What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I don’t know about you, readers, but it is ruddy cold in my flat at the moment. It’s January, so we’ve come to expect this sort of thing, but it’s not helped by our storage heaters. Ever lived anywhere with storage heaters? They work like this: they use lots of money to store a small amount of heat, and then they keep it for themselves and don’t let you have any.

Because it’s so cold I’m seriously contemplating burrowing inside as much duvet and blanket as can be physically placed atop a wooden bedframe and not emerging for 48 hours. At which point I will no doubt blossom into a beautiful butterfly, flapping my gossamer wings as I am borne aloft on a sun beam, laughing callously through my curling proboscis at the ground-bound pupae flopping about beneath me.

When I am not dreaming beautiful butterfly dreams, I’ll be playing games on whatever laptops I can drag into my new lair. Perhaps I’ll play multiple games at once and bask in the warmth of multiple mini-computers. Who can say what mood will take me.

Now, in a break with tradition I’m going to invite you all to suggest the warmest places to play games, and then I want to know which games you would play in these places. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Inside the steaming hide of a tauntaun: any of those delicious old Star Wars games that GOG recently re-released.
  • Amidst the thermonuclear orgy at the heart of a star: Little Inferno.
  • Inside the throbbing vein on the forehead of a very angry man: SpaceChem, so as to release soothing endorphins into his bloodstream.
  • Whilst tied to a stake as flames lick hungrily at your ankles: Wetris.
  • Inside the nutrient goo of an egg upon which Mother Bird sits: Red Faction: Gorillaz.
  • When you are Woody Harrelson in that bit in 2012 when he’s watching the Yellowstone supervolcano blossom and you can see his buttcrack: McPixel.
  • Standing in a puddle of T-ENG recently liberated from the inside of an Akrid, wondering where your life went wrong: Spec Ops: The Line.

Fire away!


  1. Mr_Rosebud says:

    I’m going to continue my conquest of the North American continent as the japanese. Game: EU4. Reflection: I love the game to bits, but its somewhat of an abusive relationship. It thinks it owns me, so I can’t see other games anymore.

  2. stonetoes says:

    Anyone know what the picture at the top is from?

    • GforceNL says:

      My guess would be Lost Planet.

    • vrekman64 says:

      perhaps a screenshot of the ‘final fantasy VI remake’, the snow walking intro.

      (I’m playing no 4 this weekend, so I’m a little biased)

      • deadly.by.design says:

        I would love a FFVI remake enough to buy a console for it. It’s sad. Despite VII having more exposure, VI is my all-time favorite.

        Some people think VI’s world was too in-between, i.e., not fantasy or modern enough, as if it has to be one or the other. They’re missing out, because the steam/magic-powered era was a fantastic setting.

      • ansionnach says:

        Played through the fourth one recently and found that it was quite easy if you run away from all the battles. Makes the bosses a bit more challenging but they usually kill you by springing unknowable surprises or making you fight several in a row (use the escape item or spell after a boss and if it doesn’t work… heal up before moving!). Oh, I didn’t like the game, think it’s poorly-designed, lacks challenge, storytelling is trite, characters uninteresting and keep disappearing every half hour so you hardly care. I’m more into III and V… or maybe just Ultima III.

    • lordfrikk says:

      Google Image Search says Lost Planet 2.

  3. MonkeyMonster says:

    Guild Wars 2 – big announcement day so come by Hoelbrak at 4.00 gmt as RPSignet are hosting a sillyathon discussion piece as the details are revealed before leading a might zerg! So true about storage heaters though, thieving gits.

  4. Craxel says:

    EU4’s grand, but Endless Legend is as far as I’ll go this weekend. Turnbased-wise.

    Still savoring Alien: Isolation VR though it’s getting a bit samey.

    I have played through Metro 2033 Redux this week except for the final chapter, so I’ll be finishing that tonight–yeah, I’m late to the party, but I’m glad I didn’t skip this game (OK, so it can be a generic “on-rails” romp at times, but just slowly moving through the Metro is a pleasure with all the pretties turned up and sailing at 144Hz). I may start the sequel Last Light this weekend if I’m still not saturated with the series.

