AD2460: New Sci-Fi Browser MMO From Planetarion Devs

Browser-based space strategy MMO Planetarion turned me into an awful, teenaged jackass (or rather exacerbated the qualities that already made me one), so why did I just sign up to play AD2460, a new game by the same developers? It’s certainly not because of the still space images of its trailer, which have little to do with its menu-based interactions. It’s because I long to again be invested in months-long galactic battles with tens of thousands of other players. Obv.

Here’s the trailer, which at least introduces the story and themes and gives some sense at the end of what it’s like to play.

Planetarion was undoubtedly a neatly balanced game, compelling both because of its satisfying progression curve and because of the interesting decisions it forced you to make when everything took so long to do. It was the player politics that hooked me, though. I became invested in the success of my faction, in defeating our enemies and defending our planets, and in the terrible backstabbing that was necessary in order to survive. I don’t know if I have it in me to invest so much in a game like that again, and I certainly don’t have the group of friends who are likely to also get involved.

The new appeal is that, because AD2460 is browser-based and requires no plugins, it’s also been designed to run on mobile devices. I like the idea of that kind of ambient fun; that I could be out and about, running errands, but secretly concerned about the research project or spaceship fight I’ve just initiated with the phone in my pocket.

I have just logged in. The game begins with a warning that the experience will be difficult and surprising (which I like), and then the tutorial is long and wordy (which I dislike). Let’s see how long I last.


  1. Harlander says:

    I’m curious about how the experience will be surprising.

    I guess I shouldn’t ask why, or it’ll no longer be so..

  2. paranoydandroyd says:

    I just signed up. Is there an RPS alliance?

  3. Boosh says:

    I remember planetarion, kept many a dull day in the office bearable….FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!! holy crap :(
    Didn’t know it was still going.

  4. paranoydandroyd says:

    Well, I made one. Statecorp. Natch. Message me (androyd) for an invite.

    Sign up here. link to

  5. ben_reck says:

    The early missions do a better job of teaching the game than the tutorial but you do need to bear with the tutorial a bit until you get your first outpost.

    With this game, you think mass market b/c it’s browser-driven, but it’s not. It’s a real strategy game with no PTW.

    No PTW. Just fleets, glorious fleets.

    It has just launched so it has lots of room for development but it does need players…players of strategy games in it for the long-term.

    The developer has also made the best soccer management sim available: Manager League. It’s what you play if you don’t want to lose your life to that other one.

  6. Abort says:

    I’ve watched the development of this game from the dawn of Alpha through Beta and now launch… and I must say… it has come a long way. The staff is attentive and openly communicating with it’s player-base…

    Here is a pros and cons list on getting involved in the game…

    -Constant updates where user’s suggestions are actually being considered.
    -A long-term strategy game that is different from any other.
    -NOT pay-to-win… which is really huge in this genre of games… the most popular ones are pay-to-win and many people end up paying-to-quit after realizing they can’t keep up with those with endless bankrolls.
    -Really quite cheap…. about 10 cents a day to play.
    -A helpful mature community.

    -While the GUI is very fancy and flashy… it can be a bit tough to navigate for a new player.
    -The tutorial needs work.

    Honestly… you have to at least give it a shot. It is a complex game that you could end up playing for years… don’t get frustrated when you get lost in the menus… just keep searching and ask in the chat if you get stuck. The reward for doing so is being a part of a pretty great strategy game in the making.

  7. Hunchback says:


    Waking up at 4am, booting up the pc, logging on IRC, eyes bleeding from the sudden burst of light of the old tube, waiting to receive the coords of your previously picked target from your alliance bot, launching, going back to sleep… waking up to see your fleet smashed because someone who was supposed to share your target didn’t show up.

    Damn, i used to do that o.O

    However, i am very interested in that new game, since i’ve recently been on the hunt of GOOD web/free games to play while being bored to death at my shop, waiting for customers to come… Will register tomorrow. Please share if there’s an RPS thing going, alliance or whatever is possible in this new installement of online intrigue and drama :D

    • paranoydandroyd says:

      We’ve started an alliance (Statecorp). Only about seven of us right now. Send a message to androyd when you make your account, and I’ll send you an invite.

    • Faxanadu says:

      Word, I’ve been longing for a browser based game with progress ever since Ironfell shut down a month or so ago.

      This game sounds a lot like Ironfell, but sci-fi instead of fantasy. I’m not too fond of the fact that I’m not actually moving units in the game, in the traditional RTS sense. It’s a big thing to me.

      Ironfell had so much potential, but the starting curve was too hard. Not only tutorials were severely lacking, but actually getting your economy up and running was hard as heck. Then the pay to win model probably scared people away, even though you could do just fine without any money. Should of just used advertisements.

  8. caragath says:

    This game is excellent! Played it since launch and having a blast. It is especially rewarding in an alliance, where you collaborate to keep sneaky attackers off your outposts, trade and develop the alliance. The community is probably the most helpful and relaxed bunch of people I’ve encountered in an MMO.

  9. Spinner says:

    Awesome that we are featured on RockPaperShotgun! Just awesome!
    And welcome to all you new guys in the game!

    We are already planning our next little patch of improvements and will continue to improve and expand the game for years to come! The first 3 expansion-packs are planned already, and we are going to, boldly, take this game where this kind of games have never gone before!

    Stay tuned!

    Christian “Spinner” Lassem
    Lead Developer

    • Emohawk says:

      Damn, now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long while. Played PA back in rounds 2-8 or so I think. You were a legend back then. Grats with the new game.

  10. Hunchback says:

    Oh, i didn’t realize it was subscription based… :(

    Oh well.

  11. Kaben says:

    How much is the subscription? I cant see that info on the homepage for the game before i sign up.

    • Melloj says:

      You buy credits that get used up per day. At the lowest level you pay 2 Euro and it’s about 0.20 euro/day, so about 10 days.

      However, if you pay 10 Euro, it comes out to about 0.11 euro/day, so about 3 months worth of game time.

      • Kaben says:

        Awesome, thanks for that Melloj.

        Also, being a browser based game – is this something that could be opened at work without causing all heads to turn or is the interface quite graphical?

  12. Erithtotl says:

    Astro Empires consumed 5 years of my life. Does this compare at all or is it completely different?

    • Spinner says:

      A comparison is fair, I guess, except AD2460 is of course a lot more modern and a bit more advanced (-:
      Some would say a bit more complicated and hard too, and I am inclined to agree!

  13. -hirr-Leto says:

    Wow, I’ll have to check this out… a true blast from the past…

    Lemmings of the world unite??

    : )



  14. ferdinand says:

    I wanted to subscribe to their newsletter or updates via rss because I don’t have time yet to play it. They don’t have an rss feed? How? Why? That doesn’t sound very trustworthy.