The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bytes Of A Feather

Confession: I bought Heroes of the Storm’s Founder Pack. Sometimes, even professional bargain hunters are brought low by the seduction of immediate gratification. (Or something. Hi! Are you playing too? You should add me on Battle.Net if so. casshirek#1483 is the battletag in question.) Moving on, this week’s bargains are an entertaining montage of genres. Bundle Stars is the clear winner of the “holy crap, those are some shiny offers they’ve put together” competition, beating out even crowd favorite Nuuvem. This week’s plushie is from kfix! I am nursing a fever. Halp.

The Big Deals:

Humble: Humble’s got a varied bunch of deals this week and I find myself particularly enamored of the card game deal. SolForge? Talisman? Scrolls? Rather lovely, don’t you think? There’s also an extravagance of Archie available too, a package which includes Afterlife with Archie which is apparently very dark and very good. So. Much hearts there.

The Regular Deals

IndieRoyale Mixer 14
In general, I’m not a big fan of IndieRoyale. The game tends to be rather eclectic, possibly too much for even my tastes. But this week’s bundle delights. We have Metal Dead which is funny, regardless of how basic the artwork might look. There’s also Tiny & Big, which is lovely, and the Last Door which is gloriously Lovecraftian. I’ve heard murmurs that the rest of the titles are pretty nifty as well. Have my approval. In moderate quantities.

Killer Bundle
I’m reasonably impressed with this one, though I really shouldn’t be surprised. Bundle Stars have come a long way since they first ventured into the stormy waters of packaged games. The Killer Bundle features a host of excellent if aged titles, including S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl and Year Walk. I haven’t played Pixel Piracy myself but I’ve heard rather excellent things about it. Similarly, Kraven Manor seems interesting if you’re the type who relishes unsettling architecture and Fate: The Cursed King looks adorable to no end. (Tiny, stumpy knights occupy a special place in my heart.)

Tales from the Borderlands
I still haven’t played this game, but I hear that it captures a lot of Borderlands’ inherent irreverence. Telltale Games might have had a few false starts, but its titles appear to have been growing from strength to strength. No doubt Tales of Borderlands will eventually enjoy rock-bottom prices, but if you’re in a hurry, why not snag it now?

No Time to Explain
An old game, but a delightful one. This sidescrolling title features time travellers, alternate realities, giant sea creatures, and nostalgia-inducing Flash graphics. There’s no real subtlety to this plump romp, only excessive amounts of shooting and pyrotechnics. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Prepare to save your future self, or be entertained by your own failure. Or something. Amusement will happen.

Also of note:

Avencast: Rise of the Mage – $1/£0.80/€1.08
So, it looks like Avencast falls squarely in the category of “passable diversion.” Okay, but not great. Flawed, but not playable. Under other circumstances, I might think twice about voicing a recommendation but given that it’s currently just a buck? Well. Okay. Sure. Why not?

Anomaly Ultimate Bundle – $5.15/£3.44/€4.60 suggests that this ultimate bundle is new to scene. Of course, the actual games are not. Long before creators 11bit Studios became famous for This War of Mine, they made this luschious series of tower defense-esque titles. There is no powerful message embedded in their viscera, but they’re fun games, nonetheless.

PSN Flash Sale
Psst. PC purists. Look over there! Everyone else, okay. I couldn’t quite resist sneaking this in. The PlayStation store has a gorgeous array of titles up for grabs, including FEZ and The Unfinished Swan and a handful of movies. (Snowpiercer’s great. Go for Snowpiercer.) Ahem. What? Oh. Welcome back. And, um. Just ignore that smear of text up there. Come along now. Yes. Quite.

Blackwell Bundle – $4.49/£3.00/€4.01
Nestled between discounted retro titles and a spot of other things is this absolutely fantastic little bundle from Wadjet Eye Games. If you haven’t played through the Blackwell series as of yet, you should. It’s killer. And more often than not, the games also have, well, killers. Highly recommended. Fun fact: a number of the voice actors originate from the burlesque scene of New York. (Seriously, quasi-jokes aside, this dark urban fantasy is absolutely gorgeous and one of the things that hooked me on indie gaming. Buy it if you haven’t, or I will make sad noises.)


