Microsoft About To Announce Something About PC Games

Update: Windows 10 will be free to users of Win 7, Win 8 and Win 8.1 for a year. Fable Legends coming to PC Xbox One cross-platform multiplayer.

What is it? We don’t know. It could be some crazy Xbox/PC crossover. It could be simply more about DirectX 12 and its straight-to-the-metal performance boost promises. It could be a new-gen GFWL (ick). It could just be a Steam rival, seeing as everyone else has one these days. It could be Minesweeper 2 (that’d be great, actually). Alls we knows is that, uncharacteristically, they’re making a bit of a song and dance about it. In fact, we have a correspondent out at the Windows 10 event due to begin at 5pm UK/9AM PST (i.e any minute now), and RPS doesn’t traditionally get invited to Microsoft briefings, so something relevant to our neck of the woods is clearly on the cards.

Clearly, Microsoft have promised to get back in bed with PC gaming loads of times in the past, and it’s never amounted to a hill of beans. Unless you count GFWL, which you really shouldn’t. Maybe this will be more of the same empty promises. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it’ll even be a scarily big attempt to land-grab a gaming platform which others have been caretaking for years. We’ll find out in a few minutes.

We’ll bring you the main facts asap, and a detailed follow-up feature tomorrow all being well, but in the meantime you can watch the event and whatever wonders or horrors it reveals about Windows 10, right here, as live as Redmond’s internet connection allows.

Do keep an eye on this here post for updates if you don’t want to or can’t watch some dudes talking on a livestream. We haven’t set up any fancy tech for it, so, er, refresh! Refresh! Refresh! Hammer that F5 key into the ground!

Over to Adam who is following a choppy livestream:

Windows 10 will be free to users of Win 7, Win 8 and Wn 8.1 for a year. Microsoft are pushing the idea of Windows “as a service” and are spending a lot of time talking about live tiles and touchscreen UIs for tablets (and phablets, if you had that word on your Bingo card). However, there will be a “core experience” available with taskbars and a full desktop mode. That will work on tablets as well as PCs. Side note – PCs must now be referred to as MPCs because Microsoft are ushering in an age of “More Personal Computing”. Side not ends.

The Cortana interface, which is Microsoft’s voice activated Siri-like personal assistant, is coming to Windows. It can draw data from the crowd to become more knowledgeable over time. Nothing could possib-ly go wrong.

The presenter is emphasising the importance of security and protection of personal data – Clippy Cortana is a digital personal assistant who will learn about your interests, but will only have access to information that you flag up as permitted. Demonstration shows tracking of a relative’s flight, the owner’s precise location and emotional state at all times and information about favourite sports teams.

The Cortana talk has gone on for a while and there have been several mentions of “Windows-specific tasks”. Along with voice activated programmes – now to be referred to as apps at all times apparently – we’ve seen a sort of scrapbook that collects details about Windows users and built-in search functionality. We’re then shown how the PC-specific apps will work on phones and tablets.

As far as gaming goes, so far we’ve had the image below, but that’s about it. I think it represents gaming.

RAD! I guess the image shows connectivity, or connectedness, or The Kinected Family if there’s some branding going on. Most of the presentation has been about Windows 10’s ability to move from one type of device to another without hassle. The guy is showing Powerpoint presentations on his phone, for crying out loud. We might not have jetpacks but this might well be the next best thing.

For games proper, there’s yet more interconnectedness and “more incredible viralness”. Some of this doesn’t interest me in the slightest – streaming Xbox One games to any Windows 10 tablet or PC in the home, and Xbox One notifications popping up EVERYWHERE – but smuggled in the middle is the announcement that Fables Legends will be coming to Windows 10 and will have cross-platform play with Xbox One.

Steam support is mentioned live on stage but it’s not clear (because of my choppy stream rather than the actual presentation) if Steam libraries will be integrated in the My Games section of the Xbox app.

“We will treat gaming on Windows 10 with as much passion as we have on the Xbox One console.” So says Phil Spencer in closing and I do not have it in me to do a joke about that. I’ll let it lie.

We’ll have thoughts and analysis tomorrow, which should be a pleasant follow-up to my bewilderment in the face of infinite buzzwords.


  1. vorador says:

    My bet….is about a new Microsoft Train Simulator or Flight Simulator

    *fingers crossed*

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Well after the PC-in-a-mouse was unveiled today just imagine if MS announced a PC in a flight stick preloaded with Flight Simulator?

    • jrodman says:

      That would be victory.

    • Syphus says:

      Finally a new Microsoft Space Simulator?