    • Mr_Rosebud says:

      I bought EL at release but never got into it. I’ve played loads of Endless Space, though. I should really give it another go! Any advice on a not-to-quirky beginner civ?

      • monsieurk says:

        I’d say Broken Lords (one less resource to worry about) or Vaulters. By the way, I’d suggest you really try it this weekend because you have until sunday to unlock a new hero in all three Amplitude games. I haven’t unlocked the EL one yet, but I think there is a new temporary early mission that leads you to fight and recruit the guy.

      • Muppetizer says:

        Vaulters really are the best race to learn with I think. They get bonuses to strategic resources which makes it both easier to produce stronger units and less important that you expand super quickly. The teleport between cities they get is also a massive help and does a lot to reduce the negative effects winter has on movement, it gives you just a little bit more wiggle room to react to any threats as well. They also happen to be the tutorial race so everything will remain pretty familiar to you if you decide to play through that.

        Like monsieurk said, now’s the weekend to give it a go as there’s a timed event taking place that will be over soon.

      • zentropy says:

        I only got around to playing EL a few weeks ago, and have been consumed by it ever since. Blimey this game is awesome! I mean the AI is useless and there is a lot to be desired as far as complexity is concerned, but I just can’t stop playing. Rounding up a few mates and playing with custom factions and so on is a blast.

        But yeah, in hindsight Broken Lords is probably the easiest faction to learn with. You’ll hear a lot of Vaulters and Wild Walkers recommended to start with, and technically they’re less gimmicky than the Lords. But with the “Dusty Dukes” you can basically skip the population/worker management aspect whilst learning the game.

        Edit: Also they consume souls, so yeah… <3

  5. Garak says:

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. First time through, on the Director’s Cut edition. I had previously bounced off the game, but discovered on this attempt that it’s much better played very stealthily, and much more satisfying to load points into mobility and hacking rather than takedowns and firepower. I’m enjoying it enough to currently be going on a completionist run in which I do all the sidequests.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    LAN party! Probably some combination of Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, C&C Generals, Planetary Annihilation and Grey Goo.

  7. Malleus says:

    I decided to check out this Metroid franchise I keep hearing about. At least those games of it that can be emulated. So far I’ve beaten the first two games, and already starting to like this thing. I started Super Metroid yesterday, so that’s what I’m gonna play this weekend. Needless to say, coming from the 8-bit games, the graphics and audio in SM are nothing short of mind blowing. :D

    • Dorga says:

      Dude, Super Metroid is 16 bit!!!

      • Malleus says:

        That’s what I tried to say. :) Playing it after the 8-bit games (Metroid and Metroid 2) feels like quite an upgrade. :)

    • Muppetizer says:

      Gosh, I really have to commend you for playing Metroid 2. I downloaded it for my 3ds not to long ago and it was an absolute struggle to push myself through it — and Metroid is my favourite series! I can’t imagine being a newcomer and forcing myself through all those countlessly repeated rooms and horrible sound effects.

      Super Metroid and Prime 1 are really the highlight of the series, I’m so jealous you’ll get to experience them for the first time. I totally recommend giving this a read (but only after you finish Super Metroid as there’s massive spoilers) it’s still my favourite article on level design.

  8. padger says:

    Sunless Sea, but ffs it’s hard. Why so hard? I don’t get it.

  9. KDR_11k says:

    Probably the occasional headbash at Infinifactory. Probably gonna buy Goo (still undecided) but knowing my crap connection not completely download it this weekend.

    Otherwise recovering from this illness.

  10. golem09 says:

    Found someone who hasn’t played Dead Island yet. yay, coop.

    • Jakkar says:

      Avoid the final area, it’s so buggy you can very easily fall through the world in innumerable locations even if you ignore its ugliness and boring gameplay – but the urban sections of the game are wonderful <3

      • golem09 says:

        I’ve finished it twice already, love it. But I found someone that hasn’t played it yet, which is a perfect excuse to go for another run.

  11. AlexHeartnet says:

    My current playlist involves a lot of “Congratulations, you have died!”

