really like the FL lore and atmosphere, but am not as sold on StoryNexus. It’s hard to follow any kind of narrative that’s broken up into such short, disjointed pieces. I guess it’s more about developing atmosphere and getting a ‘feel’ for the world than pushing narrative to the player, but I’m hoping that Sunless Sea, by removing some of the grind and mechanics that come with limited actions, can provide better continuity for the stories it’s trying to tell.