  2. jezcentral says:

    Minesweeper 2? Alec, report to John so you can write out “It’s called Hexcells” 200 times.

    My Xmas wish for this is that they will release an API for Steam, Origin, Galaxy, uPLay and all the others, so that they get integrated into one UI (navigation issues not withstanding).

    • mattevansc3 says:

      In the presentation the games list had Steam and Xbox games do that would cover the bulk of them.

  3. distantlurker says:


    Get your pitchforks here! 3 for a pound!

    Torches extra!

    • Horg says:

      See the slippery slope in action. In my day, pitchforks weren’t shipped without a complimentary torch! Now it’s extra. Pretty soon, all they will sell is blunt sticks and charge you by the prong! Want a torch? You need a monthly payment plan for the fire. Capitalism is pricing the working man out of the mob game!

      • Cash at Folsom says:

        I say we organize en masse against these shifty pitchfork salespeople!

        But first, we’ll need some supplies…

      • Mollusc Infestation says:

        If you ask me, this is a very backward looking commercial strategy. These days it’s all about pitchforks-as-a-service.

        • John O says:

          PAAS offers a hefty students discount, this week only. So sign up now and you’ll receive a complementary “i pitched in!” sticker to show your support, and be sure to let your friends on Facebook know for a chance to win an exclusive trip to Nebraska, the worlds premier corn growing location. This message brought to you by Monsanto, your partner in seedy business practices!

      • J-Force says:

        You should really check out Good Old Gardens, I hear they sell pitchforks the old fashioned way, none of this pay by the prong nonsense.

    • Emeraude says:

      It’s a wonder of the potency of tradition that people still use pitchforks when their local supermarket sells them everything they need to make mustard gas and explosives.

      • Schmouddle says:

        It is because changing the world only by means of a pitchfork still requiers certain finesse and stamina, while using fertiliser and diesel fuel mixed in appropriate ratio is rather an unfair shortcut, not fit for true gentlemen.

  4. SIDD says:

    “From this day forward, we will stop with empty promises and instead be frank with you … PC Gamers: We don’t give a flying f**k about you!”

  5. aliksy says:

    Something like SteamPlay for windows and xbox would be great, but they’re probably not going to give up the money for that. Xbox has expensive games and monthly fees, right?

  6. Nibblet says:

    Seem to recall something about them wanting to “integrate” Xbox live into windows 9 or something along those lines.

  7. melnificent says:

    “We will treat gaming on Windows 10 with as much passion as we have on the Xbox One console.”

    So that’s tv,tv,tv,tv,sport,tv

  8. quarpec says:

    LOL fuck off

    they’ve said this so many times now. just fuck offffff alraedy

  9. Asrahn says:

    “We changed our minds.”

  10. Turkey says:

    They’re going to change your desktop clock to always say “Time to buy an X-Box.”

  11. geldonyetich says:

    Hopefully it’s something to make up for their dropping XNA.

  12. Cinek says:

    My bet: another set of empty promises.

  13. D70CW6 says:

    hopefully something about windows 10 being free for a year for windows 7 – 8.1 users.

  14. Guvornator says:

    I don’t really care if it’s free – I paid money for a Win 8 update when they were cheap, and still haven’t used it. If Microsoft want me to change to 10, they’ll need some pretty good reasons to make me do it.

    • Mr Coot says:

      Free for a year, and wot then? o.O After Win 8 debacle I swore I would never buy another MS operating system. I forked out cash for poorly functioning MS bloatware for the privilege of being a captive audience for their app shop (the shitty no choice interface was just a distraction – the real crime was MS channelling users front and centre into their shop – everything about shitty Win 8 is grooming us for shop use).

      Now we are expected to pay for the privilege of being marketing data. I Just hope widespread native support for games via Linux comes quickly cos I won’t be buying Win 10. (Wot hap’d to Win 9?)

  15. SominiTheCommenter says:

    link to

    Stick this into VLC to be able to see it on Linux.
    Yeah, ironic.

    • Nurg says:

      It works in Ubuntu 14.04 in the built in video player. Click’n’play for me.

  16. Lagran says:

    So is this free free, or “free for a year, if you want to keep it after that, you pay for the upgrade”?

    • mattevansc3 says:

      free as in there’s a one year window starting from the release date of Win10 whereby all Win7 and Win8.1 users can upgrade to Win10 free of charge. After that one year anniversary anyone who hasn’t already upgraded will need to pay the upgrade fee.

      • pepperfez says:

        I sincerely, unironically love that they managed to frighten and alienate people by offering them a free product. That’s gotta be rock-bottom in terms of brand value.

