Freeware Garden: Mord in Venedig

Tod in Venedig by Thomas Mann has absolutely nothing to do with Mord in Venedig (Murder in Venice). This lovely little freebie is a point-and-click murder mystery which doesn’t really care about artistic inspiration. Or spelling, to be brutally honest. Or even clipping, though these are matters you should probably ignore. If you loved being a sleuth on the Grim Express, you’ll love solving this fresh murder.

A young woman, a beauty queen, has plummeted to her death and you, as a transparent detective, will have to uncover evidence, talk with bystanders and piece together clues in order to discover who sabotaged The Flight of the Angel. The celebration at the Carnevale that has been going on since the 16th century, in which an acrobat dressed as an angel is tied to a rope and let down to fly from the tower.

And though centuries ago the acrobat would have received a gift by the Doge of Venice himself, there are no acrobats in Mord in Venedig. Only the winner of a beauty contest, a rope that very suspiciously snapped and you to find out what went wrong.

Was this a tragic accident? A suicide? Foul play? and if yes who did it? And how? Also, why?

These are the questions the game will ask you at the end. Answer them correctly and you’ll be rewarded with another charming, hand-drawn cinematic that will reveal what exactly happened, while you pat your lovely self on the back.

[Hat tip to Alpha Beta Gamer.]


  1. Harrington says:

    No comments is a bit sad, so I’ll chime in. This is very rough, but it’s charming – the art style’s terrific, and for all the technical problems it’s a fun little scene to wander about in for a few minutes. Like Grim Express it demands a certain amount of logical reasoning on the part of the player in order to finish. Having been on an old school adventure game kick lately, it’s nice to be asked to put things together myself, instead of having the game assemble it for me once the requisite puzzles have been done.

    Not a bad little world, though from my memories of Venice it’s lacking an ungodly number of pigeons.

    • Lialice says:

      Developer here: there *are* pidgeons in it – although they don’t do anything more than flying in a circle above the Piazza, but they’re there ^^

      Thank you for your feedback! We are aware of plenty of technical problems in the game – Murder in Venice is a student project and was created within roughly 2.5 months – but I’m very happy to hear people find it enjoyable none the less!

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    Bluerps says:

    What a cute little adventure. The sound effects are adorable!

  3. Lialice says:

    Hey, this is Alice Ruppert, thank you so much for featuring us!

    Also, I noticed that the link in the article is outdated: it’s link to