Unsmashy: Red Faction Guerrilla Patching Continues

I do hope you intend to fix that, m'laddo.

Red Faction Guerrilla is a cracking game for rolling around as a giant space asshole, smashing every building to the ground and giggling at its destruct-o-physics. But what then? What when everything is smashed and only you remain standing? You can’t smash yourself, Hammerman.

Why, you rebuild it so you can start smashing all over again! Something I did not know RFG has, because it was limited to multiplayer, is a gun which rebuilds smashed things. Now it’s in singleplayer too, as Nordic Games are admirably – and somewhat puzzlingly – still patching it.

The Reconstructor arrived in an update this week, but you’ll need to finish the game before you can get your hands on it. It seems a shame to dangle a sandbox silliness tool so far out of reach. Modders had brought the Reconstructor over from multiplayer before, mind, but I hear it could be a bit crashy for some folks.

Crumbs, I’m just impressed that Nordic are still working on Guerrilla. They picked the Red Faction series up in the THQ fire sale (along with the THQ name itself) and it was a nice, welcome touch when they ripped Games for Windows – Live out in December to bosh in Steamworks. I thought that’d be the last content patch but no, someone there must really like this game to keep this pet project going. Ace.


  1. Mrice says:

    If you have never covered a capture point in c4. Smashed open a nearby crate. Crouched inside it. Repaired it whole again. waited until you saw “Point being capped!” and set off the c4 before smashing your way out and sprinting at anyone still alive like jack torrence pretending to be bob the builder. well then alice, you my friend have not lived.

    • razgon says:

      Haha, that is awesome! I LOVED the multiplayer on the Xbox back when it released – especially the co-op MP where you took turns smashing a level to bits – SO much fun!

      Its really an amazing game!

      • behrooz says:

        The “Wrecking Crew” mode is by far my favorite part of the game. The ‘challenge’ game mode has online leaderboards for each map, and the different weapons and rules for each mode means there’s a ridiculous degree of replayability, with incentives to find new and clever solutions to the problem of destroying things with limited resources.

        And then some rat bastard comes up with something new and sneaky brilliant, or gets a really lucky round, and steals the #1 spot on the leaderboard for that map until you’ve optimized and brainstormed and practiced your way past them.

        …I don’t have >150 hours of playtime, mostly in wrecking crew mode.

  2. Mokinokaro says:

    Correction: Nordic Games are the ones who own Red Faction, not Deep Silver.

    Their support for the steam version of Guerrilla has been excellent.

  3. Eight Rooks says:

    Though they still haven’t fixed the bug anyone who got it in the old THQ pack is currently getting – doesn’t recognise your saves, and if you try and start the campaign from scratch it loads the Steam overlay and asks you to buy the game. But weirdly Steam recognises you already own the game, so you couldn’t buy it even if you wanted to.

    I’m bitching, partly – Nordic have been doing pretty well, they know about this bug and I’m sure they’ll fix it sooner rather than later. Just frustrating, is all – I was enjoying Guerilla (never did finish it on PS3) and I’d be playing it right now if I could.

  4. gbrading says:

    Really good to hear; there is one bug in the new version which doesn’t remember what dog tags you’ve picked up but that’s the only error I’ve encountered. It’s still the same glorious destructive fun it was, but because computers have advanced a bit the framerate now holds up better than it did at launch.

    • Kollega says:

      Actually, that’s got fixed at some point too… unfortunately, it doesn’t return the radio tags that you picked up before that update. But from what I saw, even the ones that went missing from your inventory still count towards the achievement.

      And yeah, replaying the game all over again is simply great fun. I don’t understand why hasn’t anyone done anything like it since, because judging by Guerrilla and Armageddon, this sort of destructibility is eminently possible. Though maybe Just Cause 3 will – there was developer talk about smashing holes in walls and destroying entire bridges to shake off pursuit.

  5. Bobtree says:

    I got mine during the beta, but a friend who emailed Nordic support to swap his GFWL key for a Steam key never heard back. Does anyone know if they are still doing this? I suggested he try again.

  6. Monggerel says:

    See You, Space Asshole…

  7. Jakkar says:

    In the last article on RF:G a few people showed interest in a mod I’d assembled, but I returned late to the thread and it had fallen quiet.

    I posted about an indepth realism mod I’d put together for the game, making the it a hell of a lot more of a ‘Guerrilla’ experience, enforcing stealthy play and planning to succeed, retuning physics, vehicles, weapons ‘n all alongside heavy tweaking to the health/armour/healing systems.