    A multiplayer game of AI War: Fleet Command takes 10 hours. Four to figure out what settings to use, one hour of gameplay, 4 more hours debating strategy in a Steam Chatroom, and the last hour is spent getting killed by something that was not at all part of our strategy discussion.

  12. mhaedros says:

    INside the heart of the TARDIS of course.

    I’ll be sticking it to the man in Blackguards 2 most likely and maybe throw some dwarves at a tree in Chaos Reborn.

    • Shaun Green says:

      Good suggestion. But what game could keep a Time Lord amused? (Assuming we are talking about a Time Lord who has, inadvisedly, climbed inside the heart of a TARDIS.)

  13. Equanimity says:

    To combat the cold I’ve overclocked my i7 3930k to 4.7GHz.
    My room is the only room that is warm.
    The rest of the house has been abandoned to the elements and will be reclaimed in April.
    This weekend I will be playing:
    Alien: Isolation.
    and if I’ve time
    Resident Evil Remastered HD.

    And yes, I know about storage heaters… But have you ever had to carry them around? They ain’t light.

    • yan spaceman says:

      … where as I’ve switched all the heating off to stop my graphics card melting. Def need to clean all the dust outta them fans and heat sink. I am gaming with bobble hat, scarf and mountaineering jacket onnnnnnnn … damn fingers are freezing tooooo the kkkeys… As soon as i’ve thawed myself free I shall be playing SpaceChem again.

    • Shaun Green says:

      An ingenious solution. To which adding adrenaline is a cherry on top. Well played.

  14. ExitDose says:

    South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Droid Vanguard demo, and I’ll probably play a bit more of the John Tiller games that are on my phone.

  15. Grovester says:

    Elite:Dangerous. Off to do some rare trading, will hopefully get enough to buy a Cobra III and then muck about a bit more.

  16. Going Bald says:

    This weekend I’ll mainly be playing Borderlands.

    I never had a machine good enough to play ‘modern’ games (is a five year old game modern these days? I can’t tell. Being this old 10 year old games seem modern to me…).

    Borderlands has taken around 40 hours of my life in the past two weeks. I may need help here…

    • golem09 says:

      Yes, you need help. It’s called Borderlands 2. And way better than the first.

      • fish99 says:

        Debatable. I think I might actually prefer the first one, especially since General Knoxx was so good. Too many robots to shoot in BL2.

      • zentropy says:

        That’s just, like, your opinion man. :(

        No, but seriously.
        Borderlands: Quality > Quantity
        Borderlands 2: Quality < Quantity


  17. yogibbear says:

    The Evil Within. Up to the end of Chapter 10 Eyeball Boss.

  18. Thurgret says:

    Assassin’s Creed: Unity. I’m not usually an Assassin’s Creed buff at all, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this. Uplay gave me grief with the install – had to download on a laptop, transfer to desktop with external HD, and Uplay hates that. The game itself has been playing just fine, however, and running around late 18th century Paris is great fun.

    Also Human Extinction Simulator. Surprisingly tricky.

  19. XhomeB says:

    Grey Goo. So far, it’s absolutely great in terms of single-player. Fun missions, interesting premise and story, totally different factions (love how “alien” the Humans feel, nice twist). It’s got character and charm, something that quite a lot of RTS games failed to pull off, treating their campaigns as an afterthought.
    I’m especially impressed with the cutscene quality, talk about extremely well-made CGi, didn’t expect that at all.
    Oh, have I mentioned that the soundtrack is BLOODY AWESOME?! Frank Klepacki rocks!

    Haven’t touched multiplayer yet, crossing fingers GG manages to attract a sizeable player base, I’d love to dedicate some evenings to honing my *skillz*.

    • Scroll says:

      I’m find that the slower pace makes for a very enjoyable multiplayer experience. A number of people from petroglyph and greybox have been joining matches as well.

    • Shaun Green says:

      Ooh, I’ve been mildly intrigued about Grey Goo for a bit, but knowing that Klepacki did the soundtrack piques my interest just that little bit more. I still love his work on the original C&C soundtrack. It’s so splendidly of its era.

