Homeworld Bound: Remastered Collection In February


February 25th. That’s it. That’s the day when Gearbox will release the Homeworld Remastered Collection with its two made-over, fancied-up re-releases of Relic’s wonderful spaceborne real-time strategy games. After a long but comfortable silence, Gearbox this weekend announced a release date and, gosh oh golly, a trailer with a look at its new look. It is pretty. I’d say it looks as good as I remember Homeworld looking in the first place, which means the Remasters impressively can equal the sludgy haze of nostalgia, memory, and imagination.

They Remastered Collection gives Homeworld 1 and 2 new models, new textures, new special effects, new recordings from the voice cast, remade cinematics, and a remastered score. The original versions are included too, for purists.

And it’s turning multiplayer into a separate thing that combines the best of both, so they can form one single playerbase. “Competitive multiplayer modes for Homeworld and Homeworld 2 have been joined to offer players access to races, maps and game modes from both games in one integrated multiplayer experience,” Gearbox explain. That won’t be finished at launch, though. It’ll still be in beta when the Remastered Collection launches, with all owners allowed in, as Gearbox dabble in testing and collect player feedback.

The Homeworld Remastered Collection will cost £26.99 when it launches.


  1. MasterBoo says:

    Wait, no Cataclysm?

    • KillahMate says:

      Cataclysm was released by a separate company and the rights are separate (Relic had HW1/2 and Sierra had H:C) – Gearbox wasn’t able to purchase the Cataclysm rights.

      • Dr_Barnowl says:

        That’s a real shame, Cataclysm was very much the best story of the three. It’s still the Homeworld game that sticks most in my memory.

        • Beanbee says:

          I was most taken with the first. Those first few missions (which were a struggle to beat for me back then) followed by such heartbreak. Then an almost pathological journey induced by a grief you could hardly comprehend. It was one of the most moving computer games I’ve ever played.

          It likely helped that I was only 12 at the time but Homeworld has glued itself to me.

          Also, dat Adagio for Strings.

          • hotmaildidntwork says:

            The first was probably the more moving, by the usual meaning of the word. I have to admit though that there are a lot of moments from Cataclysm as firmly stuck in my mind as anything from HW1. The Beast wasn’t really that original an antagonist, but the execution was perfect.

            I can still see that hangar module spinning away into darkness, the screaming on the radio growing quieter as it shrinks out of view.

          • Grey_Ghost says:

            The voice & cinematic work from HW:C really stand out in my memory.

          • Razumen says:

            Cataclysm was such a step up gameplay-wise from Homeworld 1, the units, their special abilities, the improved interface, etc. After playing Cataclysm HW2 felt kind of like a step backwards to me. The story might have been a bit campy in HWC, but damn it was good and memorable. I don’t even remember the story of Homeworld 2, that’s how generic it seemed to me.

          • Furiant says:

            IIRC, that was Agnus Dei by Samuel Barber. I might be thinking of the sequel though.

        • Cinek says:

          HW:C was like a B-class horror movie. More silly than anything else. In terms of storylines IMHO it’s the weakest one in a series. That said though it did have some decent missions in it and few nice units (eg. Archangel).

          • Armitage says:

            The voice of the beast was the worst. I just remember them saying “We Live” and thinking how cheesy it was. But gameplay was a different story. My head was in my hands when the infection ray took half of my fleet.

      • Vandelay says:

        I recall hearing there was more to it than that. I seem to remember there was an issue with the assets and/or source code that meant the game would have to be pretty much completely remade if they were ever going to rerelease. Could be completely wrong or thinking of a different game though.

        Edit: Yep, Wikipedia says that the source code is reportedly lost, although it says that there might be some copies with one of the developers.

      • Dave L. says:

        NO THEY’RE NOT. Relic didn’t have the Homeworld 1 & 2 rights, THQ bought the Homeworld IP from Sierra in 2006 (they bought Relic in 2004). That included Cataclysm, since that’s what buying an IP means.

        Cataclysm hasn’t been remastered because all of the assets (source code, uncompressed textures and audio, concept art, etc) were lost when Barking Dog was bought by Rockstar and subsequently broken up/merged with Rockstar Toronto. Without the source code even doing a Cataclysm: Classic release is impossible since they still have to strip out the DRM and the multiplayer backend, and update the renderer to support widescreen.

