What Are You Playing This Weekend?

'Alice: the usual WAYPTW image, I guess?' he suggests. Well, this is the one I use. -A

You know the drill, recruits. Drop and give me twenty… or so words on what you’re playing this weekend.

You can write more, if you like: this is one of those people’s armies. Or maybe that weird hippy outfit from The Men Who Stare At Goats. So long as it’s not the outfit from Bill Murray’s Stripes. That’s really not a film worth revisiting. Sorry, Ramis fans.

I’m excited to be playing a game of actual poker against actual human beings in an actual room this weekend. More actual things I hope will be involved: whiskey, playing cards, chips, victory.

This will be the first time I’ll have played poker against human beings. I am 32. Still, better late than never eh? I’m sure my skills have been thoroughly honed by a dozen or so hours playing the Telltale poker games: I can bust out a line you’ve heard far too many times at the drop of a hat.

I think what I play the next day is going to depend on what happens at this poker game. If I’m filled with angst concerning the cruelty and avarice of my fellow humans, I might play through Gods Will Be Watching. If I’m full of vim and excitement because I have, against all odds, won some money or at least not lost everything, I might have another crack at something odd like Space Channel 5: Part 2. If I’m grossly hungover and dour because I drank my sorrows away, then it’s probably time for me to start my fourth or fifth game of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Or if I’m grossly hungover yet somehow chipper, I’ll have a crack at Super Time Force Ultra.

So many delicious possibilities. I can feel the manifold ribbons of paths not yet taken unfurling ahead of me, an unguent quantum web of potentiality. How wonderful to imagine that what determines the route I take will be as simple as the combination of choice and poor decisions.

Fancy words for a man who’ll probably spend both Saturday evening and Sunday morning sat in his pants, experiencing vague shame and regret.


  1. Continuity says:

    Don’t starve together. Plus maybe some csgo. Don’t starve together is great, watching your clueless friends die repeatably and slowly lose the will is a thing of beauty.

  2. lowprices says:

    Probably going to play some Spelunky, and carry on with The Banner Saga.

    (Also maybe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on the Vita and Ocarina of Time of the 3DS, but raaargh lesser platforms etc.)

  3. Seraphina says:

    Injustice: Gods Among Us. I also might finally hop into Dreamfall Chapters. Probably do some work in Unity too. I really need to sit down and learn the 2D system lol.

  4. Risingson says:

    I have South Park: The Stick of Truth and Wolfenstein: The New Order installed. Both games that I am quite enjoying.

  5. mathead says:

    I expect to be playing BITTRIP RUNNER 1 and 2, THE EVIL WITHIN (why does that game get so much hate?) and possibly a new acquisition called FORCED, due to local multiplayer. Also possibly a bit of SHOVEL KNIGHT on my New 3DS ^^

    • thefatconsoler says:

      The Evil Within started quite poorly I thought, I mean just the very first encounter with the chainsaw guy, the rest of it is really great.

      • mathead says:

        I actually pretty much enjoyed that encounter. The only time I raged was with the parking deck boss, but that was due to my own erroneous thinking that I had to shoot every single one of his heads (there are five) to take him down. Took me 5 hours to realize that all I had to do was spam him with projectiles.

        • SigmaCAT says:

          I agree, that parking boss ate so much lead I was worried it was bugged. Then it fell down after swallowing all of my bullets and grenades. I was shocked.

          But to go back to this first encounter, I found that the “oh you’re working perfectly fine OH PSYCH big dude with a chainsaw cripples you! Now you need a whole minute to cross two meters!” narrative mechanism was an enormous imposture. Made me wanna smother mikami with a plastic bag.

          The whole game was rather good I found. Decently scary, decently gory, decently “what the hell?”y once you’ve finished it… Twas a good one.

          • mathead says:

            I didn’t even notice that my speed was crippled when I faced the chainsaw guy. I just kept running in circles in the house on the left near the exit and activating the lever on each round, hoping he would get hit by the spike shower. Took me 3-4 attempts and I was done. The second chainsaw guy was much worse, due to the confined space and the fact that, had I not had the exact right amount of ammunition left, he would have forced me to restart the whole level.