        • Emeraude says:

          That’s the thing the age has, I hope, finally taught us: there’s no such thing as a free product. So when MS says “free”, what we hear is “you’ll have to figure out how we’re going to “monetize” you yourself”.

      • Lagran says:

        Thanks for the info :)

  17. kevmscotland says:

    Clever on MS part. Migrate everyone off their old OS by enticing them with a free new OS then when their comfortable and at that stage where they can’t be bothered rolling back whack them with the OS charge.

    Also, is this the start of a subscription based payment scheme for Windows. ONLY 99.99 for 3 years! or some other nonsense.

    • Cinek says:

      Yea, people predicted that already for Windows Vista. Along with “cloud-based OS”.

      Both ended up being purely baseless speculations.

  18. Volcanu says:

    Yuck. If this means they are planning to charge an annual subscription fee for a constantly evolving Windows then I fail to see how this is “good for gamers”.

  19. DrollRemark says:

    Sweet. Win10 was pretty boss when I last tried it.

    • SIDD says:

      Win7 was pretty boss when I last tried it too, so can’t really be bothered with an upgrade just yet

      • DrollRemark says:

        There’s not much wrong with 7, I’ll admit, but I genuinely thought 10 was brilliant. Much faster than 7, better looking (that glass stuff in 7 never really did look much good), but without the touch screen bastardisation of 8. It felt like the best of both worlds.

        • Cinek says:

          Some people really think that Win 8+ looks better then win 7? lol

          • basilisk says:

            Absolutely, yes.

          • All is Well says:

            Of course there are. I’m one of them.

          • Ulaxes says:

            Of course!

          • FriendlyFire says:

            Obviously? Fake glass was a gimmick then, it’s still a gimmick now.

          • inf says:

            It does. You do know that a whole bunch of people have been using (and preferring) Windows 8 pretty much since launch right? Just disable the metro crap and what you’re left with is a sleek looking, fast running, efficient OS.

            So sick and tired of the “Windows 7 last and only decent OS for gamers and we won’t ever need anything else” meme.

          • SuicideKing says:

            I like the glass effects. It’s pretty. I also use the “show desktop” button a lot.

        • SIDD says:

          Knowing that I sound like a grumpy old bastard (probably because I am one), but I seriously can’t be bothered with the hassle of reinstalling every single application and game because the O/S is slightly faster and prettier …
          Word, Photoshop and Steam will look that same (and most likely run the same) and if it involves being suckered into a licensing deal with Microsoft, then … no thank you!

          • inf says:

            My machines for the past 5 years have been running SSD’s and flash drives for backup and file transferring. Combine both, and you have yourself a fresh Windows install (with required apps and data) in less than half an hour.

  20. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Trouble is, I was cheap and only bought the upgrade lciense for win 8, so if I want a clean install I have to:
    Install and register my copy of Win7
    Install Win8 over the top and put in my upgrade code
    Update it to Win8.1

    and now presumably add a fourth step of upgrading that mess to Win10.
    Nah, sod you Microsoft, I’m just going to buy a full copy, you’re not getting me that easily again…

    • mattevansc3 says:

      …or you could just upgrade from Win7 straight to Win10 as they said in the presentation.

    • Vandelay says:

      I have an upgrade copy of 7 and if 8 is anything like that, it is easy to sort without bothering installing an older version. Installing Win 7 straight puts you into a trial version and with a couple of registry tweaks you can switch over to the normal version.

      Microsoft don’t seem to care about whether you have an upgrade copy or not. They probably figure that more people will buy Windows if they are flexible with those versions. A couple of websites explaining the process even said that you can just ring Microsoft up and they will often just give you a full license!

    • melnificent says:

      Windows 8 upgrade key works on a full windows 8 install disk/usb. No need to install 7 and then upgrade.

      • Katar says:

        I’ve avoided upgrade versions of Windows as it seems real a ball ache doing what Phuzz says, so I’m not sure how the upgrade works. Where do you get a full version install disk/usb from if you buy an upgrade version?

        • mattevansc3 says:

          Microsoft emailed me a link to download my copy of the Win8 Upgrade but it allows me to do a fresh install from a formatted HDD. For all extents and purposes its the same as the OEM copy.

  21. Rizlar says:

    Windows 10 will be free to users of Win 7, Win 8 and Wn 8.1 for a year. Microsoft are pushing the idea of Windows “as a service”

    So presumably once the year is up you can no longer access your OS and need to reinstall 7/8 or buy 10? Or does free actually mean free?

    Also the pictures make it hard to believe this isn’t April 1st already.

    • Emeraude says:

      Yeah, given Microsoft’s history “free for a year” and “windows as service” in the same vicinity doesn’t exactly inspire any confidence.