  1. d32 says:

    Anomaly bundle is not discounted at this end of the internet :(

  2. wu wei says:

    Has anyone had any troubles with IndieGala? I bought a bundle through them over a week ago, no keys are appearing in my profile, and they’re not responding to email requests to their support…

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      It sounds like the same issue I had once with them. Make sure you pay above whatever the bundle price is.
      It’s really unclear on some of their bundle pages. I managed to pay below $2,5 or whatever the price was once and didn’t get any games added.
      You can buy the bundle one more time (make sure it’s not marked as a gift) and the new sum will be added to your old one to pass the limit (plus bonus paypal fees, currency conversion and probably some extra VAT).

      It’s really bad design to even allow paying below the minimum and get nothing at all.

      • wu wei says:

        Thanks for that. I’ve checked to make sure I paid the minimum (slightly more, by 10 cents) and I’m confident I didn’t choose to gift it. In the profile, though, it says I have 0 gifts and provides a link to gift it, which isn’t present in any of the other bundles I’ve bought through them.

        I’m tired of waiting for a response from them, so I’m going to give them another day or two and then start the process of reversing the payment.

        • malkav11 says:

          Was it the Strategic Storm bundle? If so, click the text that says “here is your gift link” and you will get to a page with the keys on it. It’s not intuitive at all. If not…I would try that anyway. Couldn’t hurt.

  3. MonkeyMonster says:

    Mahoosive discount on GW2 later today GMT to coincide with “the big update release”. In other news the Speculation Unicorn has been and divested many people of their sense!

    • Jalan says:

      Initially read that as “the Speculation Unicron” and was disappointed when I went back and realized it wasn’t that.

    • therighttoarmbears says:

      Through their website? I actually would be interested in such a deal, if indeed it were to be a “real deal”.

      • Xanadu says:

        Guild Wars 2 £8.75 for the next 40 hours.

        • therighttoarmbears says:

          Thank you all for the help. Can’t seem to get a deal through the site in the US. They’re still listing it at $39.99 (I know, fake Yank dollars). Is the discount UK only? Or perhaps I’m missing something?

      • Xanadu says:

        75% off everywhere I think this weekend due to the expansion just announced. US $10 I believe.

  4. Kefren says:

    Free: Dark Strokes Sins of the Fathers (John liked it link to
    Single copy I don’t need. Just email me (address on my blog) if you want it.

  5. All is Well says:

    “World War II Collection by 1C” (which is almost all their Men/Faces of War games and almost all the Theatre of War games) is on sale for 10€ on Steam until Monday, discounted from 50€. Pretty nice package if you haven’t got them already. I wouldn’t have mentioned it (it being Steam and all) but they don’t seem to be advertising it at all.

  6. LilDeamon says:

    That PSN flash deal is just for muricans as far as I can see. :(

    • welverin says:

      Yeah, sales tend to be segregated by region, you could make a North American account if you were so inclined, don’t how worth it that is though.

      They must have gotten sick about the complaints about one regions PS+ games being better than another since they seem to have made Europe and North America’s selections the same now.

  7. Fomorian1988 says:

    Get the Blackwell Bundle, folks. No joke, I consider them some of the best urban fantasy stories ever. Get ’em while they’re cheap, and don’t be afraid of how the first game looks kind of… amateurish? I guess? Point is, they’re great.

    • Zallgrin says:

      Supporting this. Blackwell is the finest adventure game series I ever played and has really good writing. Really picks up starting with the second game and the final game is just perfect in every way. A great conclusion to a fantastic series!

      • lokimotive says:

        By the way, the Blackwell Bundle listed here only contains the first four episodes: Legacy, Unbound, Convergence, and Deception. Blackwell Epiphany is also on sale for $5.00 (also discounted 70%). I’m getting them all and I am expecting some excellent games thanks to all y’all hyping them!

    • subedii says:

      I’m going to go ahead and throw in a recommendation for Gemini Rue whilst we’re at it.