  6. thefatconsoler says:

    Just started playing The Long Dark, I foresee a weekend of death and misery in beautiful frozen forests. Loving this game so far and really looking forward to seeing what they add in future builds, it’s pretty spectacular stuff.

  7. RogerMellie says:

    Lords of Xulima all the way. Recommended! Not hearing much about it anywhere but I’m finding it more to my taste than DAI.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      I’m curious about that game. The kind of game it seems to be describing always worries me that if I don’t build “optimal” characters, then I’m going to struggle horribly in the later stages, and of course, the only way to know what an optimal build is is to either spend time looking at guides and wikis, or to spend hours working it out myself instead of playing.
      Does it seem like this is true for Lords of Xulima?

      • RogerMellie says:

        The difficulty is pretty soft (I’m playing on normal) and I’m pretty much whacking anything I’m supposed to be fighting at my level. Im not a hardcore old school RPG player so if you are, ramp up the difficulty.

        I had a similar concern to yours and I did check a party building guide to make sure I didn’t handicap myself. On normal, I think you can pretty much get away with it with most builds until you figure out what’s going on.

        It’s not too scary. This is a quick guide if you don’t want to go in with your eyes closed:

        link to steamcommunity.com

      • Steve Catens says:

        On “Old School Veteran” difficulty (the recommended setting) and lower you don’t need to hyper optimize. But if you don’t follow traditional common sense RPG party philosophy (hardy fighter types up front, token healer cleric, etc) you’ll make the game much more difficult. There’s a lot of room for variation, but some mixes are definitely more optimal than others. Experimenting to discover what those are is half the fun of the game to me.

        It’s a challenging game even on normal difficulty, but entirely possible with a wide variety of parties once you learn the ropes. The thing that can make it seem overly challenging at times, is that there isn’t always a clear path of progression through the game. You can easily miss an area that would have been more accessible to your party level, and instead struggle with an area that is a bit over your head because you don’t see any alternative. I actually appreciate that degree of openness, but there is definitely room for frustration there.

        I got a lot of mileage out of Xulima. I actually ended up enjoying it much more than Grimrock 2, a game with similar goals if not presentation, which I got bored with and went back to Xulima for.
        I don’t see it as a replacement for a story/dialogue driven RPG as there isn’t much there in that regard, but I found it a really satisfying turn based exploration/crawl/ light story style rpg. Although, the loot could stand to be a bit more interesting.

      • Vacuity729 says:

        Okay, thank you both, kindly. Basically you’ve sold me on the game, though not just yet. It’s been wishlisted and at the point where it’s either a bit cheaper or my pile of shame becomes vanishingly small, I’ll make the purchase. Even with my new system of playing games, the latter is probably going to happen first.

  8. Vacuity729 says:

    I’m playing Beyond Earth via the free weekend on Steam. Only played half an hour so far and it’s… not bad. But not an instant hit either.

    I’ve done something new for 2015 though, which is to make a numbered list of all my games, and use an RNG to decide which game I play next on weekdays. On Monday I played Shelter in it’s entirety. It’s now been removed from the list. On Tuesday, I played Bardbarian for three hours. On Wednesday, I didn’t play anything because I had no time, but I carried the game over to Thursday and played CKII for three hours. Yesterday I played an hour of Alice: Madness Returns and then started C:BE. I’ll do another two hours of Alice after C:BE deactivates and then roll a new game. I’ve only been doing this for a week, but I’m very happy with this system thus far.

  9. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Well I was going to play Wolfenstein: The New Order, but it requires a 10GB patch and that is my entire month’s download limit (needless to say, I discovered this two weeks in when it was too late). At this rate I’ll even be lucky if I get to play it in February.

    Then I installed Shadow of Mordor, who only (“only”) required a 3.9GB patch, but the FoV is absolutely crippling so I’m recoiling from that until I can find a mod.

    • Continuity says:

      wow, download limit, poor sod.anything less than 200gb per month ought to be a crime against humanity.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’m pouring a forty (gig) to the curb, in memory of your download limit.

    • dysomniak says:

      PCGamingWiki says you should use a program called “Flawless Widescreen” to change the FoV. Never tried it myself since the FoV didn’t bother me (I had a little trouble with the narrowness of Arkham Asylum, but by the time I got to City I had adjusted.)