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        On the other hand, considering the XBONE launch, in a few weeks they will do a 180.

    • SuicideKing says:

      After a year, they’ll charge a subscription fee to use it; that’s what I understood.

      EDIT: It seems to be free forever if you buy it in the first year. So far. I’ll probably upgrade towards the end of that free year, just to be sure.

      • BTAxis says:

        A subscription to an OS? Nnnnnnnnnno.

      • Rizlar says:

        Makes sense… Adobe have started doing the same with their creative suite. Buying the software outright was always expensive but the subscriptions are like hundreds of pounds per year. Seems like this sort of ‘software as service’ ends up a lot more expensive in the long run.

        • Cinek says:

          Yes, and you know how it ended?
          After Wall Street Journal:
          “Adobe Systems Inc. said its fiscal fourth-quarter profit tumbled 71% as the software company reported a sharp drop in product sales and higher sales and marketing expenses.”

      • FriendlyFire says:

        No, that’s what stupid “journalists” have misinterpreted. You have a one year window to upgrade for free, just like how Windows 8 was discounted the first year. OS updates are as with W8 and W7, free of charge.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Well to put your mind at rest what MS said in the presentation (and has been omitted in the article) is that Win10 is “free” for the life of the device.

      Essentially MS are saying that within the first year of Win10 being released all Win7 and Win8 customers can upgrade to Win10 for free. If you upgrade after a year you have to pay. From that point Win10 is free of charge but the wording leaves it open for MS to charge for the update to Win11.

      • fish99 says:

        ‘Free for the life of the device’ sounds like an OEM code restriction, whereas the Win7 retail I own can be used again and again on different devices as long as it’s only on one at any time. If that’s what it means then no thanks, unless the Win7 licenses remain intact.

        • mattevansc3 says:

          In the Q&A session they’ve reiterated that the upgrade business has not changed, it is just a promotion that covers Win7 and Win8 users.

          • fish99 says:

            Well I don’t know what the terms are for an upgrade, I’ve never upgraded Windows, so I’m not entirely sure what that means. ‘Life of the device’ suggests you can’t swap it from device to device, which would also mean no activation after a motherboard change.

          • SuicideKing says:

            Yeah I’m also concerned about this: they haven’t mentioned retail copies even once, instead they keep talking about “devices”.

  22. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Seriously Adam, I was wondering if Microsoft had hired Joaquin Phoenix to promote this crap.

  23. geldonyetich says:

    Between Cortana and Project Spartan, I have to wonder how much of Microsoft that Bungie is paying for these days.

  24. pendergraft says:

    So all that advertisement garbage to the right of the Start menu, is that why they can afford to let us have it for free?

  25. gunny1993 says:

    Since i’d bet DX12 is almost certainly be windows 10 exclusive based on Microsoft in the past, this is a easy decision to make.

  26. kevmscotland says:

    Well watched the whole Live Presentation.

    Gaming Wise:

    * Direct X 12
    * Xbox style overlay and the ability to video capture and share with friends etc.
    * New Windows PC Fable…. no Peter Moleneux so might actually be alright.
    * Cross platform play with Xbox One. Achievements on PC. -.-
    * Can stream Xbox One games to PC/Tablet with Windows 10.

    So all great if you own an Xbox One. Not so much so if you do not.

    • Lacero says:

      Looks pretty good if you’ve never heard of steam.

      • TormDK says:

        Steam can stream from Xbox One to PC?

        • jon_hill987 says:

          You can stream from one PC to another though.

          • TormDK says:

            Sure, but thats sort of “boring”.

            I don’t have an Xbox One (Or any console for that matter), but if I can start playing console exclusives on my PC using keyboard and mouse by this streaming technology, then I’ve some considering to do because that is something I could see myself doing.

            Obviously Sony would need to offer something similar.

          • SuicideKing says:

            Can’t use kb/m for streamed games.

    • ADamnYankee says:

      I’m assuming you can only play with Xbox friends if you’re paying for a Live subscription, so I’m preemptively disappointed.

    • Cinek says:

      “Cross platform play with Xbox One.” – hehe, easy kills… this should help with my stats in every game that offers that feature. lol :D

      • Vandelay says:

        I didn’t watch the presentation, but i got the impression that the crossplay was just for Fable Legends. I am sure other games will follow, but I can’t imagine any of those other games being shooters.

        Seems to be the usual crap from Microsoft. I’m not really sure why they would have invited RPS to be involved, as it does sound all about integrating the Xbox One with your PC, rather than PC gaming. I’m sure that is good news for some, but can’t imagine it is of much interest to a PC centric gaming site.

