The Brighton RPS Social Returns Next Month

that's the Northern Lights bar, that is

Hello, seaside-dwellers or wannabe-seaside-visitors*. Do you like talking to other people who like games? Perhaps even playing some games with them? Do you like there to be alcohol available while you do so? Good news, then: there’s to be another RPS Social in Brighton, for residents of the excellent British town or anyone who fancies a February trip to Sussex.

There’s been a change of venue, as previous instalments were in the same place and time as various other local games-related boozing, which caused some confusion, so now it’s in lovely Scandinavian bar Northern Lights. They do meatballs and everything, just like in Ikea. Organiser Ben Meredith has booked the upstairs room, which includes enough big tables that people can play boardgames or laptop-based things if they so wish. Bring something along, in other words.

It’s on Friday 13th Feb from 8pm, so if you’re in town, you should pop along and chat to other RPS readers and maybe a few devs too. I’ll try to attend, though as usual my fate is determined by the capricious whims of my toddler. If you want to attend, you need to order a free ticket from here, just so they can keep track of numbers.

*Don’t go to the sea at this time of year. It’s bloody freezing, innit.


  1. charlieewing says:

    Last time was fun but my throat was sandpaper with all the shouting.
    Northern Lights is a real nice pub so see you guys there!

  2. Humble_Beest says:

    I really wish I could come, but unfortunately I live several (hundred) miles to the west, across the Big Blue Wet Thing. Maybe someday…

  3. Shaun Green says:

    I will be there, constantly going outside to smoke.

    I recommend the ginger cider they do. Much nicer than all that horrible lager!

    • rabbit says:


      Cider is way too sugary for my tastes :c
      Don’t really drink lager either these days except for every now and then if I’m having a whiskey with it … am a gin drinker now

      Will consider it but am a bit bad at this sort of thing , so …

      • Shaun Green says:

        You’re not alone! My drinking tastes have changed, not solely through choice, over the last few years.

        I’ve always been a bit cold toward the Northern Lights (no pun intended) because they are generally a lager-oriented pub, and I’ve struggled with drinking draught lager for years. They never have cider on tap, let alone something like stout, and I’ve never been keen on the sickly sweet bottled ciders like Kopparberg.

        Fortunately, wherever they get their ginger cider from (not a brand I’m familiar with) is a good source as it’s really nice – not too sweet and with a good kick from a not overpowering amount of ginger.

        I’m a big fan of whiskey and, increasingly, gin – but I rarely drink either in a pub since it is frankly rather dangerous. For both my wallet and my liver!

  4. OP8 says:

    “*Don’t go to the sea at this time of year. It’s bloody freezing, innit.”

    And potentially dangerous

  5. AsubstanceD says:

    Yipeekaya! Who is going to be attending this bonefide Bton Bash?? There was mention of having a occulus Rift at the first event, dis still a possibility??