Helpful Humans Properly Launch Freaking Meatbags Soon

Prepare for jubilation and extermination, fleshsacks! Freaking Meatbags, WildFactor’s tower defence / RTS / arena shooter mashup, is evolving from an Early Access title into a full-fledged game on February 4th. If you care to execute your canny consumer protocol it’s still available for 25% off its usual £7.99/$9.99/€9.99 retail price until Monday.

Freaking Meatbags allows you to step outside your ineffective enclosure of skin and inside the warm embrace of an elegant-in-form-and-function, er, cleaning robot, tasking you with gathering resources and building up your base during the day. At night unfriendly robots make an appearance and attempt to tear down all your hard work. Huh, who glitched their subroutines?

I’m honestly not sure what’s worse: those rampaging robots or having to stoop to recruiting humans to help do your dirty work. At least you can inject them with advanced genes and alien DNA to make your job a little easier. Alice was rather taken with the idea of splicing in laser eyes last year; in fact she’s been using them to keep the rest of us news writers in line.

To celebrate the game’s impending launch, the final big Early Access update bings a bumper crop of new things including all-new genes, equipment such as hoverboards for your lazy meatbag servants, an overclocking ability that bends time to your will, an assortment of tweaks and fixes, and most excitingly a hidden zombie planet. Hell, if your game’s going to have both humans and robots in it, why not also stuff in some dead humans? It’s not like there’s any shortage of them lying around.


  1. TokyoUD says:

    Glad to see you guys covering this game. It’s an interesting title that could use the exposure.

  2. Wildfactor says:

    Thank you for the article !

    I wish to add that the beta branch with all the new features, is now available to everyone !
    Just switch to the beta branch in steam (no password) to get it.

  3. Siimon says:

    Looks a lot like Revenge on Titan link to

    • Wildfactor says:

      It’s definitly one of our inspiration!
      But I don’t think we are close to it anymore.

  4. Raoul Duke says:

    I have been on board with this for a while.

    Unfortunately I stopped playing it because it seemed to have some sort of feedback loop for difficulty – I found that if I did too well, it suddenly got so hard that it became impossible to win. Perhaps it was just a bug, but it was weird having breezed through most levels to then be unable to beat one in about 10 goes.

    I also found that the genetic mixing of humanoids didn’t actually affect much. For example, the much talked about laser eyes are so puny that you can’t risk your little meatbags anywhere near a real enemy lest they get smushed. They are much more valuable as ore gathering slaves, for which they require no laser eyes.

    • Wildfactor says:

      Hi Raoul Duke.
      we have redone the difficulty system, so it won’t punish you if you’re too good :)
      And the DNA system are completly different. You have to choose which gene you want. There is a lot more choice than before! (we have at least double the number of genes)
      Laser eyes are also more efficient now. And you can add a rocket laucher (laser eyes + rocket launcher).
      + make your humans zombie (I won’t say what it adds..)
      This will be efficient for small to mid robot. For heavy robot you still need towers. But you can boost your tower now by putting some meatbags in it :)
      We tried to listen to players as much as we can.
      When I say there is a lot of new things, I promise, I’m not overselling it !