        • SuicideKing says:

          Implementing cross-platform is up to the developers, apparently.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Well they did share more details on DirectX12. Revealing that DX12 is now a part of Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4 is fairly big news and that the performance gains both in guts and power consumption can be had on existing hardware is also big news.

  27. pilouuuu says:

    Games for Windows Live 2!
    OMG! They really care about PC gaming!

  28. Geebs says:

    Soooooooooooooooo….. what happens if your Windows subscription runs out?

    So much for the “Mac tax”

  29. Going Bald says:

    Oh well. Another day, another corporate presentation with very little compelling content…

    The only really good thing is DX12 and we had all heard about that before… Meanwhile, I STILL can’t cut the cord from an Xbox One controller… Go figure.

  30. Rush Ton says:

    They have announced what sounds like an AR headset though they are calling it holograms.

  31. geldonyetich says:

    Social media in your gaming.

    Ick, why do you keep doing that?

    Streaming gaming to a tablet.

    The NVIDIA Shield already made that happen, this is just shoving it into a Microsoft-specific implementation.

    New version of DirectX will bring new potential hardware capabilities.

    What else is new?


    Now that’s what I’m talking about! About bloody time. I kid you not, the whole time I was watching this presentation, before the hologram bit, I’m like, “Why don’t we have consumer-level holograms already? We’ve been working on tech for decades. They’re performing on stage and TV. I’m not impressed at all by Windows 10, give me some holograms.” And then, hellooo, what have we here?!

  32. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Never been convinced by anything “as a service”, pretty damn suspicious of that when regarding a core piece of functionality without which my entire library of all software is useless.

    It’ll be like those awful Free2Play games… I mean, Pay2Win…dows.

  33. Tuor says:

    Well, at least you got to visit Seattle… though it is kinda overcast/blahish today.

    If anyone expected anything serious in terms of PC gaming from Microsoft, they were just fooling themselves.

    And I still have no intention of “upgrading” to Win 10.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I’m watching a livestream from my flat in Manchester! Overcast here as well with a bit of snow earlier.

      • Tuor says:

        Heh. I’m relieved to hear that. I was thinking it’d be a huge waste to come to Microsoft just to get a bunch of hot air and market-speak. :) I guess I’m pretty silly.

  34. Melody says:

    Microsoft made a compelling argument for GNU/Linux. Nice.

    • Kempston Wiggler says:

      Hooray! It’s the Year of Desktop Linux!

      (Sorry, Couldn’t resist. Tried: failed.)

      • Cockie says:

        *slow clap*
        Seriously though, given the amount of people complaining about Microsoft I don’t understand why so little use Linux.

        • Geebs says:


        • Blackcompany says:

          Because learning Linux is a pain. I know. I tried.

          For six weeks.

          It took the first week just to master the science of unzipping a tarball so I could install files. Seriously. A week. To learn to install common files. The same thing Windows does via EXE or MSI files in seconds.

          And that’s not half the hassle involved in trying to make windows games work via WINE on a Linux box. Or just trying to make WINE work. Or just trying to install WINE in the first place.

          Look, Linux is great and all. If you have the time, patience and inclination to learn it. But I have friends, family, a full time job that revolves around a fine and in depth understanding of Windows, games to play, books to read, movies to watch. I dont have time to learn a home OS just for leisure. Nor do I have the inclination.

          Make Linux GUI driven and easy to use. Integrate support for Windows emulation or making games work – reliably – on Linux. Do these things and I will be among the first to convert. But as Linux is now, I simply cannot be bothered.

          • Cockie says:

            When did you try it? :? Installing programs is via a package manager (search program, click install), the software centre (same) or a .deb file (double click to install).
            For wine there is PlayOnLinux, which makes installing Windows software usually a “click ok several times” kind of install, and even in the harder cases makes it very easy to fiddle with wine until your program runs.

            I agree a lot of stuff is done on the command line but usually there is a gui way of doing it – you usually just don’t find it in problem solving pages because it depends on your install and the command line way doesn’t.

          • Buuurr says:

            “Cockie says:

            *slow clap*
            Seriously though, given the amount of people complaining about Microsoft I don’t understand why so little use Linux.”

            People don’t use Linux because it is a pain in the ass. Everything requires such nitpicky screwing around just to be of some small, insubstantial (free! its free! But its free!) use. It is buggy. Many of its programs are user created and are horrible to say the least. If you want to do one basic, simple thing (like check your email?), you better have an hour or so to float around trying to find a program that will suit your needs and not make you nauseous in how it looks or functions. There is no symmetry to the programming, no universal UI design, no anything that really follows the rules other then it should work 50% of the time and be really liked by other Linux sufferers.

