Quickfire Tactical Mexican Standoffs: Flamingo!

No you flamin' go!

Flamingo! is dressed up (quite prettily) as a Mexican standoff ’em up, but it’s not about twitchy eyes and quick fingers. Still in development, it’s a two-player tactical sort of a thing where players try to position their banditos to hold up banks and grab cash while covering their backs against the enemy’s armed animals. It’s the sort of game which sounds like it could’ve been a quickfire board game, but will benefit hugely from being able to match random folks across the Internet. Here, come watch the trailer which brought it to my attention:

As the rules are kinda important to this, here’s the explanation from its Steam Greenlight page:

“The game starts in the standoff where players position and orient their banditos one at a time, in double blind turns. During the standoff players are trying to unravel the impending shootout while identifying strategic linchpins and outsmarting their opponent.

“After all the banditos have been placed, the shootout ensues and the players watch the consequences of their actions. The objective is to control more gold than your opponent by the end of the shootout. Banditos with fewer guns will shoot earlier. Shooting a bank nets a bandito gold. Shooting a bandito will steal any gold they had.”

It all sounds like quick and elegant fun, doesn’t it? Short, quick, and clever rounds. Splendid. Though it’s intended for multiplayer, it will have solo play against AI, with the nice touch of having warmup AI matches while you queue for an online match. No word yet on when it’ll be released.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Ace music. Makes me think of a western Max Payne.

    The game mechanic seems neat but also…lightweight? I can’t really see playing more than a few rounds of this and going “hunh, well, that was kinda cute”.

  2. Viroso says:

    But where’s the flamingo?

  3. gwathdring says:

    There was another game about standoffs this is reminding me of … anyone remember another game of tactical western standoffs?

  4. Zanchito says:

    Brief cultural annotation: it’s “bandidos” rather than “banditos”. Learning new cool stuff is always interesting!

  5. macaddct says:

    Cash N’ Guns, which involves pointing foam cut-out guns at each other, is pretty close to a board game version of a Mexican standoff