Carbine Talk WildStar And The Plan For 2015

I'll get the marshmallows

WildStar developers Carbine have released their 2015 roadmap for the game, which includes better preparing lower level players for combat and offering news types of challenge across playstyles and group sizes.

Towards the end of 2014, Carbine’s product director, Mike Donatelli, admitted that players complaining about the release of buggy content led the team to focus on improving the quality of their output – that’s why the MMO’s Hallowe’en and Christmas events got shelved. From the most recent blog post by Donatelli, it sounds like they’ve expanded that focus slightly to include improving the diversity of their new content too.

Here’s their list of what you can broadly expect for the first half of 2015:

  • We will be adding lots of solo and group content to the game, including new Shiphands, Adventures and dungeons.
  • We are focusing on revamping our customization systems and adding new ways for players to add personality to their characters.
  • We are improving the Elder game experience, offering players lots of opportunities to find new and exciting loot!

For more specific information we can turn to the next update on the horizon, The Protogames Initiative which is intended to include:

  • Protogames Academy – a training dungeon to prepare lower level players for telegraphs, interrupt armor, and boss mechanics.
  • Ultimate Protogames – an exciting new dungeon for upper level players.
  • They Came from Fragment Zero! – a level 6 shiphand that introduces players to group gameplay at a much earlier level.
  • LFG upgrades – currently, some shiphands, adventures, and dungeons are intentionally hidden or need to be unlocked. Unfortunately, this keeps many players out of the content. Moving forward, all of this content will be added to an expanded LFG tool.
  • Datascape 20 – the 40-person dungeon wasn’t getting played as often as we hoped. Not only was the content challenging, but roster management was painful. In the next update we will lower the player requirement down to 20.

I wonder if this is the same fire

Beyond that point Carbine are working on a new 20-player raid, a contracts system which sounds like a way of offering shorter missions or objectives to peck at, and tweaks to the levelling, fighting and reward systems.

I keep intending to return to WildStar as I really enjoyed it when I played it for RPS last year. The reason I left was a combination of the free time I had available diminishing and that many of the people I liked playing with didn’t stay. The reason I haven’t dipped back in is that there’s a mental barrier when a subscription cost is involved and I can’t predict how much free time I’ll end up with in a given month. That said, I know Tom Mayo ventured back in recently and I was excited to read that it had rekindled his enthusiasm for the game.

The Protogames Initiative is currently on the Public Test Realm so if you’re a WildStar player and curious about the changes you should be able to play about with them now.


  1. Dawngreeter says:

    I insisted that I liked Wildstar even on the last month of my subscription, (third one, I think), during which I couldn’t have put more than 10 hours into the game. I honestly can’t put my finger on why I didn’t play it. The fact that it all but requires you to play in groups all the time might be part of it. I think I also felt quite lost in all the content. There’s probably more to it than that, but I just can’t figure it out.

    I still think there’s a lot about that game to like. But clearly, something’s not right with it.

    • aepervius says:

      I am in a similar situation right now. Already at low level the population is low and it is nigh impossible at peak time to find somebody to make group quest (2+ and more). I am on EU server. How do they plan to get that fixed by adding more group content ? At the moment the only solution I got is to overlevel the group content and solo it, and that won’t get me far in the long run. Don’t get me started on the queen spider mission in (aurora?) which nobody does because there is absolutely nobody which want to group with 5 persons at that level.

      IMHO the problem of wildstar is double : requiring group content while not having much folk at that level, and the fact that the mission and level up feel like a grind. The 2 “direct” concurrences feels different. GW2 has much more diverse content (or at least it feels so) and feel less grindy because you get XP for exploration and so forth. WOW has the grind/content much later on, they accelerated the lower level. But Wildstar has neither really, the science/colonist/fight/explo path missions don’t feel as deep as GW2 (to me) and the grind already at 20-25 feels tiring combined with the content I have to bypass.

      I doubt I’ll ever reach 50.

      • Dawngreeter says:

        GW2 comparison is pretty spot on. Even though I was a bit tired of GW2, what Wildstar mainly did was remind me of everything good about it… so I just ended up getting back to that. I don’t mind, Living World Season 2, particularly the second half, was pretty damn good. Glad I got back.

        Though I still wish Wildstar could magically become something I’d play.

  2. Colonel J says:

    Tom Mayo’s article persuaded me I ought to at least have a look at it. I know there are Guest Passes but full game is only £4.85 from Amazon right now, with a free month.

    Now all I need to do it get around to using my month before it goes F2P.

  3. Swanny says:

    I’m going to say what you all were thinking:

    Dat ass….

    Now that that’s out of the way, I thoroughly enjoyed Wildstar, but bounced off because I went back to Uni and didn’t have time. I just wish the art style was a little less WoW and a little more like an updated Anarchy Online.

  4. eleclipse says:

    I would really love to play some wildstar again, in a “casual” way. But at the same time, with my ever incresing steam library and lot of good f2p games i’m not so interested to pay the subscription.

    I’m curious of how much will it take for it to go f2p.

    • aepervius says:

      Just out of curiosity what would you consider good F2P games ? I have seen there is a lot, and a starting point would be nice.

      • eleclipse says:

        It really depends on what you like; and of course there are lots of crappy and/or pay2win f2p out there.

        Personally some f2p that i like are and i’m currently playing are: robocraft, planetside 2 and heartstone (which is really grindy if you want to “take it seriously” but can be pretty nice if you play a little just to relax and take your time).

        Also, while i’m not a dota type i can see that dota 2 is a solid f2p game and i think i’m gonna give HOTS a chance.

        • aepervius says:

          I’ll have to give a chance to robocraft. I keep hearing good stuff about it.

  5. aircool says:

    Such Promise. Tediously Derivative. Ultimately Boring. Single Map PvP. Botters.

  6. vexis58 says:

    I really enjoyed Wildstar when I played it, but the race/class combinations killed it for me. MMOs are most fun with a partner, my husband always plays shield-bearing tank types, and this game didn’t have any of those.

    I always play healer types, and I was really uninterested in Wildstar for a long time because my only healing options were a psionic class and medic that none of the races I liked could play (that both ended up being really boring when I tried them anyway) and a two-gun class that I eventually broke down and made a ridiculous-looking bunny girl just to try out and ended up enjoying.

    My husband did not find either of his tank options to be fun, so we don’t play any more. Just as well; all of my other friends who convinced me to give it a go all quit the game shortly after I did too.

    All about FFXIV now. Plenty of classes to choose from with more on the way, and no stupid restrictions on which race can play as a particular class.