        Also Rob Cunningham doesn’t consider Cataclysm canon, since it was made because Sierra wanted to quickly capitalize on Homeworld’s success.

      • Wetcoaster says:

        What I find interesting is that the studio that developed Cataclysm, Barking Dog went on to develop the Sword of the Stars 4x games while Ironclad Games, developers of Sins of a Solar Empire was itself founded by former Barking Dog employees.

  2. Hogni Gylfason says:

    “The Mothership is standing by.” – My eyes got all wubbly.

    • Fontan says:

      I didn’t expect such a simple phrase to have this impact on me.

    • Azhrarn says:

      Indeed, Karan S’jet still haunts me. ^_^
      Lots of feels from that simple sentence.
      Can’t wait to play the games again in their restored glory.
      Sajuuk-Khar lives again!

    • Apologised says:

      That and “Kharak is burning”

    • SomeDuder says:

      “Marshalling the fleet”

      NNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG. Really looking forward to this. Well, not enough to pay full price, so it’ll be a while till I get to play this, but still! Even the original versions, with some .ini and registry tweaking, run just fine. The game is a visual joy, the story is great and it’s PC game through and through.

      I can only hope that the viewing distance is increased, especially in Homeworld 2. Also, HW2’s camera, which let you lock the camera on even the smallest missile and watch from it’s point of view as it navigated the battlespace, ported to HW1 would be nice. Oh, and definately the “damage-textures”, for lack of a better word.

      Yep, want.

  3. Zanchito says:

    YES. Shame about Cataclysm, but I’ll be all over this.

    • Beanbee says:

      So very happy to see this return!

      I hope the mod community reprises

    • Ole Bekkelund says:

      Seconded. I didn’t get to play these back when they came out, partly because my feeble young mind couldn’t handle strategy of that magnitude. The concept always rang well with me though, and I definitely won’t miss out this time around.

    • SomeDuder says:

      No telling how strict the legal rights are going to be watched, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cataclysm return as a fan-made mod. The engine is the same as HW1, the game’s audio and visual assets could be extracted from the original version.

  4. FuriKuri says:

    GOTY 2015 :P

    Homeworld is one of the (very) few games which has withstood numerous reorganisations of my personal “top 10” over the years.

    The fact it’s not a direct sequel is somewhat bittersweet but hopefully it will be a success and act as a springboard for such things.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      There’ll be a prequel, apparently: link to eurogamer.net

      (Final paragraph.)

      • FuriKuri says:

        Ah, thanks for that. I had known (but forgot) about Shipbreakers, there’s some info on this very site:

        link to rockpapershotgun.com

        But it’s had a somewhat odd upbringing; originally free-to-play and not part of the Homeworld franchise if I recall. It may well still turn out to be great but it was originally pitched as a top-down RTS which isn’t quite what I’d have wanted from a new installment in the Homeworld franchise.

      • solro says:

        Shipbreakers trailers have been out a looong time…it was supposed to be an “unrelated” game (winkwink), and then deals were made and it’s in-universe again.

        Wondering when the hell we will actually get the game.

        • Cinek says:

          Noone really knows. It’s development seems to be in a middle of nowhere. I’m very happy I didn’t pay any money for it upfront when they started paid beta signups.

          • rawthorm says:

            I’m happy I did pay money upfront. You know why? FULL refund AND a FREE copy of the game when it finally comes out. Can’t really ask for more than that :-)

          • Mandabar says:

            Wow rawthorn, that was a nice deal man :p Wish I jumped on that when it was around. heck I don’t even remember them offering, I was all over anything homeworld related. And hell, we all knew shipbreakers was winkwink homeworld related.

            It was even admitted at the paxsouth panel heh, when they got offered to see if they could work it into homeworld ip, he went and grabbed the folder with everything ready to go already :P

  5. Easy says:

    Warm embrace coming up. HW1 was a defining moment for me in my gaming history.

  6. Thulsa Hex says:

    Nice one. I never got to play these back in the day despite loving the look of them.

  7. solro says:

    “new recordings from the voice cast, remade cinematics”
    “we airbrushed the Mona Lisa to make it better”


    • Haxton Fale says:

      Classic versions are also included in the package.

