Space Engineers Devs Announce Medieval Engineers

I name this invention SMASH-O!

While Space Engineers is still in Early Access, developers Keen Software House are looking for more engineering opportunities. Today they announced Medieval Engineers. Given that I used to cheekily describe Space Engineers as “a Minecraftbut in space,” I don’t know where this leaves me. Medieval engineers in their leather aprons will dig and landscape, of course, but it’ll also have mechanical gadgets, and physics-based building and destruction with structural integrity. You can design siege engines to smash your mate’s castle, for starters. Come watch that in the trailer.

Medieval Engineers is another sandbox build ’em up, but this time tied to realities of the fifth to fifteenth centuries. Space rockets are out, for starters, but you can make a nice windmill or a trebuchet. Engineering looks pretty freeform, rather than following blueprints, and I’m sure we’ll see some delightful self-destroying machines.

Medieval Engineers shouldn’t affect ongoing work on Space Engineers, Keen Software founder Marek Rosa has said in a blog post. He explains that they’ve hired new folks, and are actually planning to bring bits from Medieval over to Space. They’re looking at taking its structural integrity system, mechanical blocks, physically-based rendering, and more into Space. The two will feed each other tech and ideas.

Keen plan to launch Medieval Engineers onto Steam Early Access this year. The initial release is likely to be a single-player ‘creative’ mode sandbox with Steam Workshop support. Multiplayer, survival mode, and all that Minecraftbut jazz are planned for later.


  1. KDR_11k says:

    On one hand they do explain why they can handle two games, on the other hand I’m still reminded of their promises about a Miner Wars MMO.

    • Krolitian says:

      Yea, Miner Wars may have given them bad rep, but over the time that ME has been worked on, SE has gained a huge advancement in features. Now, with them being developed together, they can port over work from another speeding up the development of both!

      • JarinArenos says:

        Funny… my first thought was “so THIS is why Space Engineer development has been so lackluster…”

        Seriously. “weekly releases” don’t mean diddly when there’s 5 hours of work put into them.

        • Tom De Roeck says:

          Are you some kind of idiot troll child? If you havent been keeping up with patches, you should definitely do so before opening your mouth.

    • Max Planck says:

      Yeah, the MMO. I’m glad somebody remembers, since Keen seems to have forgotten charging people money for that, then cancelling without refund. RPS is quite happy supporting these conmen with free advertising too, which is a shame in my opinion.

  2. cpy says:

    Promises promises. Unless OP delivers, i don’t see buying anything else but SE from them.

  3. darkhog says:

    Ok, we’ve got Space Engineers, we’ll get Medieval Engineers, but when we’ll get Modern Engineers?

    • 0positivo says:

      But what about Prehistoric Engineers? Can you dig caverns and carve into their sides the most incomprehensible scribble you can design?

      And Roman Engineers? Acqueducts that can acqueduct and circuses that can circ?

      And Post-Apocalyptic Engineers?

      But most importantly… What about Cretacean Engineers? Strive to build a dinosaur that doesn’t collapse to the ground and that feed and defend itself?

      • VileThings says:

        Post-Apoc Engineers actually sounds like something I’d enjoy.

      • Wowbagger says:

        I’d like a Roman engineers game – all hail the invention of concrete!

  4. mtomto says:

    This game really needs some survival aspect. Dangerous animals or NPCs. Without those, I don’t really see much gameplay. Same problem I have with Space Engineers though :S Looks really cool, I am just trying to find the “game” part.

    • Buuurr says:

      Why does it need a survival aspect?

      • micro_explosion says:

        Imagine how much better Lego would be if you did it with a gun to your head.

        • Wowbagger says:

          I have seen some sterling work coming out of North Korea lately.

        • Koozer says:

          Personally I always build my LEGO in the lion enclosure at Chester Zoo.

    • Krolitian says:

      AI progress for SE has already been shared on YouTube, and because they are being developed side by side, the code can be ported over and modified to support the village and enemies.

    • solymer89 says:

      I was thinking of suggesting an RTS leaning. With this depth of construction you can make your walls strategically instead of just making it look pretty. If you added a tech tree or something like one then I would say this game would be fantastic. If not RTS than RPG for sure. I need something of a focal point for these construction games, otherwise I feel aimless while building. I all for the artistic form, but in construction, form follows function.