      Also, damn the download limit! I would have a full on first world problems panic attack if I had to deal with that shit.

      • Rao Dao Zao says:

        Hmm, thanks for the tip, I’l check that out.

        I can usually cope with a narrower FoV too, but Mordor seemed much much worse than usual — even the menu screens felt warped into my face. Maybe it’s just because I was playing Divinity: Dragon Commander before and that allows you to see all of the things. It’s still hard to swallow the lack of strategic zoom in all games ever made since Supreme Commander…

  10. wraithgr says:

    Visiting the parents this weekend so planning to work my way to a Type 7 from my trusty Asp… Currenty wondering if it will be worth it ;)

  11. barelyhomosapien says:

    An old friend just came back from china and all of a sudden I became the proud owner of the new WoW expansion…so…WoW…again…goddammit…

  12. Chris D says:

    I have officially decided that life’s too short for Eltie: Dangerous so I’ve fired up Drox Operative again as a delicious alternative.

  13. shaydeeadi says:

    A bit of wolfenstein most likely as I’ve hit a brick wall in shadow warrior. I’ll swap back once I get frustrated with wolf. The cycle of shootybangs.

    • Ferno says:

      I hope you get past the block. I really enjoyed Shadow Warrior! Though I can understand that happening as all the combat is fairly samey.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Oh I’m going to finish it. Two bezerkers and me in a small room, they beat me down for an hour solid so I started wolfenstein.

        The enemy variety hasn’t been a problem as the arenas you fight in have loads of room for movement and strategy. It’s a great game, I think I’m at the end of chapter 12. It’s pretty tough on hard, I don’t think I have the cojones for anything higher but I’m not dialling it down now as I’ve got too far.

        • dysomniak says:

          I never beat SW myself because I ran into a room* (near the end I think, at least 8 hours in) that I just couldn’t clear, even on the easiest setting. I keep meaning to go back some day but I don’t know it will ever happen. For all the old school awesomesauce in that game you’d think there would be cheat codes, right?

          *maybe the same one as you? Berserkers are big hulking bastards right?

  14. Ferno says:

    An awful lot of the Evolve beta I imagine. That and Super Smash Brothers.

  15. airmikee says:

    Finishing XCOM:EW, replaying DOW2, and starting Fallout:New Vegas for the first time.

  16. ExitDose says:

    I played through a bit of Quang Tri ’73 and North German Plain ’85 on my phone while the power was out. These are probably better played on tablet, but I still found them to be passable.

    More HoMM3 and Payday 2 for the rest of the weekend. I may fire up the Vagante alpha to see how the new patch is.

  17. rustybroomhandle says:

    According to link to steamleft.com I should just give up entirely.

  18. Llewyn says:

    I shall mostly be playing Unexpected Work. Otherwise it would have been Expected Work (ie WoW), I suspect.

  19. CashCow says:

    I hope I´ll finally get around to making some real progress in Divinity: OS. It seems like a game with such a huge potential, and I just have´nt had the time…

  20. Rymdkejsaren says:

    Evolve beta, Endless Legend and SpeedRunners! Oh and Suburbia (the board game).

  21. Craxel says:

    With the DK2 I’ll be whimpering my way through Alien: Isolation in brief bursts. With some comic relief in the form of Trackmania 2’s VR mode. The rest of it will be spent with Endless Legend!

  22. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    I might finish up Wolfenstein: The New Order, muck around a bit more in Ground Zeroes, and maybe play a bit of ARMA III as an excuse to convermasate with one my chums.

  23. Brosecutor says:

    Evolve Beta, but after the first few rounds I’m inclined to say it might be a huge disappointment. Hope I’m wrong.

    Also, I finally will take a look at Far Cry Blood Dragon and maybe Tales from the Borderlands.

  24. zarniwoop says:

    Bioshock Infinite. Finally time to suck it up, and power through the hideously boring fighting, and see what actually happens.

  25. Monggerel says:

    Gonna play through Oni (Japanese for “weeaboo fanfiction”), Bungie Studios’ idiotic but lovely 3d brawl-’em-up from 2001.