      Also, even if the original artwork looked great at the time, it might not be the case nowadays – nostalgia filter does its job, but it’s undeniable that the visuals have grown old. As for voices, I don’t know about HW1, but I’ll likely keep HW2s if I can just move the relevant assets.

      • solro says:

        The original games are included, there’s nothing said about being able to choose between old/remade parts for the remade game. Seems like if you want updated graphics, you’ll be stuck with tampered voiceovers and cutscenes.

        And they aren’t very dated (yeah, it’s not “omgz 1080p at 60fps d00d”)

        link to youtu.be

        • c-Row says:

          So a bit of airbrushing the Mona Lisa is fine, apparently.

        • Panther_Modern says:

          The cinematics are being updated by the same people who made them the first time, using the same source materials, so I’m not sure I’d call it tampering.

      • tobecooper says:

        Cinematics had 2D artwork – this is the kind of artwork that does not get old. New cinematics have some sort of 3D-2D fusion and they already look dated. I guess the original art is too low res to use in the remake…

        But, as you said, classic versions are included so no harm done.

        • Cinek says:

          No. Just: no. New cinematics look as good as the old once, they kept the style, just added more detail post processing to look good in high resolution. I don’t see any “2D-3D fusion” thrown around – it’s all 2D paintings. And I totally disagree that they “already look dated”. It’s one of these timeless styles that never get old. They made a very good job remastering them, one of the best I seen.

      • Shadow says:

        I’m still not sure how this remotely compares to “airbrushing the Mona Lisa”.

        What exactly is wrong with re-recording the same lines with the same voice cast? Both material and actors are the originals, and it hasn’t been very long (we aren’t talking about Al Pacino over decades) so I’m perplexed by any outrage.

        You’re talking about tampering as if they were remixing Mozart’s work, besides.

        • Azhrarn says:

          Indeed, the fidelity of the audio in the original was good, but not the highest.
          Re-recording it in higher quality was a good call, especially if they didn’t have the original Studio recording to work from.

        • P.Funk says:

          Well in 15 years people get older, sound different, etc. Apparently when Otto Klemperer guest starred on The Simpsons as Colonel Klink in the 90s he had to be taught how to do his character again from scratch.

          Its likely that as a child when I played this dozens of times I memorized every inflection of dialogue. If I’m going to hear voices that don’t sound right my subconscious will have an OCD attack.

          I’m not worried about changing the art, but I am worried about changing the voices. Consider it concerned until proven okay.

          Maybe this doesn’t matter to you because A. you didn’t play it as a kid or B. you’re not one of those people who gets bent out of shape by subtle changes that you can detect. This entire remastered release is a massive nostalgia kick for some people.

          • Emeraude says:

            In some ways, I find the “subtle” changes are far more disquieting than the blatant ones. The blatant ones are just registered and meh-ed with, consciously. The ones that register subconsciously affect me more.

            There’s a Lovercraftian aspect to it, it’s like reality has changed in small details, and it looks almost the same, yet alien. Simply put: uncanny valley at work, now that I think of it.

        • Werthead says:

          There will be one absence: Campbell Lane, who memorably voiced the Bentusi, passed away a couple of years ago. I’d be interested to see how they deal with that, as his vocals were very distinctive.

      • Giuseppe says:

        The intro to Homeworld – the first one – is hands down among the best game intros I have ever seen. The artwork, the lines, the music, it just all works phenomenally well. And this isn’t nostalgia talking either, I played Homeworld for the first time just a couple of years ago. You just have to get past the low, by modern standards, fidelity of the sound and image.

        On the other hand I have no problem with the devs upgrading the cinematics and voice-overs. I don’t see this as an attempt to replace or overwrite the originals, but merely complement them. Hell, they even include the originals in the package, it’s not as if they’re forcing the remasters on you. So what’s not to like?

    • FuriKuri says:

      I think the main reason they remade them is that the originals were objectively poor in terms of video compression (codecs weren’t quite what they are now and the game had to fit on a single measly CD) and they didn’t have access to the “raw” footage to just re-output them at a better quality. So the motivation here doesn’t appear to be one of hubris as you suggest.

      • Cinek says:

        Low resolution and lack of details were major problems. Original cinematics never were made for anything bigger than 800×600 screens and no amount of raw data will fix that.

  8. Kreeth says:

    Fuck yes.

