It’s Stare At Somewhere Screenshots Monday!

Oh so pretty!

I’ve read more dev blog posts than you’ve had hot dinners. That might actually be true. Let’s pretend it is. Speaking with my newfound authority as someone more familiar with dev blogs than you are pie and mash, I’ll declare that few delight me as consistently as the Oleomingus gang’s. Each load of work-in-progress screenshots and art is a ray of loveliness in my RSS reader, and doesn’t that sound nice on a Monday morning? So come play Alice Simulator 2015 [timely gag -ed.] by enjoying a look at what they’re up to with first-person explore-o-metastory Somewhere.

I mean:

I mean





What a treat. Hit the blog post for more and bigger versions. To explain what you’re looking at, though, this is part of Figments which is part of Somewhere which is a first-person game about stepping into other people’s heads and through photos to see events and places in new ways, telling a story about the discovery of a mythical city. Inspirations include writers like Borges and Calvino with their wonderful magical places and perspectives.

Oleomingus release standalone test snippets every so often, and I had a look at the last, Rituals. Since then, they’ve reworked that a little and, I’m glad to say, cut the stealth system I thought seemed out of place (I’m not taking credit, but ner-nicky-ner-ner I was right). And they’ve started on the next bit, Figments.

These screenshots are all work-in-progress still, of course, and the grass especially is. But look at those colours! That architecture! Those teacups! That paper sky! The newspaper panelling! Those theatre set popup buildings mixed in! They’re also poking at a card game in some way. I’m still not really sure what Figments or Somewhere will eventually end up being, but I’m enjoying following its development an awful lot.

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  1. Stopsignal says:

    I always love when you post things like this. And love development stuff. So this is awesome!

    Looking forwars to this, looks pretty interesting. The best of it was the teacups.

    • Oleomingus says:

      ( Creator here ) Thank you ! Tea Cups and Toothbrush trees are certainly a favorite landscape feature of ours.

  2. AngoraFish says:

    Fantastic, although I’d drop the blades of grass entirely. It clashes with what is otherwise a fantastically unique and evocative aesthetic.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Precisely, they actually seem to come from a different game entirely.

      The ground textures are great, it’s a shame to cover them.

    • Oleomingus says:

      ( Creator here ). Thank you. Also you are quiet right, the grass is rather crude. It is still our first attempt at building grass ( especially on custom terrain ), and I am trying out a few variations that make it look a little bit more solid.

  3. Dingbatwhirr says:

    You had me at Borges… Coupled with the beautiful screenshots, I’ll definitely be watching this one.

  4. John O says:

    Ooooh shiny!
    I do appreciate someone who knows how to art making environments. I had a look at Dead Space 3 the other day, and while it’s not an ugly game, it is… it is kinda ugly. There were high resolution, high contrast textures everywhere! What i would have given for the peace and quiet of a single gray patch among the chaos, the detail balanced a bit by design. It looked like it came with a community hi-res texture pack preinstalled. Oh well. Nice setpieces anyway.

    Regarding the grass, i agree that it looks out of place, but i wouldn’t delete it outright. Just add some volume to it and it’ll be a-ok. I thought the “Do you write your own shaders?” comment was symptomatic.