Kain In The Neck: Nosgoth Open Beta Next Week

Nosgoth, as you may remember, is “a solid-looking free-to-play multiplayer shooter set in the Legacy of Kain universe”. A closed beta has been in operation for a good while now and this time next week – that’s Wednesday the 21st, 6pm GMT if you’re reading this in the future – the dark world of Nosgoth will open its doors to everybody. I don’t have any stakes (HAHA) in the Legacy of Kain series, but Nosgoth has my attention because it has humans doing boring human things like capturing points of the map, and vampires hunting and eating them.

The video is old but the open beta news is new. Game director Corey Davis has this to say:

“Our goal for the Open Beta is to deliver a fun and engrossing metagame and we realize that working closely with our community is the best way for us to balance and deepen the experience going forward. We are thrilled to see what the future brings!”

If Nosgoth can capture the best bits of Aliens vs Predator multiplayer then it should be good for at least a few rounds. I always played as an alien even though I hated how quickly I broke into bits when somebody started shooting at me, like an insect in the hands of a toddler.

Nosgoth is free to play and you’ll be able to download it from Steam as soon as the closed beta is live next Wednesday. For those already playing, there’ll be two days of downtime on the Monday and Tuesday as the team prepare for the influx of newcomers.

You can learn about all of the classes by watching the videos at the official Nosgoth Youtube channel. I worry about the person who chooses Scout when Reaver is available.


  1. Pich says:

    Yeah, nah.

  2. Cinek says:

    I for one refuse coming back until they release these new classes promised over half a year ago. They released some images for Summoner back in December but still nothing to play with :/

    • Erfeo says:

      Yeah the game is pretty fun, but content (and really patches in general) seem pretty slow.

    • Rwlyra says:

      Summoner is just around the corner. Will probably roll along with open beta or close after that.

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I know some people are grumpy at the game for being in the Nosgoth universe but I think it’s fun in its own right as a multiplayer game. Feels good to play both sides, and a nice need for teamwork from the small team sizes without a round being a write-off if one person makes a few mistakes. I do recommend giving it a go.

    Sorry, waffling. I enjoy the game anyway.

  4. Kaeoschassis says:

    So conflicted. Not about the game – I am not remotely interested in the game. But I really want to send the message that yes, more LoK is wanted. I just don’t want to send the message that, yknow, this is what I want from it.

    Not saying the concept isn’t cool, I’m just not into multiplayer right now, but for the love of god, what does it have to do with Legacy of Kain?

    • Jalan says:

      Nothing, which I guess is why there is no “Legacy of Kain” in its title? It’s just set within the same universe.

      Anyway, I also have little to no interest in this and would much rather pay money for a new (and good) Legacy of Kain title (or contribute funds toward someone getting the rights to make a HD overhaul/full-on remake of Blood Omen).

    • Rwlyra says:

      LoK is a franchise that got a ton of cancelled titles in it. The most recent one was Dead Sun and Nosgoth used to be just a multiplayer portion of that game developed in separate studio. I never played any of the LoK titles but Nosgoth holds it’s own as a team-based asymmetrical shooter. I recommend checking it out ^^

    • kud13 says:

      I also have 0 interest in Multiplayer, but I would throw much money at the monitor for a proper LoK game.

  5. derbefrier says:

    I played it a bit on one of its open beta weekends or whatever it was and Ithought it was alright. Reminded me a lot of the old half-life mod vampire slayer.

  6. Marrow says:

    I’ve been playing closed beta a little, my impressions:
    +pretty good mechanics/ very few bugs
    +avoid balance/griefing issues by making the players swap “teams” at “half-time”, and round winner is based on overall points, so even if you think that vampires or humans are overpowered, you get a chance as both teams every match. this stops people dropping when they don’t get the team they want, and related meta issues.
    +Its pretty easy to unlock new classes with the free class unlock tokens they give out every few levels.
    + doesnt feel pay to win, no weapon is stronger than another, just balanced differently. Real-money purchases are mostly skins/animations so far.

    – For a game that isn’t even in open beta, they waste too much time ‘hosting events’ for halloween/christmas and making limited edition weapons with fancy effects. I think at this stage in development most people would prefer they just work on core assets/mechanics.
    – Playing as humans is still far less fun, as you have much less mobility, so it often devolves into finding a safe-ish spot to hole up and camp, while vampires are free to climb/fly all over the maps and herd the humans. Objective based mechanics and more experience among the playerbase should fix this I hope, but it’s still hard to play aggressively as humans, when there’s no way to initiate against vampires up on rooftops.

  7. ironhorse says:

    I would recommend this game if they could fix (or at the very least acknowledge) the insane player warping.
    It makes tracking fast moving entities in a melee game ….well.. broken.
    I’ve bug reported, forum posted and twitter with no response.

    link to youtu.be

    Other UE3 engine games have fixed issues like these. (tribes, for one)