Buddy, You’re A Vampire Slayer: Nosgoth Open Beta Open

Celebrate good times c'mon

Fighty multiplayer vampire title Nosgoth (official site) has gone even more free to play than it already was. I.e. anyone is now free to play it, as it’s just moved into open beta. I hadn’t really been paying attention to this, because the words ‘Legacy of Kain universe’ cause me to question the purpose of human consciousness, but now I’ve finally had a look at some footage it looks kind of fun. There’s a lot going on – grappling hooks, crossbows, flying dudes…. Don’t know how it hangs together, but it’s a spectacle.

Here’s the open beta launch trailer, which shows off the various classes in the Square Enix/Psyonix game. I guess there’ll also be an actual launch trailer some time, because trailer trailer trailer trailer.

You can grab the base game for free from Steam now. There are in-game purchasey things of course, with packs ranging from £11 to £32. I’m having a hard time establishing exactly what’s in them just yet, though there’s much talk of skins and banners.

Might take a look at this sometime soon. It looks sillier (in a good way) than I’d anticipated.


  1. Cinek says:

    So… what is new in that release?
    Or did they simply changed a label?

    • ersetzen says:

      Mostly stuff to account for many new players:

      Open Beta

      The Nosgoth Open Beta is live at 6pm GMT / 10am PST!
      link to nosgoth.com

      Game Bundles

      New game bundles are now available in the store

      Game Modes

      New Recruit: Now available up to level 15
      TDM: Accessible to everyone
      Flashpoint: Now available for players above level 5


      Base time limit reduced to 5 min 30 seconds (was 6 minutes)
      Time earned per point capture reduced to 60 seconds (was 75)
      Human respawn delay increased to 15 seconds (was 12)
      Reduced intensity and volume of capturing sound FX
      Performance optimization for capture point cannons to reduce framerate impact on some PCs

      Bug Fixes

      Fixed an issue that rarely caused servers to get stuck in a bad state that would result in the “Host’s team is full” error
      Fixed issues with the in-game HUD not displaying correctly localized text
      Fixed a collision issue that arose with the latest updates to The Fane map
      Parties larger than the maximum team size of a playlist can no longer search for that playlist

  2. Melody says:

    Is it still worth pointing out that everyone is either a monster or a white dude, and there are only 2 women in the cast, a medic and a support (also, a witch)?

    • stonetoes says:

      “Is it still worth pointing out”

      It is, because white men like myself probably won’t even notice unless you do.

    • bstard says:

      About time the gaming industry gets more aware of genderless creeps with wings, for alaseperism. If it wasnt for the clooning machine, there would be only one. How of earth is this representative? Also the clishe he’s green, small and is is only getting attention due to much showing skinn is degrading.

    • ersetzen says:

      Huh, always figured that the Deceiver class was female but now that you mention it it probably is just genderless. I know that I was somewhat annoyed because the female characters had so much less armor albeit not as extreme as I expect from ftp games by now.

      If the summoner is a model I am gonna cry in a corner.

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      Now now, at least one of the vampire skins allows you to make your vampire a black dude. And the upcoming fifth vampire class is female. (Which has annoyed a lot of people as apparently the aren’t female vampires in the Kain universe, but there you are. Although given the “triangle-y blobs” graphics style we had back then I’m not sure how they can tell, the Miss Pac-Man effect, maybe.)

      I’d also slightly disagree with the “medic and support” assessment, both can easily out DPS the two male classes if the player knows what they’re doing. (And weren’t we complaining in the comments to the last Dote Night that there aren’t enough baba yaga witch type female characters?)

      For what it’s worth I think the design of the female characters in Nosgoth has been pretty good so far, there isn’t cleavage on display or anything silly like that.

      • Melody says:

        I don’t play the game, I watched the trailer. The trailer says medic and support.

        I have to agree on the design, from what I’ve seen.

      • Osmodiar says:

        Your information’s a little flawed. I don’t think it annoyed anyone in their right mind, as there were female vampires in the Kain games since day one.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          (Probably mild spoilers for anyone who actually cares about the plot of the old games and hasn’t finished them yet, if such a person exists)

          Let me see if I can remember this correctly and not make a massive fool of myself. I’m pretty sure the original vampires – the ones that were born vampires and had blue skin and black wings – had distinct males and females, although I think we only ever met one and he was male. When they were cursed by the Hylden they were rendered sterile and so had to pass on vampirism as a curse.
          As for ‘turned’ vampires who were born human, well, their gender is pretty much just whatever it was when they were alive. Even Kain’s own brood seemed to have distinct genders before they started devolving. And in the first game, certainly, nearly all the vampires created by Vorador were women, that old pervert.

    • Rwlyra says:

      Oh plz :( Half of human classes are women and the upcoming vampire class is supposed to contain decomposing boobs.
      Trailer is misleading as there are no dedicated medic/support classes (the only “supporty” skill in the base loadouts is upcoming Summoner’s projectile-deflecting wall). Alchemist and Prophet can purchase optional healing/shielding skills but they are rarely used.

    • Star_Drowned says:

      So literally half of all humans in the game are women, and people are still complaining? Oh, you just watched a trailer and decided to get your pitchfork ready.

      You’re not helping.

      This is the next class being added to this still-in-beta game, for what it’s worth.

      link to nosgoth.com

      • CramBlamkin says:

        It’s 3/8 if you count the vampires, which you should, since they’re very humanoid and even share secondary sexual characteristics with humans.

        It’s 0/8 people of color if you count vampires which, again, you should.

        What’s wrong with wanting more women and people of color, again? Do you think sexism and racism are “over”?

        • Osmodiar says:

          This is not true. The Razielim and Zephonim don’t even have skin. The Turelim and Melchahim vary from black to white. So it’s 2/3 counts of diversity for vampires. Nosgoth’s climate and demographics were also supposed to parallel medieval Germany’s, so there is a contextual reason for the white outnumbering black bias here. You might as well start complaining that Ferelden is racist simply because it’s an analogue of Scotland lol.

    • Gruzbad says:

      So, is this the “new feminism” then? Everything must have an exact, formulaic ratio of “diversity” or people will sharpen their pitchforks?

      Grow up.

      Will we require an overtly gay vampire, a bisexual human, and any other group of representation? Eventually all of the tiny bit of creativity left in gaming will be washed out in order to appease all the random groups competing in the victim olympics.

    • RT says:

      Alchemist is not a medic per se, she HAS a medical ability, but you have to earn it, the default abilities are Fire Wall and a Flashbang and her weapon is a bloody grenade launcher. The Prophet’s support abilities are also something you have to earn if you want it, her default abilities are Hex Shot (disables all of vampire’s buffs, doesn’t let him attack and makes him really slow for a few seconds) and Life Leech. And she’s got twin flintlock revolvers. So yeah, she’s pretty badass. There are midwestern-looking skins for all classes, the Hunter’s default skin race is unknown because he wears a mask and you can’t also determine the Razielim’s or the Zephonim’s gender because they are so hideously deformed. So yeah, it’s not worth pointing out because it’s flat-out not true.

  3. RT says:

    >because the words ‘Legacy of Kain universe’ cause me to question the purpose of human consciousness

    And what the hell does that supposed to mean?

  4. Neutrino says:

    Texture and lighting looks more like something from the late 90’s. Can’t say I’m impressed.