  5. Artist says:

    I wish this could be the game that can break the dominance of Minecraft and finally progress the concept! Unfortunatly I doubt Keen is the company that can pull that off. Sure, they play their cards with early access really good and feed the peons with stuff on a weekly base, but under the hood they ignore to multi-thread Space Engineers properly, so it will stay an ugly duckling with just small multiplayer servers. Very small.

    A Minecraft successor needs to continue where Minecraft let us down: Proper modding support and Servers that can handle the CPU cores we feed at them!

    • Herbal Space Program says:

      Minecraft support multi-threading since 1.8 if I recall correctly and the modding scene is still in good shape. SE shine vastly in the physic department however.

    • Smashbox says:

      Minecraft has literally the best mod scene of any game I’ve ever played.

  6. Rwlyra says:

    Minus ten out of effin’ ten. So much wasted potential for what could (potentially) be Ancient Mesopotamia Engineers or 5th Century India Engineers :/

    Moneygrabby industry of copy-pasta.

    • marek_rosa says:

      Non-medieval settings are very good idea and there’s no reason why someone (us/dev or modders) can’t add it to Medieval Engineers.

  7. Big Murray says:

    And we’ve now reached the stage where these devs aren’t even bothering to finish their games before announcing sequels to them.

    Early Access is a scourge on gaming.

    • Buuurr says:

      Yeah, I’ve always thought this too. They have your money. What’s the point of continuing?

      • marek_rosa says:

        The point of continuing of SE development is to keep adding new feature, finish the game, make players happy. It’s simple.

  8. ribby says:

    How do you defend your castle though? That’s my biggest question

  9. Catchcart says:

    Huh engineers seem to be builders not fighters. WTF, blue guy? Red guy comes barging in and all you do is clench fists and quit?

    • marek_rosa says:

      Perhaps he is preparing a counter attack and it’s not captured in the video

      • Krolitian says:

        Maybe the entire landscape around the castle was carved from underneath, so the escaper was running to the underground support beams to destroy the m, collapsing the entire field swallowing the attacker!

  10. Faxanadu says:

    Heh, red guys outside the castle trying to build siege engines as fast as possible, with voice com, to inflict a % structural damage to the castle.

    Blue guys, working for limited resources in the castle, trying to keep the castle upright with as little as possible.

    That could be fun.

    Edit: Oh, and every 15min there would be shared voice com for 30 seconds, which you could spend jeering and insulting the opposing team, monty python style. (Or xbox call of duty style if that’s your fancy.)

    • Wowbagger says:

      I fart in your general direction! Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

  11. GrosData says:

    This looks like a game I could enjoy for about 15 minutes. I’m all for sandbox & physics, but I like games, not toys.

  12. racccoon says:

    Miner Wars MMO if these devs did do that game I’m adding another loss to the pile of junk as well, as I was stupid enough to of bought in to that game too.
    Honestly I’m so fed up with giving money to nothing but a silly persons dreaming project.
    As I say in 2015 count me out!
    Let go of the con-floundering’s theatricals..

    • Max Planck says:

      I think it wasn’t so much a ‘dreaming project’ as a straight up scam.
      The silence on the issue really does point to the latter. They take the money, then they go stumm.

  13. DasBlob says:

    I’m optimistic about this. If the parallel developement of ME brought procedural asteroids to SE, I now hope that SE will get large asteroids (or rather small planets) with vegetation. And then I will build a space castle on one of those…

  14. dangerlift says:

    Looks like the kind of thing the Stronghold sequels could have been. Looks to be very interesting indeed…..

  15. sapien82 says:

    My excitement levels are through the roof, first they bring is space, now medieval times engineering my two favourite genres !

  16. WIbigdog says:

    The cynicism is strong in these comments. I for one accept that they can have two separate teams working with the same engine and trading ideas between the two games. I am not one to doom a company to always be in the trash list, Space Engineers development has been coming along steadily and based on this early alpha video of Medieval Engineers it does not seem to have slowed down SE development, only helped it. Space Engineers is not a scam, but I agree with people wanting more game elements either in the RPG or RTS direction rather than just a sandbox builder. A tech tree would be a wonderful addition to both games.

    • Max Planck says:

      Space Engineers is very likely not a scam, granted, but it was partially funded by a scam.
      Keen/Marek Rosa sold a ‘Miner Wars MMO’ from their website, it was supposed to have gone into public beta in Q4 2012. This did not happen.
      Instead, it just disappeared from their storepage and forum questions about it were deleted.
      No refund, of course.