            I get that some people like it. I also get that those people are very, very unique individuals. They have a lot of time on their hands. Most people want to just sit down, set something up once and use it until the little box near their feet dies or isn’t fast enough anymore. For them, Linux isn’t it. A simple update to one program could take hours to search out a suitable clone (if it isn’t buggy) or learn all over how to read your email once you get it all setup through archaic programing steps.

            Unless you are one of those people, or someone in India or Africa who simply doesn’t have any money for an OS, a real OS most likely you have no business running it.

            I say this as a former admin with 15 years of working with all manner of OSs. It isn’t for everyone. Who it is for are very patient, willing to settle people who are willing to work through its enormous shareware depths.

          • fozr says:

            “Buuurr says:”
            “People don’t use Linux because it is a pain in the ass.” “It is buggy.” “There is no symmetry to the programming, no universal UI design, no anything that really follows the rules other then it should work 50% of the time and be really liked by other Linux sufferers. ”

            I’m sorry but this is just a load of bull. Are you trying to tell us that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, NASA, ESA, Yahoo, DARPA, UN, and many other companies and organizations including banks and car manufacturers are running an OS that is buggy, works 50% of the time and apparently is supposed to have no programming symmetry? Linux is the most used OS on this planet unless you only count desktop computers. And seriously, using a MUA like Thunderbird and press “Fetch Mail” is hard? I really have to question your claim that you are an admin with 15 years of experience…

            With that said, running Linux on your gaming rig will probably be more of a headache then it’s worth simply because there just isn’t enough 3rd parties that are willing to support Linux at this time, mabye Valve will make it better with SteamOS but atm I’d stick with Windows for gaming.

    • Cockie says:

      They did? What did they say?

      • P.Funk says:

        They said you can have Windows 10 free for a year before it becomes a “service”, which presumably means you rent it. Linux is free so… uh… yea.

        BTW, whats with software? No such thing as rent to own?

        • mattevansc3 says:

          Except that they didn’t. They said that there is a promotion covering Win10’s first year whereby Win7 and Win8 users don’t have to pay the usual upgrade fee to go to Win10.

        • Cockie says:

          I thought they meant you had one year to upgrade for free? 0.o
          Rent to use for an OS? That would be a rather bad idea. “Oh you can’t afford to extend your subscription? Too bad, you can’t use your pc then.”

      • Melody says:

        They made Win 10 undesirable in every way they could, for instance by showing much crap and how much more privacy-invading stuff will be packed in Win 10.

        Can’t wait to read in a couple of years how Cortana records and analyzes everything you say even when you’re not using it, and sends the analytics back to MS.

        Also, the “We’ll let you use the OS for a year, then when you’ve just finished getting used to it, you’ll have to start paying a subscription if you wanna keep using it” thing. More openly exploitative than a F2P game, borderline ransomware.
        (If that’s the correct interpretation of things. If it’s not, the rest still stands, and actually, I think it substantiates my first point even more. If they’re offering it as a free upgrade for Win 8 AND 7, there must be a catch, and that catch is probably the same reason why Facebook is free)

        • Cockie says:

          I see. Time to put some more time in my wine installation. :)
          I want some clarification on the 1 year thing though, people are saying it’s 1 year of time to permanently upgrade for free elsewhere in the comments. :/
          Edit: the free thing could be because of the low popularity of Windows 8, if you’re being more optimistic than I’m willing to be.

          • mattevansc3 says:

            Microsoft clarified it in the Q&A session. Its the existing upgrade path but with a promotion that early adopters can get the upgrade without paying, similar to how Microsoft offered a reduced £25 upgrade licence for early adopters of Win8.
            Also Cortanna has been on WP8.1 for a while through the dev preview and there’s been no issues of privacy. You also get the option to switch it off or stop it listening to certain parts. If anything its more inline with Google Now than Siri and uses the same data.

        • joa says:

          Think most people will happily pay a subscription fee for something that actually works instead of getting a ‘free’ system where they have to manually compile kernel modules every couple of weeks or whatever, and restart their computer to get audio back because three incompatible audio subsystems are fighting over one audio device.

          Plus it’s hardly surprising that their Cortana service should record and analyse what you say. Google builds up personal profiles of everyone that uses their search engine, based on things you search for and other websites you visit (if they use Google ads), even if you’re not logged in. Facebook records your every click. Are you really surprised that companies are choosing to monetize the data that users provide to them? It would be insane of them not to.