    Gives the guns serious ‘kick’, makes them largely more powerful, retunes explosive effects completely, makes buildings collapse in a more nuanced ongoing way rather than standing on improbably frail-seeming pillars, so on, so forth.

    If anyone were still interested in trying this out, do get in touch =)

    • Harlander says:

      Have you got a page about this somewhere?

      • Jakkar says:

        I’m afraid not, Harlander. I can provide the files, but only through a rather large upload/download, due to the nature of the game’s compression. I could alternatively include just the modded files but then the user would need to unpack and repack the game’s files themselves and… Ick.

        Those who are seriously interested, nudge me and I’ll provide a download link for the build folder, which can then be swapped in and out with the default one when you want to enable or disable the modded version.

        Apologies for the inconvenience – this was initially a one-off personal project, so it wasn’t optimised for the mod-loaders that later emerged from the community. Worse, the forums were later closed down and – I believe – all content lost, so most of the modding efforts for the game have vanished into dusty corners of the wayback machine, if available anywhere.

      • Jakkar says:

        Finally finished. I managed to deduce precisely which files were actively involved in the mod despite five years of hazy memories, and have managed to cut it down to 125mg. I could get it smaller but… ARarhgarhr no.

        link to dropbox.com if you’re inclined – check the readme for full details, insofar as I could remember them =)

        • SkipCameron says:

          I created an RPS login just so I could join this discussion about one of my favorite gaming experiences ever, RF:G. Your mod seemed to be just what I’m looking for to create a new experience for this game. Thank you for uploading it – I’m very much looking forward to playing it this afternoon! Thank you, generous internet friend.

          • Jakkar says:

            <3 Contact me if you have any problems or feedback or rambling about the game to share, my email address is in the readme.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Yes please. Do share a link if you have one.

      • Jakkar says:

        jonah: link to dropbox.com Spent the last few hours testing and narrowing it down til it was an acceptable, small subset of files sufficient to get the modded changes to stick. Readme included for the details I could recall. My email address is included, and I’d be very grateful for feedback if you get around to trying this out =)

    • Muzman says:

      If the topic isn’t sexism or DRM nobody can really get their hackles up for a debate more than a few hours. Don’t take it personal. The mod sounds awesome on paper.

      I never thought Hard difficulty and up got the balance right. It just made enemies more bullet spongy and you weaker. The early stages were already a bit awkward thanks to ammo capacity leaving you dry pretty quickly in a longish engagement.
      I don’t mind if one shot can kill me so long as two can do them, if you know what I mean. Higher difficulties seemed to have larger NPC counts though, which often made things crazy. Which was great in those impromptu actions that break out when morale is high.

      I’ve also always wanted to see how the game performed if the destruction was more realistic too; can’t just plow a whole structure down with a truck, or one tank shell and there goes most of the upper floor (or one bad swing with the hammer and this three story building is a little hard to get to the top of now).
      I mean, I love the crazy stuff now, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing how a more ‘serious’ lot of settings went.

      • Jakkar says:

        Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates these things.

        Well… I made that. It’s rough, messy, and the install size is sort of huge due to it never having been intended for public use, and lacking the tools I originally used (gibbed’s extractors, and any memory of how to use them), so I’m working on optimising that now, figuring out which files in the build folder were modified and which function when left to vanilla… This way I can reduce the size of the file I offer as much as possible.

        I’ll provide a download link shortly for those curious. If you know anyone else who might like to try it, please link them to this comment thread.

      • Jakkar says:

        There you go, Muzman – finished D:

        link to dropbox.com

        • bouchacha says:

          Hey this sounds really interesting. Have you thought of uploading it to ModDB? It’ll let you have a download link and list features. How does your mod compare to Protracted Rebellion?
          link to moddb.com

  8. Jakkar says:

    … may I also take this opportunity to point out the gross misrepresentation of this lovely game by virtually… all, of the reviewers. All of them. Ever.

    Space Asshole is a song about the players, not the game. Flick the difficulty up, take your ritalin, and play it calm and slow and you’ll find a subtler, deeper and darker game than you’d expect, made with far greater attention-to-detail than any other action sandbox I’ve played. Try not to destroy *everything* and you might find something special here.

    • jonahcutter says:

      It really shines as a guerrilla game with the difficulty ramped up. You have to use hit and run tactics. I still periodically take stabs at a permadeath, hardest difficulty playthrough. Not yet made it.