  20. Grizzly says:

    A bit of GAT OUT OF HELL. Must say, I do miss the personal character stuff.

  21. barelyhomosapien says:

    I’ll be sitting in the reactor room of a giant warship playing the latest beta of GalCiv 3

  22. Luciferous says:

    Probably FFXIV, trying my hardest to make 7 million gil to finish off a part of my Relic weapon…

  23. dethtoll says:

    Quake 2 (2/3rds done already.) Then the expansions. Then Quake 4, which is the best parts of pre-4 Call of Duty and Doom 3 with a Quake 2 theme — I love the shit out of it.

  24. tofusheep says:

    this weekend will be dedicated to setting up and breaking in my brand spankin new warthog hotas, which is WAY TOO BIG for my computerdesk situation…… so a mixture of all my flight sims combined until i get fed up and retreat to emulationstation to play random 8-bit games of my long gone childhood…

    maybe something else. maybe not. maybe maybe!

  25. Philopoemen says:

    Trying to play Dragonfall as a Gun-Adept as I try not to melt in 45 degree C heat.

  26. bilstar says:

    Resident Evil 4 from inside a womb.

  27. Mud says:

    Elite Dangerous, taking my new Adder for a ride.

  28. lowprices says:

    EDIT: Actually, screw my original gaming plans, it’s cold as heck, so I’m going to play The Long Dark and The Banner Saga, which have the bonus of being weather-appropriate as well as bloody brilliant.

  29. varangian says:

    Well going with the warm place to play theme (I know what you mean about storage heaters, moving to a place with central heating was a revelation) then my location is easy. A hot New Orleans evening, somewhere at the back of a bar, a steady flow of cold beers and the occasional mint julep and a blues guitarist supplying the mood music. I shall be playing Left 4 Dead 2 of course.

    Which I actually will be sometime over the w/e having rediscovered my fondness for it. When it came out I played it a fair bit then Valve somehow managed to turn it into a bugfest that crashed regularly so I nuked it to make space. But with some more disk space on tap I re-installed it a few days ago and it’s proved stable and still jolly good fun. Sadly I shall be playing it located on the sunny but still a bit chilly south coast of the UK, but at least I’ve got the central heating. And the odd beer.

    • Shaun Green says:

      When I was writing this it genuinely did not occur to me that I could select non-ridiculous warm locations in which to game. :/

  30. Baranor says:

    Legos offline with my kids, LOTRO with my wife.

    Oh and a nap whenever I can.

  31. Craxel says:

    Deep in the warmest bowels of the abode (the toilet aka wastefountain) I’ll cacklingly confront Id playing Xenogears on PSP until either battery or wipes run out.

    Under the steely disapproving gaze of my cat I’ll be playing Alien, with a Rift headset, sat in the small puddles that leaked out of my bladder.

  32. melnificent says:

    I don’t like the warm. So I’d play winter games while sat in the shade on a beach.

  33. Cephas says:

    Planetside 2 record attempt tonight!

  34. EyalLan says:

    As usual, spending some time on the track with Forza 5. I just started playing Knights of the Old Republic II, but stopped after a few hours. I’m not sure I’m in for yet another 40+ hour Star Wars adventure right now. The first game did well to bring a sense of closure.

    Also, there are so many quests and RPGs I want to play but don’t have enough time. That’s a terrible feeling.

  35. Fomorian1988 says:

    Talos Principle. I’m almost through with the seven areas on the first floor. In hindsight, I probably should’ve left the red sigil puzzles for later, when I find out a way to awaken the messengers who give hints, but I still got there in the end. Love it

  36. Monggerel says:

    Red Faction: Perestroika.

    But good god damn I forgot what it was like to fly a truck off a ridge straight into a large administrative-looking building.
    And what about all those people who worked there? Whose hopes and dreams I just squashed with a giant truck of blunt metaphors?
    You know, on second thought, this all seems a little excessive.

    • Jakkar says:

      Exceedingly excessive. Calm down, sit back, and play it like a Guerrilla. I have issues with many of the game’s open world objectives, since if we’re liberating a colony, why would we destroy their vital infrastructure and supplies, other than those directly and immediately useful to the military?