  9. Krazen says:

    No matter how good HW1+2 are that’s expensive for what is basically a glorified HD texture pack.

    As for Cataclysm, hasn’t the source code been lost so they couldn’t remaster it even if they did have the rights?

    • The First Door says:

      I can’t help but feel you’ve underestimated the amount of work that people have put in. It’s not just a ‘glorified HD texture pack’! They’ve clearly redone models, redone the lighting engine and effects. Heck, they’ve gone to the effort of getting the original voice cast back together and re-recorded them. All of that costs money!

      • Geebs says:

        Homeworld 2 was already a spectacularly pretty game. I couldn’t see a huge difference between the “remastered” footage and the original HW2, although I expect the shadowmaps are a bit bigger these days.

        • TechnicalBen says:

          One particular ship had it’s textures inverted in a HW2 update…

          …/ backs away from his HW2 geek hat… /

          Wow, now that was a flashback I’d not expected to revisit. (Cries a solitude tear for the HW2 Seirria forums)

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          This is more or less what I logged in to say. Alright, HW1 is kind of dated, yeah, I get that (still has decent art direction, mind), but HW2 is just… ugh. I still play it, a lot, right now, on a crappy laptop, and it is one of the prettiest games in the world. I will fight anybody who says otherwise.

          Not that I’m saying this is a bad thing, of course, but for me it’s just an unnecessary one.

    • Shadowcat says:

      new models, new textures, new special effects, new recordings from the voice cast, remade cinematics, and a remastered score

      And obviously rebuilt for today’s operating systems, with all the changes and consequent QA that doing so entails.

      And a re-developed multi-player component.

      All of which sounds like numerous salaries on top of the cost of purchasing the rights to do this in the first place.

      If you don’t like the price, don’t play it; but at least accept that when a professional company does something like this, there are costs to recoup, and they’re unlikely to give it away for peanuts.

      There are bound to be many people who have heard of Homeworld but never played it. For them, this price is a bargain. For those who bought the originals, no one is stopping you from playing them.

    • solro says:

      Hope they include a PDF of the original manuals.

      I don’t remember if HW1 was the same, but Cataclysm had this awesome manual with ship descriptions and a bunch of lore/art that wasn’t covered in the game itself.

      Hey, remember when games had manuals?

      • Azhrarn says:

        HW and even HW2 had full manuals (though HW2 was as a PDF in the version I had), including bits of backstory, the available starships, the works. ^_^ Loved reading those, in fact, I have the original HW manual sitting in the bookcase near my PC.

      • TechnicalBen says:

        Still have a copy of the digital art from their websites (public and Deviant Art posts) from back in the day. :D

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        HW1 in particular had technical schematics for the mothership and all its various innovations. It was a joy to read. I don’t believe they did anything like that for HW2, alas.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Just the cross-game multiplayer functionality (being able to play as any of the HW1 and HW2 races in a unified skirmish/multiplayer match) should be enough to make you realize it’s not just a HD texture pack.

    • HauntedQuiche says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s just a texture pack.

      I’ve still got the old games knocking around and HW2 seems to play fairly nicely with my system, but HW1 is an absolute pain to run a lot of the time, so there’ll be those issues for a start.

    • Vandelay says:

      UK seems to be the highest price, according to Enhanced Steam. Most places have the preorder price as under £20, which is reasonable.

      Of course, you also have Russia that has it for the equivalent of £5.10!

  10. Gap Gen says:

    I like the new soundtrack: link to youdubber.com

  11. Volcanu says:

    I wonder if they have fixed the Homeworld 2 campaign’s ‘dynamic difficulty’ exploit…

    • stele says:

      This – I couldn’t finish either game because by the time I got near the end the dynamic difficulty made it almost impossible. But I LOVED the story – wish I could have just put it on “easy” and been able to finish it.

      • Cinek says:

        Install a patch.
        First patch they released for HW2 fixed the difficulty jump. After that it played perfectly fine (I finished it like 3 times, no problems), though there are still players in a community that accept only the original version, as the one that played as intended.

      • Werthead says:

        HW1 didn’t have dynamic difficulty that I recall, it was just set and if you hadn’t built enough ships on the map before, tough.