      There is quite a bit of quiet detail in the game. Things like the barks and idle actions of the martian miners and the news reports. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly subtle. More sci-fi pulp with the dark edge you mention. But there’s plenty of it and it’s well done.

      All-time great game.

  9. thedosbox says:

    Heh. I finished this over the holidays and had a great time. 2nd most hilariously bad vehicle physics (the Mako holds that crown) I’ve encountered, but the hammer is great fun.

  10. Christo4 says:

    SO, i have to ask, is the MP scene still alive on PC on steam?
    I might want to try it if it is.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      I found games fairly easily on Saturday afternoons. Haven’t played too much but there are definitely still people playing the MP.

  11. mathead says:

    But… why would I destroy a structure and rebuild it later?

    • shaydeeadi says:

      So you can destroy it again, once you knock everything down you have to restart the game to get them back as they stay down on that save. So this removes the need and lets you find creative ways to flatten the map at your leisure.

      The re-constructor also happens to be a fun little bit of kit, we used to have re-constructor centered private games on MP when it first came out, it doubles up as a weapon with unlimited ammo but limited damage too.

    • vlonk says:

      Bridges… some time attack driving challenges become impossible without the bridges.

      Also I remember having a hostage rescue mission where I bombed my way in. That would have been good fun to seal that hole again and cut off pursuers.

    • Behrditz says:

      To destroy it again. Also, physics are still in place while rebuilding, so it kind of becomes its own game where you try to rebuild something the right way so that it doesnt fall down again before it is done.

  12. tomimt says:

    Well it is the best game in the series, so why not patching it?

  13. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    I really crave another open-world game with great destruction. The fact I and many others still find themselves going back to Guerrilla, I think, shows just how popular that concept is. It’s barely ever done, and it’s a shame because it’s so damn cool when it’s done well.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Yeah, no game has really come close to RF:G. Even Just Cause, for all it’s insane action, is fairly limited in what you can actually destroy.

      Some voxel games do environmental destruction pretty well. Fun no doubt. But there’s always an abstraction to the visuals that lessens the visual impact.

      I’ve actually been impressed with XCOM’s destructiveness. It’s not as total as RF:G (and obviously far from an open-world, action game). But it is still pretty extensive. You can lay waste to huge portions of maps. You’re given plenty of tools to do it. Not just explosives, but specific tools to destroy environment. Even things like punching an alien with one of your MECS can do environmental damage. And the damage can proceed on its own. Cars blowing up and building walls falling down in later turns, after being weakened or set on fire.

      It all also plays an integral part in the gameplay, with every explosion potentially vastly changing the tactical situation. You can blow up walls and cover on purpose, to give yourself new angles of attack, entry, or escape. Or have it done to you. It all looks great too, resulting in some seriously devastated environments at the end of missions. Burning cars, shattered buildings and corpses strewn throughout it all.

      It’s one big thing missing from the recent Shadowrun games, as great as they are otherwise. Budget, I know…

      More destructive environments in games!

  14. Behrditz says:

    I loved playing this with mods. I would of course always mod in the repair tool. I also had a launcher that had slider bars for tweaking structural integrity and tic time for integrity checks. It made it so I could actually knock out enough supports for something to stay standing, but be damaged enough that after a long period of creaking and cracking off small pieces, it would finally fall. That always felt great for some reason.

    Another thing I personally did was edit the weapon files. I wouldnt do anything insane, but I would change it so that all bullets were actually the smallest possible explosion entity. What this did, aside from not adding any damage to change balance, was cause bullets to actually trigger the destruction physics. Becuase the explosions were so small (and had no graphic) cover could actually be chipped away little by little with gunfire. It made the entire thing amazingly better.

    • Wedge says:

      That is genious. I really should download this again, I played and beat it back when it was a buggy mess and the only mod I had was a FoV fix.

    • Jakkar says:

      Behrditz: Unfortunately the engine has a cap on simultaneous explosions. I discovered the same technique, but unfortunately it renders the game an unplayable mess in firefights, as actual explosives stop working ;-;

      A few EDF firing automatic weapons at you and most concurrent explosions don’t actually happen, meaning the majority of rockets you fire, charges you detonate or grenades that go off nearby have a visual effect but absolutely no boom.

  15. Kempston Wiggler says:

    Hey, Nordic? If you’re listening, an in-game FOV fix would be AMAZE.