      Most confusing. As a result I handicap myself heavily. Like my refusal to kill animals in this recent rush of games that involve turning sharks and wildcats into holsters and wallets…

      It makes the games less sickening to play and more interesting in terms of difficulty and immersion. Try treating RF:G with a little more respect and you’ll find it a much more satisfying game than sheer chaos offers.

      • Monggerel says:

        But I revel in chaos and also consider most games’ (certainly Red Fuckton and FC 3) feeble attempts at painting “valid” “targets””” disgusting.
        In Far Cry 2, you were a sadistic homicidal lunatic out to bring death and destruction to people who’ve suffered enough. You were no better than those you killed – oftentimes worse, actually, since you have actual choice in the matter. Even the worst folks around didn’t deserve the outrageous things you did to them on basically no justification.
        In Far Cry 3, you’re the great white hunter caught in a grand adventure out to liberate the noble savages from the evil non-white pirates and the evil white mercenaries who are vaguely germanic. Then the game pulls a fast one at the end and tells you the savages aren’t actually noble but evil instead. How very FFFFRRRRFFURAAAAAAGGGGHHH

        • lowprices says:

          Yup. I much prefer Far Cry 2 to 3 for a number of reasons, but a big one is the fact that FC3’s attempt at satire fell flat, whereas FC2 goes for sincere and repeatedly bellows “YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM” at the player, which ends up being more effective. Of course, that’s just my interpretation, others may disagree.

          • Monggerel says:

            Honestly, I didn’t get the feeling that Far Cry 2 actually told you that. What I felt is that the game was bitterly cynical to the point where it genuinely didn’t give a shit about all that you did, right until the very end, where it got fed up with its own world of demented cruelty and literally pulled the plug – you had two options, both of them being suicide.

            But I don’t think this was some brilliant “ohhohoho look how bad you is! silly gamer dude!1!” like Spekops or fucking Far Cry 4 or a few dozen other games. It was more like “okay, I reckon we both had enough of all this about 5 hours ago. What say you we fix that right now.”, which is at least a bit less degrading towards the player – even though ultimately it’s a far more brutal and hurtful conclusion. That it’s tied to the only act of goodwill you perform in the entire game makes it worse – but it kinda works as catharsis. You (player and game both) get your breather when you’re dead for good.

            Outrageous message, even if it’s kind of incidental. But making a game for the AAA market with such an outlook – that’s a goddamn act of heroism (or rather, of “heroic evil”, if I’m gonna keep being super pretentious).

            The difference, I think, is that Far Cry 2 was willing to look in the mirror and straight up destroy what it saw, rather than unload its disgust-made-pseudosubversive-drivel on some external source of agency.

        • Jakkar says:

          That ‘clever’ message was old when Bioshock came out, very old when Spec Ops: The Line came out, and by Far Cry 3 there was no excuse -.-

  37. LazyWizard says:

    The Blackrock Drive Yards mod for Starsector finally updated after the game’s October update broke compatibility. So I’ll be playing a hell of a lot of that.

  38. Jakkar says:

    In my lair, swathed in blankets and buried beneath at least one cat at any given moment…

    Cleaning up my old realism mod for Red Faction: Simian, for curious members of this very community – link to dropbox.com if you’d like to give the game a whirl as more of a Guerrilla, less of a supersoldier.

    Just completed a run of the Test of Defiance in Shadow of Mordor, inspired by that recent post about permadeath. I’d completely blanked the game’s DLC, assuming I’d try it out ‘later. Maybe.’, as I’m not sure I’ve ever actually played, let alone finished a piece of DLC. This particular game won my heart before release, however, and didn’t disappoint – except in its obviously incomplete nature… I bought the special super devotee edition, whatever that was called. Achieved rank 173rd globally. What a special boy I am.

    What else? Planetside 2 with the RPS crew, some Just Cause 2 to hide from my personal demons in mindless repetition, and possibly a slog through the mud in Spintires if my mind catches fire entirely and needs to be quenched in a bucket of slavic mundanity.

