Triple Dose Of Double Dragon Now On Steam And GOG

I can’t help but feel that DotEmu, the publisher behind new Double Dragon re-releases, have missed a trick. Triple Dragon, anyone? Why, you could even apply a little arithmetic and go with Sextuple Dragon to spice the series up a bit.

Still, even if you disagree with their naming policy, you’ve got to give DotEmu a pat on the back for continuing to port numerous retro games to the PC. Double Dragon Trilogy is available now on GOG for £3.19 or on Steam for £3.83.

I never played Double Dragon back in the day, despite the original coin-op titles being ported to almost every platform under the sun. Since these are the latest versions of the games, though, I’m going to go with the argument that they’re the definitive ones.

Double Dragon Trilogy offers a good mix of features, including graphical and audio options for those who prefer the more authentic retro experience versus the modernised take. Multiplayer is available both locally and, pleasingly, online.

There are also features for weird people, such as keyboard support. I don’t think it too controversial to suggest that the Double Dragon series is best experienced using a controller. Still, if you don’t have one, you can at least customise the keyboard setup.

In the spirit of a bit of good old-fashioned debate: what do you reckon was better, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or Final Fight?


  1. Danda says:

    I saw this on Steam and it was INSTABUY for me. I regretted it as soon as I saw what they did with the games. No atract mode or anything, just a really ugly front end, with the playing part ripped out of the original context with some ugly fonts slapped on top of it.

    When you play an old game re-release and think “I enjoyed it way more on MAME” something has gone terribly wrong.

    • Oozo says:

      Is it a 1:1 adaptation of the mobile release? On toucharcade, they said that it was godawful emulation, because they didn’t think of emulating the possibility to put in additional coins. That it makes the games more difficult is one thing. The other thing, though, is that Double Dragon III seemingly had the brillant idea to let players pay for additional content (characters, weapons) with real money. Which means that in the emulation, there is simply no way to get to play with those things.

      All in all, it seems to be save to say that you’re far better off playing with M.A.M.E., or give the actually quite great Double Dragon Neon a try.

      PS Double Dragon II on the NES was really good, it even holds up fine today. (It’s supposed to actually be better than the arcade game it was based on.)

  2. Viroso says:

    The answer is Streets of Rage and the proof is this

  3. C0llic says:

    I’d have to go with Streets of Rage. Double Dragon only really frustrated me in the arcades, and I played the megadrive version of Streets of Rage II to death. I revisited it years later on emulators, to find it was still brilliant (the original PSP homebrew scene was a grand thing indeed).

  4. rustybroomhandle says:

    Maybe none of the above. Maybe it was Target: Renegade.

    • karnak says:

      Target: Renegade…

      A humble Spectrum game managed to be one of the best beat’em-ups EVER!

      Until Renegade 3 came along and shitted on the legacy of glory.

    • Kefren says:

      I was about to comment and say “Target Renegade on the Spectrum”, you beat me to it. And I didn’t even own a Spectrum, I was a C64 boy! But on the C64 the game had hi-res graphics and nice music but was a poor game. On the Spectrum it really impressed me, one of the rare cases where the Spectrum version was the best. (Turbo Esprit was another).

    • JB says:

      ^ What Rusty said.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Woo! Seems we have ourselves a cult in the comments. :)

    • Kempston Wiggler says:

      Lol. Was thinking exactly this while watching the above video. Target: Renegade was magical. All I seem to recall about Double Dragon is the resolutely mediocre scores from the magazines of the time.

  5. Rolento says:

    Ah clocking the game with 10p, via the elbow move never got old:) At least it did not when i was 12:)

    • yabonn says:

      Wonder if they fixed (“fixed”?) the “turn around an bam elbow” in this release.

      • bonuswavepilot says:

        I remember very serious discussions with my young peers on the effectiveness of the elbow move and how well it modelled real-world combat, with much reference to action movies of the day and some highly teacher-disapproved practical experimentation…

  6. fuggles says:

    I played all of them at the time. Loved arcade final fight, but these days its streets of rage remake 5.1.