        HW2’s was pretty crazy, but it also failed to scale all the way. The peak of difficulty that I recall was Missions 3 and 4. If you got over the ‘hump’ of that, as long as your were building absolutely the biggest fleet possible on every map and maxing everything out, you could curb stomp the enemy.

        The biggest problem in HW2 was the mission with the hyperspace inhibitors on the asteroids and the enemy base on the other side of the map. If you sent a probe to recon the enemy base (pretty standard tactic), this would cause the end of the mission to trigger early and a ton of enemy warships would barrel down on you before you could do anything. If you didn’t send a probe you could take out the inhibitors easily and then jump behind the enemy fleet to destroy the base without any problems. Slightly dumb decision.

  12. Grey_Ghost says:

    I am definitely getting these! I wonder if modding will be possible on these remastered versions.

  13. Robert Post's Child says:

    Oh man. Full disclosure, I never even really played the Homeworlds, just watched other people go through it, and, first game especially, it’s still a really strong memory and I totally love that game. So brilliantly done on every level. Shame Cataclysm isn’t included, that one got weeird though.

    Also? Also: I don’t know if anyone bothered to read the manual for 1, but the background on Kharak’s tribes and history was really cool and well thought out for something that got blown up in the first 5 minutes and was never relevant afterwards. And it would maaaybe be a an excellent setting for, say, an RPG or the like.

    Just sayin’.

    • Werthead says:

      I do wonder if they were thinking of a prequel even then, as there’s a lot of stuff in HW1 (and even more in CATACLYSM) on the different kiith and the set-up on Kharak.

      This stuff will – finally! – become a lot more important in HOMEWORLD: SHIPBREAKERS, the new prequel game that we’ll hopefully see next year :)

  14. cannonballsimp says:

    Does anyone know what sort of mod compatibility the remasters will have? There are some very fine mods for Homeworld 2 out there.

    • Razumen says:

      I wouldn’t bet on it retaining mod compatibility at all, if it did that would be pretty much a miracle.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      I doubt the mods will be compatible as this looks like a completely new engine with most likely new file formats and all (you know, to take advantage of 2015 tech instead of 2003 tech). However, they’ve announced mod support, and I have absolutely no doubt that a lot of the modders will flock to this game.

  15. kael13 says:

    Here’s some gameplay.
    link to youtube.com

    Mmm, so good.

    • Ole Bekkelund says:

      It looks delicious indeed. Not so keen on the Depth Of Field effect though, it kind of takes away from the feeling of moving through the vastness of outer space methinks. Here’s hoping it can be toggled on or off in the video settings.

      • kael13 says:

        Yeah this got queried with the dev doing the lighting effects. He says it should be toggleable and maybe even tweakable (as in the amount) but he personally likes it. Which is odd, because it looks incorrect for something that is supposed to be taking place over huge distances.

    • Zekiel says:

      That intro (the Garden of Kadesh) is an excellent example of how Homeworld managed to deliver engaging storylines in spite of never, ever showing a character model. Amazing.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I’ve ranted before about the resigned, monotone voiceovers in Homeworld 1+2 and how utterly brilliant they are, so I won’t here, but suffice to say that yes, the things they do without ever showing us a living person are amazing.

  16. Resev says:

    Really hope i can get this on GOG.

    • Emeraude says:

      It’s not as if the platform attracted people who loved old games, so why bother ? Clearly not their target market.

  17. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Homeworld 101:

    * Build salvage corvettes
    * Go shopping

    Also, is an adagio for strings still an adagio for strings if it’s not got strings in it?

    • Chris England says:

      Nope, the choral version of Adagio for Strings is called Agnus Dei I believe.

    • SnowWookie says:

      Yep…. love me the salvage corvette…. oh, you have ion frigattes? thanks, I needed some of those :)

  18. Fnord73 says:

    Its nice to see someone say “This will not be finished on release, while the rest of the product will be.”. Kudos.

  19. FreeTom says:

    I can see 2015 is only going to exacerbate my Steam backlog problem. In addition to uncompleted games I’m starting to get too big a wishlist backlog to feasibly plough through in the next sale.

    I might have to hire an agent.

  20. Ole Bekkelund says:

    Is there any word on the included original games and whether or not they’ve been updated to work on modern systems? It’d be horribly cheap not to, seeing as they advertise their inclusion and all, although some games do tend to survive the passing of time better than others — I’d just like to know which category Homeworld fits into.

