Freeware Garden: Providence

Having hidden a package delivered by a stranger, shot someone I never got to talk to, snuck into a hotel room and listened to lovely renditions of Chopin’s wonderful music, I can safely say that you will not get bored with Providence.

It may be a brief adventure with barely a puzzle in it and an only mildly intriguing (though definitely polished) plot, but there’s never a dull moment, as the simple interactions help Providence effortlessly flow from scene to scene and shift from point of view to point of view.

Things constantly move forward and the scenery and characters keep changing as you discover the true destiny binding three seemingly unrelated people together, all the while marveling at the gorgeousĀ art on offer. Everything from the backgrounds to the characters looks absolutely stunning and somehow brilliantly accompanies Chopin’s classical compositions.

And, as I haven’t really mentioned anything about the game’s themes, let me just tell you that this is a somber story with zero jokes in it. Now you know.


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    Serrit says:

    Yup enjoyed that (took around 30mins). I like how the scenes jump around, and start to fit together into the story. The music works well too, especially as a theme tying together some of the “threads”.

  2. Safreti says:


    So I played through this and I’m a bit confused. If you choose to spare him at his house, why does the kid then come to his hotel room and decide to kill him?

    • SeamanNaranja says:

      Yo! Dev here. First off, thanks for playing!

      I think it’s up to you. Maybe the last part was a dream? And he was always haunted by the kid. Or maybe in the end it doesn’t really matter what happened at the villa? Destiny catches up on you either way… Or something like that.

      It’s entirely up to you what you make of it :-)