    Might also try and find my copy of Imperium Galactica II, just to play that one scenario (I think it was called “Lighthearted”) where your only goal is to retake one single planet as final revenge, while you watch the fires of a three-front war swallow your empire forever.

  26. Alice O'Connor says:

    More Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Now 85 hours in, I’ve unlocked 99 secrets, beaten Blue Baby and Mega-Satan, but turns out I still have The Dark Room to go (and so many secrets). I’ve been enjoying the D6 a lot as a “No, try harder please, RNG” button.

    With possible Dota 2 and Viscera Cleanup on the side for UGH being civil to other people.

    And swimming in a pond, obvs.

  27. CookPassBabtridge says:

    In the latest installment of “why the fuck did I buy X99”, I am playing “When Intel tell you x, y, and z will happen, they mean ‘we’ll do whatever the fuck we like’ “. Waiting for new chip to turn up after mine decided it had never liked living in the first place. Thankfully got a tuning plan, its just DHL take forever to ship anything and Intel were a bit economical with the truth about when they would ship the replacement.

  28. DrScuttles says:

    Mainly listening to podcasts while playing Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Slowly working through all those completion marks. Idly wondering about finishing that Dark Souls 2 DLC. I just can’t do Fume Knight.

    Anyway. What’s good on mobiles? Just got a phone decent enough to play all the things and have some train journeys booked. Looking for any suggestions.

    • Geebs says:

      The AI summons aren’t much help against Fume Knight – you’re going to need at least one human player who knows what they’re doing.

      (Can’t help with the mobile thing I’m afraid. Last decent game I got was Fieldrunners 2)

  29. DompR says:

    Sunless Sea… promised myself I would wait until the release, but couldn’t keep away. Excuses ahoy! (I’ll just try the new combat… They need the bug reports etc.)

  30. the-stax says:

    Going to carry on playing through Sleeping Dogs – started playing a couple of weeks ago as it had been festering in my Steam library for ‘a while’. Enjoying it, I like the focus on fisticuffs rather than guns, which is a bit of a change for a free roamer. Think I’m getting pretty close to the end of the story, but there will be plenty of other things to do after that.

    • dysomniak says:

      One of my favorite things about Sleeping Dogs is the way it makes guns a Big Deal. Also the surprisingly competent story and the split progression system. But mostly the speeding about Hong Kong at night on an awesome motorbike.

      • the-stax says:

        Yeah, to the extent of them disappearing when the game judges you don’t need one or shouldn’t have one! Mind you, I found when you needed one for a mission or something, there was always one nearby. The melee combat was definitely the main focus, and usually a good enough way to settle any disagreements with the other triads. Good game, might even have to look at getting some of the DLC, or upgrade to the definitive edition in the next Steam sale…

  31. Vurogj says:

    Now that it’s out of Alpha, I’ve been playing (and plan to play a bit more) Heroes of the Storm, in the vague hopes there might be people as bad as me playing now. Results so far, not great.

  32. salejemaster says:

    Fancy Skulls, BoI:Re and a bit of HotS this weekend for me :)

  33. K33L3R says:

    Still Wolfenstien, also Averum: Into The Pit
    And on a more retro theme; Ninja Gaiden Black on original Xbox. That game is brutal and I’ve been softened by all the AssCreeds, Arkham’s and Shadow of Mordor style games, used to be good at it now I am SHOCKINGLY terrible

  34. Henson says:

    Saints Row IV during the free weekend. It’s confirming my thoughts during the last free weekend I played this game: I love the people, I love my voice actor for the Boss, I love the fun-loving attitude, I love the dance music, I love the feel of the whole package, I love sprinting across town and running up buildings, and I HATE everything else about the gameplay. It’s a game where I’m actively avoiding all sidequests that don’t have any potential character moments.

  35. Csirke says:

    I’ll probably finish Dragon Age: Origins, and start on Awakening. I got Inquisition as a freebie with my new laptop, but my compulsive nature prevents me from enjoying it if I didn’t do all the previous games in the series. I’ve already done Origins once, but I lost my save, Awakening and DA2 will be new to me though.

    This time I’m romancing Leliana, and keeping Oghren in my team at all times. (Oghren is great fun, though I miss Wynne a bit, who used to be my second in previous playthroughs.) I’m still a Paragon though, somehow whenever I try a “dick” playthrough in a Bioware game, I lose interest much faster. (While being a complete dick in Fallen London. That game just has a different mood.)