    Shame Scott pilgrim never came to pc and no longer existsto buy.

    Double dragon neon is a pretty great homage.

  7. RuySan says:

    While i have a soft spot for Final Fight, since i played a lot of the Amiga conversion, Streets of Rage was undoubtedly the better one.

    Double Dragon is better left alone if you don’t want to risk the nostalgia.

  8. Jamesworkshop says:

    streets of rage

    never heard of or played double dragon at the time

  9. gou says:

    in the arcades my favourite was vendetta (which had a kick’em while they were down mechanic), on consoles streets of rage.

  10. Spacewalk says:

    Streets Of rage because I was never that big on DD or FF. River City Ransom is better than all three though.

  11. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Hmm…I never played the normal Double Dragon games, but Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is one of my favorite NES games. If MS (via Rare) ever gives that one a PC-friendly treatment, I’ll be all over it. Brawlers/beat-em-ups in general don’t hold my attention for very long even if I’m playing with someone, but the nostalgia is extremely strong with that one and a small handful of others.

  12. vorador says:

    I played a lot a conversion of Double Dragon for PC that i had when i was a kid.

    Still, Streets of Rage is the better series. Shame SEGA seems to hate it these days, along with most of their 16 bit catalog. Well, at least the unofficial PC remake is excellent and scratches that itch perfectly.

    • ansionnach says:

      Had the original PC conversion as well and it was a real stinker – badly animated, flickering EGA graphics and terrible controls. Also had the PC conversion of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Golden Axe. Only Golden Axe was any good – it had great music (for PC speaker). Don’t think any of the Double Dragon games were ever that great – the likes of Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and River City Ransom were much better. The unofficial SoR remake is pretty good and Scott Pilgrim is fun, but I’ve never played a beat ’em up that comes close to Castle Crashers. Since it saves your progress, you don’t have to start from scratch every single time. Then there’s four-player co-op and the game is great fun and very funny.

  13. fractallatcarf says:

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs forever!

  14. ansionnach says:

    Have to say the keyboard is wayyy underrated. Having grown up using it to play so many games, I’d say it’s more accurate for many than even a good controller. Played Gametek’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for DOS quite a lot using the keyboard and it’s way easier to pull off any move that doesn’t require 360 or more degrees of rotation.

  15. noom says:

    Loved Double Dragon. This just brought back the amusing memory of my brother and I randomly playing through our game collection to see how much difference that extra 512kb of ram we installed had made…

  16. Geebs says:

    TMNT on the SNES was the best. Double Dragon was always a bit shit.

  17. neotribe says:

    River City Ransom.

  18. sinister agent says:

    Double Dragon was kind of iconic, which is weird, as it was slow and a bit awkward in the arcade. The gameboy version was pretty good though, and oddly had much better renditions of the music.

    The Turtles arcade game was much better, and still looks really good even today. Lovely smooth animations, even with four players. Then there was the simpsons beat ’em up… man. Arcades. What a weird era that was.

  19. Distec says:

    A little ashamed that my only experience with Double Dragon is the film starring the T1000.

  20. -Spooky- says:

    Double Dragon: Neon via Humble Bundle Brawlers *nuff said*

  21. Stevostin says:

    Played both first iterations of DD and SoR. SoR was the best game. That being said we probably played more DD with my cousin because it was on CPC, I was on keyboard he on joystick and there was the final duel between brothers, which always turned out as a duel for the joystick plug (I unplugged it, he plugged it back before I could use the advantage on keyboard). We woke my father way too late laughing way too hard quite a few times.

  22. Dale Winton says:

    I bought it on Friday and don’t regret it. Would be nice if they included options for higher resolutions. The elbow move still works though

  23. Kempston Wiggler says:

    There are also features for weird people, such as keyboard support….

    Q, A, O, P and M!

  24. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    I will go with Streets of Rage, (or Bare Knuckle, as it should be called). Also, Final Fight was good, Double Dragon was bad. Hope that clears things up!