  39. Marblecake says:

    Still 7 Days to Die. I haven’t really played anything else since I started apart from a bit of NuThief.
    Every since I rented a server it has turned out to be the best co-op experience (and virtual recreation of a sandbox mixed with legos) I have ever had. Most of my gaming buddies log in every now and then and everyone has their own projects. My bud and I just recently struck out on our own, leaving the heavily fortified compound our group has built. And we found a beautiful cliffside (hooray for the random map!) where we started building our own house in the wilderness.
    Damn you RPS for getting me hooked! Or rather…thank you for showing me this wonderful game.

    • Jakkar says:

      It’s really worth that entry price, and worth playing in Early Access, then? I’ve been sorely tempted, but lack anyone to play with.

      • Marblecake says:

        For me it certainly was. To elaborate: I’m not generally a fan of survival games and sandbox games like Minecraft leave me utterly cold (also the art). But 7DTD combined the survival of Don’t Starve with a wonderful crafting system and FPS mechanics that work for me. If you have ppl to play it with it’s marvellous.
        I’m thinking about increasing the slots on my server and inviting RPSlings, seeing how you are a nice crowd. I’ll talk it over with the others and let you know. Should I open the server I’ll also post in the forums.

        • Jakkar says:

          I’d be much more likely to buy the game if I knew RPSers were playing it. Make use of the Mumble channel? =)

        • spirit says:

          I’d be very much interested, kind Sir. I only play by myself now and abandoned multiplayer because of all the hacking and griefing.

  40. Henson says:

    Jade Empire on Master difficulty. I imagine this is what playing Dark Souls must be like, only less fair. Stupid invisible walls.

    EDIT: Whoops. I meant Grand Master. Basically, hard.

    • Shaun Green says:

      Boy, I loved Jade Empire back in the day, but some of its difficulty spikes were silly business enough even on normal (which I assume is what I selected at the time).

      Fortunately, for every problem there is a Jade Golem Form.

      • Henson says:

        Sadly, I have yet to acquire Jade Golem, whatever that may be. I’ve been playing almost exclusively with Legendary Strike, since weapons don’t seem to carry much advantage (they don’t seem to do much more damage, and they eat up Focus. The only advantage I can see is greater reach) and transformation styles eat up so much Chi without giving much chance for defense. The support styles can be nice, but don’t work on ghosts or demons, and the Spirit Thief style is a godsend, except it also doesn’t work on demons. So I often just use my basic style and hope I don’t get caught against an invisible wall or get stun-locked (which happens waaaaaaaay too often).

        There’s a really nice combat system hidden in there, but it badly needs to get tweaked around.

        • Shaun Green says:

          It’s far too long since I played for me to comment on the intricacies of the fighting system, but what you’ve written sounds convincing! Yeah, balance is a definite problem with JE.

          As for JGF… well, you’ll know when you’ve got it. It largely involves a lot of gleeful cackling from what I recall. :)

        • Immobile Piper says:

          I found swords to be extremely deadly when compared to basic kung-fu, but I did only play on normal and maxed out focus. It might be that they’re not better enough in higher difficulties or you need focus on other things more often.

  41. Horg says:

    The warmest place to play games is under some duvets, covered in kittens, inside a box fort, with a thermos of fresh coffee. You should play XCOM Long War and encourage the little furballs to attack the screen whenever they see a Sectiod.

  42. wu wei says:

    Having just upgraded from a HD5850 to an R290X, I’m going through all of my installed games and ramping up the graphics fidelity as high as I can.

  43. cthulhie says:

    Man, after the announcement this week and the subsequent discussion of Elder Scrolls Online, I actually re-subscribed for the last two months prior to B2P. Someone in that thread on RPS asked if the game had improved since launch, and I wrote a lengthy (for a comment) “why the bad press made sense and why I like it anyway” response in which I actually talked myself into wanting to play it again. (It helps that 60-day sub cards are dropping in price as their value diminishes day after day.) I fully intend to wander around Tamriel all weekend.