          • Melody says:

            a) You can be profitable AND ethical. You can. I’m not kidding. Not all companies *need* to be as bad as they can.
            b) It’s also insane that people accept that without caring.

          • joa says:

            Perhaps you can, but the company that is willing to be unethical is going to beat you in that case. Besides, a company’s main ethical obligation is to its shareholders. If it fails to pursue all possible avenues, then it is failing in that obligation.

            If someone came up to you in the street and started telling you all kinds of personal stuff about them, are you being unethical because you’re listening to them? That is essentially all companies like Google and Facebook are doing. The users choose to use their services – so they cannot reasonably expect privacy when they share private information with those services.

          • Cockie says:

            joa, that’s not what “ethical” means.

          • Emeraude says:

            Besides, a company’s main ethical obligation is to its shareholders. If it fails to pursue all possible avenues, then it is failing in that obligation.

            Not at all that’s pure disinformation, though trying to post links to places explaining how/why has me labeled as a spammer for some reason.

            For what it matters.

          • SIDD says:

            “Think most people will happily pay a subscription fee for something that actually works” …
            This is Microsoft, you’re talking about …. you have zero guarantee that it will work for the first 6-12 months..

            ME never actually got to be a stable O/S and Vista…well…it was great after about a year and 2 service packs … up until then everybody hated it because it was … well .. shit!

          • SuicideKing says:

            A company’s main ethical obligation is to its CUSTOMERS.

        • TormDK says:

          Regardess of how you feel about Microsoft, they are #1 in the industry regarding protecting their customers data, against 3rd parties and governments alike.

          Microsofts core business is not advertising revenue, unlike Facebook or Google, so I would always trust their offerings over that of their competitors because my personal data is not their main source of revenue.

          • Melody says:


            The OS may not be *completely* terrible in terms of privacy, but everything else they do is. Starting with Skype.

            Also, early adopters of Prism.

            “The documents identified several technology companies as participants in the PRISM program, including Microsoft in 2007, Yahoo! in 2008, Google in 2009, Facebook in 2009, Paltalk in 2009, YouTube in 2010, AOL in 2011, Skype in 2011 and Apple in 2012”
            link to

        • Distec says:

          I don’t think they said Win10 will be based on a subscription? It’s a free purchase for existing users for the first year of its availability. It’s not that different from the free Win7 upgrade I got when my desktop came with Vista.

          Maybe I’ve overlooked something. But a subscription cost hasn’t been my takeaway from any of the details announced. Microsoft might be large and boneheaded with many of its decisions, and I wouldn’t put it entirely past them to attempt something like this. But surely even MS realizes the bulk of their users aren’t going to take to a subscription model.

          Back when I had the pleasure of trying to sell customers Office 2013, I thought there were actually a number of cases where an annual subscription with multiple licenses was actually a better deal for some users. But nobody wanted that shit. They wanted to pay for it once and never worry about it again, even if it was almost twice the price for a single license. Customers would spend hundreds of dollars for multiple single-installs rather than deal with a subscription that covered all their household PCs. And I’m personally fairly empathetic to that mindset as well.

          Surely MS knows this. Knock on wood.

          • Melody says:

            Yeah, now more and more comments are saying it’s not sub-based. So it’s marginally better. Still if it was just a free upgrade from 8, like 7 was a free upgrade from Vista, I’d be less suspicious. From 8 AND 7? That’s pretty much free for everyone.

          • Cockie says:

            Yeah, it’s not a subscription:
            link to

            We have been using our single office 2007 license on all our pc’s since years ago. I don’t see how a subscription would ever have been cheaper.

          • Distec says:


            Obviously with your usage, no, a subscription wouldn’t make sense.

          • SuicideKing says:

            And a single Office 2013 license costs as much as three Office 2010 or 2007 licenses.

  35. pepperfez says:

    “We will treat gaming on Windows 10 with as much passion as we have on the Xbox One console.” So says Phil Spencer in closing and I do not have it in me to do a joke about that. I’ll let it lie.
    First Xbox One TV ad features no games

  36. Shardz says:

    Let’s hope Windows 10 isn’t yet another watered-down consumer-grade mishmash of some sort of mobile OS on your PC like Windows 8 was. I’m still on 7 and plan to stay there for as long as I can. From experience, I never update anything to the first version anyway, but I’m sure this bird will have some difficulties taking off at first like the others did.

    Also, I’m going to scream if they decide to hold DX hostage on this platform again like they did on the past three OS’s. I’m not “upgrading” to Windows 10 just to get DirectX 12, let’s get that straight right now.

