Silent Hill Source Engine Fan Game Alchemilla Released


What’s a Silent Hill game without combat? A moody adventure game where you spend too long kicking around a hospital, hoping you won’t see more of those awful twitchy nurses. At least, that’s what I’ve seen so far of Silent Hill: Alchemilla, a free fan game/Source mod which has all of the puzzling and rust without any of the stomping-on-squirming-things. It’s relatively thoughtful puzzling too, and I only stopped playing to write this post because I was stumped. I’ll return later though, as I want to see more of its unarmed first-person take on Silent Hill, and maybe more of those frightful nurses. I do like them really.

Alchemilla tells an original story with in the old Silent Hill way: you’re in a strange and deserted city, something seems wonky with your noggin, and the world keeps unexpectedly turning all rusty, foggy, and fleshy. It sounds good, with its own original music and a better voice actor than most actual Silent Hill games, and looks nice enough too. Here, see this trailer:

Its puzzles require a little note-taking, attention-paying, and thought, but also a fair bit of back-tracking and are ultimately just ways to open locked doors so it can be a bit frustrating. It does go a bit overboard with bloody writing on walls, but I suppose that’s more understandable in a Silent Hill hospital than in many other games. Still, I will be returning. It’s certainly better than I’d expected from a fan game.

The creators say they had wanted weapons and combat in Alchemilla, but couldn’t find help to do it right. I’m okay with it not having any. P.T. is the spookiest Silent Hill game in yonks, and that does perfectly fine without. I’m a little tired of wonky survival horror combat, or survival horror combat that isn’t wonky and therefore undermines the horror.

Download it over here. In case you, like me, don’t explore zips, do note that contains an installer rather than being something to simply drop into your SourceMods folder. Everyone with a Steam account should be able to play it, as it only requires the free Source SDK Base.


  1. Penguin_Factory says:


    I am downloading the fuck out of this thing.

  2. Frosty Grin says:

    When I was replaying Silent Hill 3 a few years ago, I set the difficulty to ‘easy’, so the combat was almost a formality, but the game was still very atmospheric. So I’ll definitely try out this mod.

  3. Niko says:

    To be fair, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories doesn’t have combat either.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      It does have combat, only you can’t fight back.

      • Anthile says:

        Just like real life.

      • Niko says:

        Yes, not the typical combat really. And the monsters just cling to you, if I recall correctly (to be honest I was too scared during those nightmare sequences to notice what they are doing).

        • Wedge says:

          Yes, the monsters are in fact genuinely not trying to kill you in the game, only to keep you from progressing (because plot spoilers).

    • malkav11 says:

      Or puzzles. Or horror. (Seriously, Shattered Memories is so, so bad.)

  4. Viroso says:

    Completley unrelated: I can’t fullscreen youtube videos embedded in RPS pages anymore, is there a fix for this?

    • Kefren says:

      Same here. I click on the YouTube link – it opens the video in a separate tab at wherever you were up to (and stops the one on the RPS page). I can then click “Fullscreen”. Slightly clunky but it works.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I can’t replicate your issue (and I’m using Flashblock). Perhaps you’re seeing the HTML5 video player, for some reason. Although I think that does full screen too.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      I can confirm it’s the HTML5 player. The flash version has a fullscreen button on the embedded video.

    • April March says:

      Have you tried double-clicking them? It seems to work sporadically for me.

  5. Nouser says:

    Looks interesting. And it seems to have some Guts.

  6. Chaz says:

    Judging by the way the camera is bouncing around in that video, it looks like you’ll be wearing a large pair of inflatable shoes.

    Anyway, aside from the super puffy moon boots, it does look rather good.

  7. Faxanadu says:

    “I’m a little tired of wonky survival horror combat, or survival horror combat that isn’t wonky and therefore undermines the horror.”

    The problem is, wonky survival horror is made with bad controls, and bad controls suck. And unwonky makes you move like a supersoldier, and there’s nothing terrifying about being a supersoldier.

    What horror combat needs to be, is perfect controls, but BEYOND moving a doodad to aim at a monster and pressing another to kill it. What we need is moving individual shells into a shotgun, trying to load it while a monster is coming at you. What we need is a chance to miss that comes from shaky hands. Maybe Leap technology will bring about all this.

  8. welverin says:

    Didn’t the requirement for owning a source game go away entirely once TF2 went free to play?

  9. Orangreeffect says:

    i need help with this. i know it is going to sound stupid but i cant complete the morgue puzzle. it doesnt matter how i open the doors, the puzzle wont go through for me. i am losing every bit of sanity on this one

  10. ninenullseven says:

    Just played it. Those pesky oriental modders literally nailed it (russians, they are russians). Source material is preserved better than in any official non-japan Silent Hill game. This is some high quality thing. They completely ignored movie cliches and gone SH1-2 way. Connections to Silent Hill lore is very subtle.

    By the way combat gameplay was about to be implemented at some point, inventory and menus and all that silent-hilley stuff. But they couldn’t find experienced coder and decided to do not freeze project and work with what they have.

  11. Taiylz says:

    This is probably the best game I’ve played that has anything to do with Silent Hill since number 2. You can tell from playing it that the love the creators have for Silent Hill has been put into this game