    That is, if The Secret World doesn’t tempt me back for issue 11. Funny how, for a person who favors single-player games with rich storylines, I’m currently most charmed by a couple of MMOs whose chief virtue is that they’re not *completely* ruined by being MMOs.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Thanks for posting that reply. I’ve been wondering about TESO lately, too, but the post-patch articles I read didn’t really do much for me. Sounds vaguely like it might be (for me) a TES-themed Xenoblade. (Which is a very MMO-ey game in a lot of respects.)

      • cthulhie says:

        With the subscription, I never really recommended it to anyone because I can’t really bring myself to recommend a sub game. I think, once it goes B2P, it’s a no-brainer. Albeit not necessarily a “run right out and get it just now” recommendation.

  44. fish99 says:

    I’m map clearing in Far Cry 3 after beating the campaign. Schizophrenic game. On one hand one of the best open world shooters – great graphics, tons of fun stuff to do (especially outposts), satisfying gameplay. On the other hand one of the worst campaigns I’ve come across with a dreadful story, obnoxious characters, dire unskippable cut scenes and quite a lot of awful missions.

    Actually the campaign is like a collection of the worst levels from FPS history. There’s timed sections where the time limit makes no sense, there’s no-kill stealth sections, there’s tail the contact missions, there’s QTEs, there’s bad boss fights, there’s turret sections galore, sniping sections, escape the burning/collapsing building sections, and the game constantly takes control away from you. I hope the people who made these levels have to play them someday.

    To be fair there’s also some good levels in there too.

    • fish99 says:

      Actually change of plan, I’ve moved onto Stalker Lost Alpha instead. All I can say is if you’re a Stalker fan you need to play this.

  45. bonuswavepilot says:

    Dungeonmans while ensconced under a kotatsu. (Like a low table with a heater under it, which you throw a blanket/duvet/doonah over the top of and sit with you legs underneath and lappie on top.)

  46. Crafter says:

    Massive Chalice.
    I have not decided yet whether I like the overgame or not. Unlike X-COM, you are fighting against the clock, the game has a 300 year length, so you are a bit limited on your research option (you invest time in order to get upgrades).
    The lineage stuff is, hmm, special. It has many deep implications on the tactical battles. For example, you have to make do with whatever hybrid classes your got. You have to balance the available fighters, their ages, genders and traits and in addition to that play to the genetic lottery. Fortunately, from my limited time with the new hybrid classes, all these combinations work fairly well and are very fun to use (archers with explosive arrows, alchemist with high precision long distance bombs, caberjack able to hide, …).
    I would not mind to play the same game while being able to manually choose my unit classes and only get random traits, à la Rogue Legacy, but that would be a very different game.

    The random events of the overworld are fun and well written. My only reproaches would be that they are all seemingly entirely random and often don’t provide you with enough information : you are locked on this event window and can’t have a look at the state of your research or keeps.

    The tactical battles are what make the game work though. They are a fun take on the tactical genre with a clever enemy design :
    -explosive enemies leaving corrosive juice around their corpse.
    -enemies that make your unit forget things or make them age.
    -long distance ‘artillery’ that fires units at you.

    All of them are very dangerous in different ways.

  47. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Being destroyed by Super Hexagon on a nice, warm train back from -10°C skiing.

  48. April March says:

    I’ll be playing Saints’ Row Not Quite Five, which my mom got me for my birthday! Or rather, I got myself and she paid for it.

    Also, I hear that in Southern Brazil people fight cold by heating a brick on the oven, then placing it under the bed. Bricks hold heat, then release it slowly during the night. I suppose that’ll depend on whether gas is cheaper than power where you live.

  49. fish99 says:

    I remember a few years ago when I started playing Planetside 2, my hands would get so cold at night they’d ruin my ability to aim, but since then we’ve got thermal curtains and it’s made a significant difference.

  50. Thulsa Hex says:

    I’m still playing catch-up on the last decade of PC gaming and, having finally gotten to the end of the Witcher yesterday (which became a bit of a slog towards the end — what the hell was with the unnecessary “trash compactor” sewer monster fight in the “epilogue”?), I’ve installed the Witcher 2 and (after finishing the prologue at least) it seems far superior — and pretty much what I was hoping for.