Payday 2 Wants You To Steal Thermobaric Weaponry

I don't think that man is a real doctor

You’ll remember (probably) I posted last week about the live action trailer for the new Payday 2 heist? Well, developers Overkill have finished drip-feeding details about the new DLCs and actually released them, so here’s some more information for your eyes to absorb.

First up: yes – they’ve separated the heists and the new character into two distinct DLC purchases again.

New character, Dragan, will set you back £3.99 and comes with an assault rifle, a cleaver, the Infiltrator perk deck, and a mask.

The Bomb Heists package comes in at £4.99, and was made by Overkill’s new dev pals Lion Game Lion. It offers the Dockyard and Forest heists. The pair both revolve around stealing a thermobaric bomb which is being transported to Norfolk for decommissioning instead of stealing cash. Dockyard is where you steal it at the dockyard. Forest is when you steal it in the forest. There’s also new contact The Butcher (Babylon 5’s Mira Furlan) whose good opinion you’re trying to earn through all of these shenanigans.

You’ll also get 4 masks and a LEO pistol about which Overkill opine: “you can consider using a police pistol to break the law as a form of bizarre poetic justice”.

A forest walk

At this point I’m more interested in exactly what a thermobaric bomb is. I mean that knowledge won’t help with the missions but that’s not the point. From the name it’s something to do with heat and pressure but I need specifics. To Google…

Okay, so: apparently the idea behind the weapon is similar to what happens in a coal mine or flour mill explosion.The first explosive charge is used to disperse fuel in a cloud around a target area. The second charge ignites that cloud and generates a blast wave. So there’s a blast, there’s flame and there’s rarefaction – a reduction in pressure which follows on from the shock wave – and does horrible things like rupturing lungs. The BBC says: “The heat and pressure effects are formidable – soldiers caught in the blast could have the air sucked from their bodies and even their internal organs catastrophically destroyed.”

I’m sure The Butcher just wants it for something innocuous, then.


  1. thedosbox says:

    I’m sure The Butcher just wants it for something innocuous, then.

    Must have a pretty serious rat infestation in her abbatoir?

  2. zind says:

    I really enjoyed the Dock heist; we got caught while we were waiting for the boat to move, but 3 minutes of ECMs was enough to let us finish it out. Looking forward to trying it again with actual stealth, and maybe cooking a bit of meth on the side!

    The Forest is kind of a fustercluck, I imagine some good strategies will emerge eventually but as it stands now I don’t know how Death Wish will ever work unless everyone is running around with those fancy fast dodge builds that seem to be all the rage. I like the concept, but the environment needs a LOT of work; the ladders rarely work right, there’s hardly any good cover, and the train cars that are the focal point of the whole thing are too tall to jump off of without taking damage. Combine the height with the bad ladders and there is a lot of fall damage that happens if you don’t have cat-burglar.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      I think many folks consider cat burglar a must-have skill for DW, largely because you rez with just a sliver of health and if you have to jump down from a height of more than a few feet immediately after, you’d just die again instantly without it. Given that there are so many places to take fall damage on Forest, besides the train cars even, I don’t think I’d do a DW run of it without at least basic cat burglar.

      It’s the snipers that scare me, but I do appreciate that they’ve now added a map that really justifies the players bringing sniper rifles themselves. The snipers on the map make a pretty good argument for a Theia scope, too, to get them lit up quickly.

  3. Wret says:

    A friend told me these heist were actually made by a different studio(with Overkill’s “guidance” of course), headed by a designer from the first game, so I actually have some interest in them.

    Good thing same friend also Hate-Buys the DLC instantly on release :V

  4. KDR_11k says:

    Kinda odd that the bomb isn’t a nuke…

    • airmikee says:

      Nukes can be tracked with particle detectors, thermobaric weapons have no such signature to track. Russia’s “Father of All Bombs” (named to mock America’s “Mother of All Bombs”) weighs less than the MOAB but produces four times the explosion and twice the blast radius. After they tested the FOAB in 2007, a high ranking Russian was quoted as saying, “All that is alive merely evaporates.” As an added bonus, thermobaric weapons do not have any fallout, so they become more useful than nukes, Russia is reportedly dismantling all of their smaller yield nukes in favor of these new thermobaric designs.

  5. Arkanos says:

    Seeing the DLC prices for this game makes me regret ever having bought it.

    • Jalan says:

      Could be worse, you could be one of those suc… I mean, loyal customers who bought the GOTY edition thinking there’d be no future paid DLC packs afterward, only to be met with these a short time later.

      • Blaaaaaaag says:

        This is what there is after a year and a half of updates. Overkill initially promised 22 months of updates and DLCs. They’ve recently added a year to that. So we’re halfway through the life of this game, it’s probably safe to expect another DLC bundle in a year or so.

        Be warned, you have the option of spending more money and you won’t feel particularly rewarded! But the game is still pretty fun either way, for many!

        • Jalan says:

          Given the price they want for the GOTY edition, compounded by potentially 10-20 DLC “minipacks”, it’s gotta be in the running for the most expensive GOTY edition ever (that didn’t include any physical extras).

          • airmikee says:

            Does it really beat out Sims3 ($20 base game + 19 packs each $20) or Train Simulator ($40 base game + 213 packs varying from $8 – $40)?

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            Borderlands 2: GOTY doesn’t contain all of the DLC. Because, if it did, it would easily be over $100 right now. BL2 has $125 worth of DLC (doesn’t include Season Pass).

            Meanwhile, Evolve will be selling you $15 monsters for their $60 game.

    • Razumen says:

      Eh, I think it’s great that they are still releasing content for it, and the game + DLC regularly goes on sale for pretty cheap, so you can always wait a bit to get it for a lot less. Not to mention you can still play the heists if the host owns it.

      Say what you want about Overkill’s practices, but they’ve done a great job of supporting their games.

  6. rooter says:

    Hey, they used a thermobaric bomb in World War Z.

    had an odd bit where the guy talked about lungs being sucked out of people’s mouths.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      Hellfire missiles are thermobaric and are used all the time, most notably fired from drones, which is one of the reasons that >90% of its victims are civilians (well that and because of “signature strikes” where innocent civilians are purposely targeted, and of course the infamous “double tap” where a second explosion targets any civilians and emergency responders who rush to the scene to help, which has been standard procedure since the drone program began).

      • AyeBraine says:

        Only a single modification of the Hellfire missile is thermobaric. Its primary version, used for decades now, has an armor-piercing HEAT warhead, and is used against armor. They may have ramped up the use of thermobaric version (the N variant) in recent years, though! (Wiki says these will be phased out by the simple HE+Frag warhead in the future.)

  7. LionsPhil says:

    “you can consider using a police pistol to break the law as a form of bizarre poetic justice”

    Poetic injustice, surely.

    soldiers caught in the blast could have the air sucked from their bodies and even their internal organs catastrophically destroyed

    Also any other living thing that you may find terrorists targetting like, say, I don’t know, civilians.