    I’ve also got the novels on my kindle now, I’ll probably skip the comics though. Can someone tell me if the animated movie (Dawn of the Seeker) is worth watching?

    • welverin says:

      I rather liked the comics, well not the very first min series, but the rest of them (those that some of the characters from the games).

  36. Phantasma says:

    Saints Row IV.
    I’ve got it since November but two friends of mine tried it out due to the free weekend on Steam.
    Sadly the coop only works for two players max so kept switching sessions between them.
    Almost felt like a very awkward threesome where the two others are strangely allergic to each other.

    Well, this might not have been one of my best analogies.

  37. dysomniak says:

    More FC4. I’m over 80% completion now, which unfortunately means I’m running out of things to do that really interest me. But I’m sure I’ll find the motivation to do all those racing missions, right? Anything to put off doing the “Syringe Mission” again. Fucking checkpoints.

    Beat the campaign (and the syringe mission), kind of anticlimactic, but okay fine. Still don’t really care about Pagan, or mommy’s ashes, or any of it. Guess I’ll reset the outposts and murder some more people.

    • fish99 says:

      It’s difficult to talk about the story without getting into heavy spoilers, and there’s several variations to the ending depending on your choices, but I was pretty content with how it turned out.

  38. fish99 says:

    After finishing Far Cry 4 I’ve moved onto Far Cry 3. Very good looking game, and it’s quite a lot more challenging than 4 (playing 3 on hard, 4 was on normal), which makes it more rewarding. Playing it in stereo 3D, which looks just stunning with the dense environments.

    • dysomniak says:

      Far Cry “Hard” is, at it’s meanest, standard difficulty on any other shooter. I’m a gamepad using FPS wuss and I can’t tolerate FC3/4/BD on anything other than hard. Except sometimes on story missions I switch to easy because fuck that checkpoint bullshit.

      • fish99 says:

        Yeah wish I’d know. FC4 was a bit too easy on normal. Also once you get the buzzsaw you’re basically indestructible.

        • dysomniak says:

          The buzzsaw is completely OP, but my go-to “oh shit” weapon has mostly been the 8 shot grenade launcher. The gun that makes me feel the most like I’m cheating is the Z93, combined with a hunting syringe. The confusion of the enemy troops when their friends start getting murdered through walls makes me very happy.

  39. scannerbarkly says:

    Depth, Company of Heros 2 and Wreckfest have all become mainstays in the Teamspeak and various parties of weekend stragglers will lump together to play them all at some point.

    I’ll also be continuing Killer Is Dead. I started it just for screenshots but am finding the combat very enjoyable and the overt nods to assorted anime classics is keeping me interested. Could do without a lot of it though, but happily most of the filler can just be avoided.

  40. malkav11 says:

    Marvel Heroes (2015) and The Talos Principle. The latter is what I want to devote the most time to, but if you log in to Marvel Heroes today you get a free random hero and some other bonus that I forget (plus the usual daily login reward). And while I’m on for that, might as well listen to a podcast, maybe finally get Hulk to 60 since he got his review and he is now constantly Very Angry and none of his powers have any cost whatsoever which seems kind of broken but maybe it isn’t? I don’t know, I don’t do game balance. It certainly makes him enormously stompety, which is only appropriate.

    The Talos Principle continues to stun me with how layered and intelligent it is. A lot of the early puzzles are pretty basic, but the stuff they’re doing outside of it, with the glitches and QR codes and terminals and mysterious vanishing figures and so on? Really cool. And the stars are pretty great as well. Hopefully I’ll have a few more nudges in their direction once I’ve finished more of the puzzles proper, though, since so far I’ve only even found 3.

  41. Jonfon says:

    T-Minus 8 days til payday when I’ll be getting Chaos Reborn and The Talos Principle.

    In the meantime Long War is long, my ragtag XCom valiants are now in the unenviable position of fighting off Muton pods with standard weapons. The range of weapons and the soldier class system in it is excellent though. Superb mod altogether (although my urge to fight every battle is at odds with it’s ethos, to paraphrase all-dominating-Disney-Ice-Princess : Let some go).