      In general? It was brilliantly nostalgic to play a good adventure game again, set in a moody future noir / Blade Runner -esque setting. I could really appreciate a game that gives me more of that kind of thing. It’s clear they took a fair amount of inspiration from Cowboy Bebop as well (apparently there’s actually a Spike Spiegel easter egg you can interact with in the game, I’ll have to look that up some time). Heck, as soon as I saw the inside of the shuttle, the first thing I thought of was Bebop. :P

      Overall: It’s rare that a game comes out of nowhere and takes me by surprise like this (the only reason I heard of it was because of a passing reference in a PC Gamer podcast where they said it was awesome), and hits all the right buttons with me. It’s the kind of setting I love, and they managed to pull it together with a small but good story, logical puzzles, and a well done soundtrack to back up the atmosphere.

      Although personally, I switched off the voice acting first.

      • welverin says:

        That’s part of GOG’s weekend sale along with the Blackwell games.

      • kyynis says:

        Whole Bebop-crew can be found chilling around during different parts of the story. And yeah, Gemini Rue is one of the best adventure games I have played.

  8. disconnect says:

    Rob Fearon has made Death Ray Manta freeware (along with his Bagfull of Wrong), ahead of the Steam release of the spangly new DRM:

    link to

    • Heliocentric says:

      What’s the DRM?

    • Dare_Wreck says:

      It took me probably about 5 times reading your comment to finally realize that DRM in this context is the name of the game, meaning a new version of it is coming out on Steam, not that Rob is adding some newfangled kind of digital rights management to his existing version of Death Ray Manta.

  9. Blackcompany says:

    The Humble Store itself is also having a Codemasters weekend. So if you’re into racing games do check that out. Some good stuff – F1, Grid and Dirt games – for pretty darn cheap.

  10. Premium User Badge

    zapatapon says:

    “Telltale games might have had a few false starts”

    I fell sad every time I see a similar statement. I might be very alone, but I regret the times of the Sam&Max and Monkey Island sequels. The Telltale new generation games certainly have a very strong art direction, but while playing them I am basically reminded of this:

    link to

    (F. Truffaut, “Farenheit 451”, 1966)

    • BooleanBob says:

      Ha! Something tells me that clip’s been deployed in a neogaf thread or two.

      It is a bit odd. At the end of the nineties they tried to save the adventure game by accentuating the ‘game’ part. Stats, timed puzzles, combat systems, action sequences replete with the dreaded QTEs. You name it. Then Telltale came along, reigned things back towards the more traditional model for a while, and ended up going beyond that in completely the opposite direction.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Wow, you could pretty much replace that flashing light with a “press X to advance meaningless parade of noise and motion” prompt.

    • April March says:

      Truly a chilling vision of the future. Can you imagine, having to be in front of the TV when a show starts or you’ll miss it?

    • dysomniak says:

      You’re not wrong, but I still love Tales From the Borderlands. (And no bloke with a flamethrower has come looking for my bookshelf… yet)

  11. kalirion says:

    For us bundleholics, BundleStars Fully Loaded bundle is the one to beat this year, since the games in it have never been bundled before:

    link to

    And it has Wrack!

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Is Wrack as good as I want it to be? Because I really hope it is. The bundle isn’t really tempting me much but there’s one or two where I’d play them if I got them. Wrack’s basically the make-or-break for this one.

      • kalirion says:

        I just tried it, and it plays a lot like Doom.

        • Jalan says:

          Has music from the same composer as well.

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            Well, you two pretty much made my choice for me. Didn’t need that money anyway. Thanks!

  12. Gotem says:

    11bit Studios…
    I’ve always wondered if it is ‘three bit’ or ‘eleven bit’
    anyone knows?

    • Jalan says:

      It’s written separately “11 bit studios” in just about everything that allows a space. By that reasoning, I’d go with “eleven”.

  13. kyynis says:

    RPS darling Valkyria Chronicles for 10$ at Amazon. Wot I Thunked here.

  14. bill says:

    Tiny & Big is a terrible infuriating game. It could have been awesome, but it’s definitely not.

    Snowpiercer is awesome.