Co-op Ikea Furniture Assembly: Höme Improvisåtion

It's a... chairtablelamp? All the rage in Sweden nowadays.

As someone who has committed to assembling an awful lot of Ikea furniture in the near future, I am delighted by Höme Improvisåtion [official site]. It’s a free game about putting together flat-pack furniture, and even has local co-op so you can tackle the task with chums, but is delightfully free-form. While I’ll be stuck puzzling over slots, tabs, and washers, Höme Improvisåtion has easy snap-together parts and doesn’t really care what your furniture looks like as long as you use every part. It’s quite satisfying, with solid clicks and controller rumbles as your Frankenfurniture takes form.

Höme Improvisåtion plonks boxes off bits into your nice tidy lounge (laminate flooring, obvs) without instructions, giving only a few seconds to see on the box what it’s supposed to look like. You pick parts up individually, rotating them, then can lock any tab into any hole. The game takes over and ensure it gets in easily, but once it’s in, it’s staying there.

Once you’ve used all the bits, you can place it somewhere in your lounge, and another box drops in. And then several boxes at once. It’s a fun construction kit, and probably a terrible mess with friends. It supports up to four players across keyboard and controllers.

Höme Improvisåtion is one of the – oh my! – 5,443 games created during the Global Game Jam over the weekend, made by Aj Kolenc, Jessica Jackson, Colton Spross, and Josh Faubel. The free download for Windows and Mac is over here.

I find a cathartic pleasure in going “No, long flat wooden bit, I don’t care if you think you are part of a table, I SAY you go on this lamp.” Assembling furniture incorrectly to spite Ian Ikea. I bet you’re reading this, Ian.


  1. FuriKuri says:

    Only thing it is lacking is the “authentic” Ikea experience of hiking through one of their godawful, soul-sucking stores. It’s just not the same unless you’re jostling with miserable, bickering couples, taking “shortcuts” which fold into the 4th dimension and being tempted by platefuls of meatballs of a suspiciously cheap and foreboding constitution…

    • DrScuttles says:

      Yeah, the assembly is fine. It’s the anxiety of being stuck in Ikea for 5 hours that’s the problem. Longest 5 hours of my life. No longer do I fear death; I’ve gazed long into the abyss. The abyss gazed into me. But I fear Ikea.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      I knew when I clicked that one of the top five comments would be someone complaining about Ikea.

      I have to say complaining about being at the store itself is a new one on me, though. If you don’t want to spend five hours in Ikea, why don’t you just…not? No one’s keeping you there. If you know what you want, hang a left directly into the warehouse, grab it, and leave. Or if you get tired halfway through, take a look at the map that you picked up on the way in, or that’s posted everywhere, and proceed directly to Go. The main way is designed to cover the whole floor because that’s what most shoppers actually want to do, but it’s quite easy to beeline it if you pay a tiny bit of attention.

      It’s like back when people used to complain about how impossible it was to program their VCR when they had never actually opened the manual.

      And the meatballs are delicious. All the food is delicious. I’d go there for lunch if I lived near one. As it is I make my friends bring me lingonberry jam when they go. Seriously, you’re just making up things to bitch about now.

      • Halk says:

        A new one on you? Seriously? Get with the program man. They even made a 30 Rock episode about it.

      • teije says:

        The glutenized rubber meatballs are delicious?? You must be sponsored by Ikea, that’s the only explanation I can possibly imagine for saying that.

        • Premium User Badge

          Phasma Felis says:

          Relatedly, when did this trend come from? This thing where it’s not enough to merely dislike a certain kind of food, it has to be a revolting affront to God and man that probably only peasants eat, or something. I don’t remember people doing it 10 years ago, though I could be naive. Is it a hipster thing? A lot of the perpetrators seem like they’d rather be eating organic fair-trade ethnically authentic kale loaf, but another lot of them just prefer to eat anywhere you don’t like, you poor ignorant prole.

      • DrScuttles says:

        It’s all very well and reasonable to say just don’t spend 5 hours in Ikea if you don’t want to, but try going there with someone who wants to look at everything cooing how nice this would look in our room and why don’t I like that and then going back to the start because there was something there she was unsure of. Twice.

        • Premium User Badge

          Phasma Felis says:

          That’s the basic Unwilling Shopping Experience, though, isn’t it? It’s the same whether you’re looking at furniture or clothes or knick-knacks or comic books unwillingly for five hours.

    • zacharai says:

      It’s only soul-sucking if you have a soul to spare.

      Your mistake, my friend.

    • Niko says:

      Speaking of shortcuts into 4th dimension… link to

  2. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Actually, I think Ian Ikea derives perverse pleasure from incorrectly assembled furniture.

  3. wu wei says:

    In the sequel, you get to build complex tax evasion schemes while claiming that you’re actually a charitable organisation.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Seriously, that strategy never gets old.

    • Runty McTall says:

      I don’t think it has to be complex – doesn’t being a charity exempt you from tax (and donations to charities are tax deductible)?

      So most charities have a trading arm that at the end of the year just makes a donation equivalent to all of its profit to the parent charity. Hence, no tax.

      Or is that strategy nerfed in the game as being OP :)

  4. jnqvist says:

    This reminds me of something: my girlfriend asked me a while ago if there is a game where she can decorate an entire flat with furniture,carpets,tapestries etc. (basically similar to this cute isometric game,and to the home building part in The Sims). If anybody knows anything that would feed the growing gamer in her,feel free to share.

    • wu wei says:

      Sweet Home 3D is free and seems to still be in active development.

    • Ejia says:

      Come to think of it, building and designing homes is a large part of the fun I get from The Sims. It probably wouldn’t be the same without having people living in those homes, but I could get behind a purely architecture and interior design game. Or “game”, if it’s a tool people actually use to build and furnish houses for real.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      “The Sims with an infinite cash cheat” would be my recommendation.

    • jnqvist says:

      Thanks for the suggestions guys! Will check that game out. Also,might want to rethink skipping Sims. Especially with the cheat,yeah; that might come in handy. :)

    • Premium User Badge

      samsharp99 says:

      While not really ‘games’ there are programs that allow you to design houses/gardens and decorate them. I think they were more aimed as design pacakges but I remember playing with them and enjoying them while I was a kid. I’m sure there are modern equivalents!

  5. tr76 says:

    Brilliant! It’s so much fun to create monstrosities from 3 different kits. Also, that second table is such a bitch to try and make properly…

  6. Shadowcat says:

    I trust this has Surgeon Simulator style controls?

  7. All is Well says:

    Man, they should have called it Håme Imprövisätion instead. That way they’d both get all the åäö’s AND make it phonetically similar.

  8. Lurid says:

    They should probably have used an Ä instead of Å, it would have made more sense.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Qazinsky says:

    If I was to try and pronounce that, assuming we’re using Swedish here (seems logical), I would use the i sound from “First” for ö and the o sound from “Fore” for å and also, yes, that sounds really stupid.

  10. Slouch says:

    Yet another post-apocalyptic “survival” game…

  11. Graerth says:

    Another group in my GGJ site had somewhat similar idea (maybe a bit more crude).

    Byggare 2000