  37. coppernaut says:

    This is a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to make big gaming moves on PC, kind of like Sony did to them on console. Let Sony have the consoles Microsoft, give us a PC gaming platform we deserve.

    • pepperfez says:

      Use every gamer after his desert, and who shall ‘scape whipping?

  38. Goomich says:

    “Microsoft About To Announce Something About PC Games”


  39. Sidewinder says:

    Wait a minute, now- I only played the first Halo, but I played it all the way through (then, profoundly unimpressed, went back home to play Starsiege: Tribes); I have, however, heard other people discussing it. Doesn’t Cortana eventually absorb too much information and go insane, or something? Is that REALLY the name you want to give your information-collecting AI, Microsoft?

    Could you not the rights to call it GLADoS?

    • SuicideKing says:

      Well no, not in the first Halo. And till Halo 3, answer is still no. I never could get a chance to play too much Halo 4, so couldn’t tell you what happened then.

  40. Moraven says:

    link to

    Fable Legends is just the first of the major game franchises from Microsoft Studios coming to Windows 10 and we will have more to share in the coming months.

    So… Halo and Forza to PC?

  41. Buuurr says:

    Windows 10… great. Windows 7 has been nothing but rock solid for me and 8.1 has been amazing for my wife’s newish laptop. I’ll have it as soon as available.

  42. Scandalon says:

    I was as wary about potential for subscription-based OS as the rest of you, but since Apple hasn’t jumped to that yet, MS won’t. :P

    Alternately, you could read the linked article: for a bit more nuance and tease out both the good (free for as long as it’s supported) and the potential for less-good (more frequent updates) and slightly terrifying for the future (Your OS is a service – Windows 11 probably won’t be called that…).

    We announced that a free upgrade for Windows 10 will be made available to customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 who upgrade in the first year after launch.*

    This is more than a one-time upgrade: once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device – at no additional charge. With Windows 10, the experience will evolve and get even better over time. We’ll deliver new features when they’re ready, not waiting for the next major release. We think of Windows as a Service – in fact, one could reasonably think of Windows in the next couple of years as one of the largest Internet services on the planet.

    And just like any Internet service, the idea of asking “What version are you on?” will cease to make sense – which is great news for our Windows developers. With universal Windows apps that work across the entire device family, developers can build one app that targets the broadest range of devices – including the PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, the Internet of Things, and more.

  43. TechnicalBen says:

    Still cannot stop thinking their videos are not the parody ones. There is zero different now between a Microsoft Youtube Parody clip and the actual MS adverts/seminars…

    I’d almost fall for the free copy if it was not for that. It’s like those scam emails that are so obviously a scam… you wonder if they are doing it on purpose.

  44. montorsi says:

    Leave your “Xbox passion” out of my fucking PC, thanks.

  45. Buuurr says:

    “fozr says:

    “Buuurr says:”
    “People don’t use Linux because it is a pain in the ass.” “It is buggy.” “There is no symmetry to the programming, no universal UI design, no anything that really follows the rules other then it should work 50% of the time and be really liked by other Linux sufferers. ”

    I’m sorry but this is just a load of bull. Are you trying to tell us that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, NASA, ESA, Yahoo, DARPA, UN, and many other companies and organizations including banks and car manufacturers are running an OS that is buggy, works 50% of the time and apparently is supposed to have no programming symmetry? Linux is the most used OS on this planet unless you only count desktop computers. And seriously, using a MUA like Thunderbird and press “Fetch Mail” is hard? I really have to question your claim that you are an admin with 15 years of experience…

    With that said, running Linux on your gaming rig will probably be more of a headache then it’s worth simply because there just isn’t enough 3rd parties that are willing to support Linux at this time, mabye Valve will make it better with SteamOS but atm I’d stick with Windows for gaming.”

    My apologies. I should have made it more clear ‘which’ Linux I was referring to. I was referring to the shareware shit that fan boys tote as a god-OS. I was not referring to the Linux/Unix platform that has been used in groundbreaking research and study worldwide. Back in the day Sun Microsystems was the leader, and if I am not mistaken, still the leader in advancing computing platforms for business and technology worldwide.

    But, this is the issue with Linux/Unix, you have to know it intimately to get any satisfaction. I still assert that most people just don’t have the time nor savvy to do so for a limited desktop experience.

  46. cylentstorm says:

    I suppose that at some point I’ll snag a copy of 9/10 and throw it onto a partition or secondary drive, but unless Micro$hit allows total UI customization with minimal fuss and no funky third-party applications, I’ll stick with what I have.

  47. cthulhie says:

    Wait, Microsoft is building the MCP??? End of line! End of line!