Freeware Garden: Lightyear

A most evocative space thing.

From the moment you open your in-game eyes in Lightyear by Jim Bruges, to find yourself inside a manned space telescope crafted by text and choices and bits of Twine, you’ll also start to wonder whether this is a horror game, a technological thriller, an attempt to simulate living in space, or a story about loss and loneliness.

Lightyear may be openly space-y and futuristic, you see, but it wisely doesn’t immediately make its themes apparent. It allows you to take your time and discover them as you play.

It seems only fair that I don’t spoil them, given how short the game’s running time is. Things will soon start making more sense anyway as you search for coordinates, desperately try to communicate with other people and fiddle with the telescope’s computer systems as descriptions of the artificial air you keep breathing and your uncomfortable sleeping habits help build a sense of disorientation and isolation.


  1. Cinek says:

    Skylab is not a telescope… *eyerolls*

    • airmikee says:

      Skylab was a multi-purpose space station, one of those purposes being making use of the Apollo Telescope Mount.

      Also Skylab =/= Lightyear, even if the picture used happens to be of Skylab (which might be of concern if it weren’t a quick interactive story made by one, relatively unknown, guy.)

  2. Noumenon says:

    “Inside a space telescope” sounds like an amazing application for Oculus Rift.