    Also introduced my spawn to the wonders of 80s Bowie-in-tights and Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth (thanks, US Netflix). Dark Crystal might be next, since they didn’t wake up screaming last night (we’ll soon fix that).

  42. TheMopeSquad says:

    I finally beat Dragon Age Inquisition doing a default world “completion” run now I’m going to play Dragon Age 2, and then do a main story run of Inquisition with a custom world state.

    • Premium User Badge

      Serrit says:

      Aye finishing Inquisition has got me going to back to Origins, plotting out the story threads and characters that I want to take through all 3 games again. Quite enjoyed the “Dragon Age Asunder” book as well, though I think I’m spending way too much time in the DA fiction (what with another “The Last Court” playthrough on the go as well)…

  43. derbefrier says:

    Wizardry 8. The first wizardry game i have ever played and i am loving it.

    I will probably fly around in Star Citizen a bit and try out the Mustang variants since they are available to all backers for the weekend.

    Also some tabletop gaming in the form of an Eberron DnD campaign. My Blood Magus is coming along quite well. Plus we are doing large scale battle in the middle of a war between the vast armies of undead and the citizens of Eberron. good stuff.

    • Steve Catens says:

      I always envy someone their first Wizardry 8 play-through (although I do hope you are playing with the mod that speeds up enemy movement, because the game is highly frustrating otherwise). It definitely hits all my pleasure buttons in terms of classic exploration/crawl-driven RPGs, and is just recent enough to benefit from some more modern interface and control scheme aspects than earlier games in the series. I wish there were a half dozen games like it every year. Sadly…

    • ansionnach says:

      Cool. That one’s on my list… but I keep thinking I should play all the other ones first, like what I did with Ultima. Have a feeling that the earlier Wizardry games aren’t as forgiving or as well-designed as the Ultimas (with the exception of the second one), though.

      • Steve Catens says:

        Ultimas and Wizardrys are different beasts, really. They scratch somewhat different, if overlapping, itches.

  44. wyrm4701 says:

    Risk of Rain, because I am a masochist in love with it’s music and CHEF.

    • G_Man_007 says:

      I played that over xmas while visiting dear Mumsy with the other half. Played on my gf’s work laptop, it worked rather well (wish I’d said yes when she asked me if I wanted to bring the game pad…).

      Went to continue on my desktop and was astounded that there were more colours of Lemurs and Wisps and the like, and a lot more challenge. I’m curious as to why there would be this significant difference between playing Risk of Rain on an older laptop and a middling desktop.

      Oddly punishing and replayable at the same time.

  45. Frank says:

    Valkyria Chronicles. I’m really glad they brought it to the PC.

  46. melnificent says:

    About 10 minutes of Alien:Isolation, cowering under a desk… and in the game.
    Followed by Batman Arkham Origins to feel empowered by the darkness instead of terrified.

  47. teije says:

    Endless Legend for me. I haven’t seen such a bold, inventive, well-designed TBS game for quite some time. The way each faction plays out so differently is superb. And it’s fun to play too!

  48. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Well, I have finally finished my first playthrough of “Icewind Dale” after something like 60-70 hours and I still have a STALKER-Clear Sky-playthrough going, but I have decided to start another game. The last time I tried Clear Sky I just wasn’t that interested. Tried to start “Anna – Extended Edition” on Steam, but it doesn’t work at all. So, today I will be starting “Sanitarium”. I already have tried part of it a while back, but did not play for long. But I certainly liked it and I’m fully intending to finish it at least once. Other than that I have also restarted a bit of Painkiller.

  49. phanatic62 says:

    Approaching Infinity, Endless Legend and maybe some Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

    Has anyone on here played Approaching Infinity? It’s a fun space roguelike that’s theoretically endless, although there are ways you can “win”. I think its asking price is too high to really get a wide audience, but if you like space, and roguelikes, and you have some money burning a hole in your pocket it’s worth taking a look. Oh, and there’s a demo that shows more than enough gameplay for people to make a decision. That’s how it sucked me in.

  50. Synesthesia says:

    I am going to sadly consider how fixing a single tooth has taken me a whole months salary. Fuck.