Praise The Sun: Dark Souls Ditches Region Lock

I think something funky's going on with my settings. Also I forgot to remove the nude skins I installed to taunt Cara.

Most of my favourite Dark Souls memories involve other players. Murdering people who dared step foot in a forest after I thought it’d be funny to pledge allegiance to a giant cat. Helping people murder Ornstein and Smough. Being murdered by other people who’d pledged allegiance to other odd forces. Having someone who’d been watching my stream turn up and drop a weapon when mine was almost broken far from help. So huzzah, then, that they’ve removed a multiplayer region lock introduced in the shift to Steamworks. Having more worlds to breach is always good.

The nasty niggle arrived as Dark Souls ditches Games for Windows – Live and moves to Valve’s Steamworks. Folks were finding they couldn’t join pals in other parts of the world, which is no fun. Worse, a lock cuts down on the number of potential invasions and interactions. Sure, long-distance invasions can be laggy, but I’d rather suffer that than see fewer world-sharing moments.

If you haven’t yet updated Dark Souls to the currently-in-testing Steamworks version, by the way, do remember to do that soon. Right now, you can transfer saves and achievements over, but that won’t work forever. Publishers Bandai Namco are only guaranteeing transfers until February 16th.

In other Dark Souls Steamworks switchover news, DSFix, the fan-made tool fixing a lot of the janky bits in Dark Souls’ PC port, may have received its final update. The latest version should automatically work with any future Dark Souls patches, meaning it won’t go wonky when From Software update the game.

I really must get around to playing Dark Souls II some day, but at this point I may as well wait for the revamped re-release Scholar of the First Sin.


  1. aliksy says:

    I was able to use my old saves without any extra steps. I didn’t get the achievements copied over but I really don’t care about them.

  2. Dinger says:

    Looks to me more like “Praise the moon”. Is that the Sea of Tranquility?

    • Horg says:

      You have no idea how horrified I was to open up this article and find a crack on my screen! Lets just hope this day has bottomed out and wont get any worse.

      • jrodman says:

        I’d say that I hope your luck isn’t spreading, but I won’t tush my luck.

        • SlimShanks says:

          Sorry to be a bummer, but guys, isn’t this getting a bit assinine? Can’t we just put this all behind us?
          Or maybe I should just butt out?

          • Geebs says:

            I can’t but wholeheartedly agree.

            Sorry guys, you had great puns and then I came along with this stinker and rectum.

          • jrodman says:

            Back on topic: have they added an easy mode yet?

          • Geebs says:

            The guy on the left is holding Dark Souls’ “easy mode”

  3. Anthile says:

    Is it really good? Dark Souls 2 apparently only has two regions: Japan and not-Japan. There was that one time I dueled somebody from Australia and it was insanely laggy.
    Afterwards I got an invite for the elusive Dial-Up Dark Souls steam group.

  4. Shaun Green says:

    This is splendid news, most splendid indeed. Time to revisit Dark Souls!

    (Obligatory DS meme: Try Jumping)

  5. mangame5 says:

    Been reading articles on RPS for a long while, but I never got around to registering. This post here managed to pull me in, though, cause there still is a little issue with the region lock. People from Romania, at least, still can’t buy it on Steam. The game doesn’t show up on the site and clicking on a link leading to it bounces back to the store. I can look at its community hub page, but funnily enough, the button leading to its store page is gone on there.

    • pekikuubik says:

      Same here in Estonia. I guess Eastern Europe is SOL again?

      edit: Oh, I guess technically it’s still a GFWL game until the actual switchover.

  6. Viroso says:

    Planning on playing this one with zero internet aid, no consulting anything ever. See how it goes.

    • Zallgrin says:

      Some of the basic mechanics are not explained at all in the game, therefore I recommend at least reading up on how the Souls/Humanity system works and what Firekeeper Souls are for. (also, install DSfix)

    • frightlever says:

      BrettUltimus is doing that with a blind playthrough. It’s been pretty funny so far.