    • GhostBoy says:

      From Gearbox’s homepage: “This collection also includes archival versions of Homeworld Classic and Homeworld 2 Classic, preserving the purest form of the original releases with compatibility for modern operating systems.”

      So yes.

      • Ole Bekkelund says:

        Yods be praised! Thank you good sir, my excitement for this release just increased tenfold.

  21. skalpadda says:

    “I’d say it looks as good as I remember Homeworld looking in the first place, which means the Remasters impressively can equal the sludgy haze of nostalgia, memory, and imagination.”

    HW1 looks a bit low res now, but I recently replayed HW2 and it still looks just as good as it did in my memory. It really is a triumph of visual design.

    The remasters look fine from what I’ve seen of them. Not convinced by the changes to the UI, it was pretty much perfect the way it was, but I suppose that’s the sort of thing you get used to.

    • Cinek says:

      Yea, UI is pretty much the only thing that worries me. But other than that – brilliant work. I like how they even added more details to already outstanding models from Homeworld 2. Also bananaship with all these new details in feels so much different, yet still amazing…. can’t wait for my own copy (got it from Amazon with fancy statue – I refuse buying digital edition, must have proper box it deserves!)

      • Mandabar says:

        I’m so jelly of you. I completely missed that they were doing a collector’s edition.

        I’m a fanatic though, so I went and bought the UK edition. Yep, Paying the UK Pound to US conversion tax. 130$ for me *shudder*

        But by Kharak, I will have a mothership!

    • FriendlyFire says:

      HW2 aged really well, but there’s no doubt that this remaster completely blows it away. Just the lighting is miles beyond (check out the gameplay video posted in the comments, the Battlecruiser’s twin ion cannons illuminate the ship’s surface), the models are far superior, there’s actual normal and specular mapping, etc.

      The game’s art style meant it will most likely look good for years to come, but throwing the style into a new engine with upgraded assets makes it shine even more.

    • Armitage says:

      I was never a fan of HW2 UI. It was full of blue and yellow lines and boxes that just got in the way of the beautiful visuals. The HW1 and HW:C UI was essentially invisible until you started to do something. That minimalistic UI, to me, is a defining element of Homeworld.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        You know you can turn that off, right? EVERYTHING in HW2’s UI is toggle-able, every last element of it.

  22. schurem says:

    OMFG! Hells yea! want!

    link to viralchart.ru

  23. Cinek says:

    If anyone’s looking for Homeworld Soundtracks:
    Here’s Homeworld 1: link to assam.studio-gepard.pl
    And here’s Homeworld 2: link to assam.studio-gepard.pl

  24. JarinArenos says:

    Nostalgia drives me onward… but the fearful knowledge that I look through rose-colored-glasses holds me back. Even with new graphics, I fear that the gameplay will have aged poorly. Even with nostalgia, I remember much of these games being poorly-balanced.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Every few years I still play these games at least once. Aside from some tinkering with the register and .ini files, they still play like a charm. Not sure what you mean with balance – you talking about single-player? That was just fine, except that if you really screw up in the early campaign, the more difficult the later missions become, since ships and resources carry over.

      Multiplayer? Well who gives a damn, that’s just for laughs. Pro-videogaming-athletes can go play CoDBlOpsBFMinecraft.

  25. simbo says:

    How about a new credits track by a random prog rock band? Rush? The Alan Parsons Project?

  26. KDR_11k says:

    I guess we’ll be cheering until they announce the preorder exclusive content and the season pass…

  27. Joshua Northey says:

    It was a great game, and one that still hasn’t had a good follow-up. I look forward to checking this out. Maybe play it with my son/wife.

  28. BathroomCitizen says:


    I can finally lay my slimy hands on this game. The child version of myself very much wanted to buy Homeworld, but his/my parents never bought it.

    Revenge is mine – remastered in HD cool-o-graphics nonetheless – at last.

  29. Zerpherion says:

    Can for the love of god, the children on the steam stop whinging about the price of paying for the remastered collection.

    $30 bucks is nothing at all, personally I cannot wait for it.

  30. vivlo says:

    february 25… is… my birthday.

    • Mandabar says:

      Happy Birthday to you. Best Birthday present you will ever buy for yourself :P