Freeware Garden: Mango Blue

Not an isometric monkey.

I know there are hundreds of brand new, great and absolutely wild games to be found over at the latest Global Game Jam, yet, having played through more than a hundred, I couldn’t help but urge you to take a look at just one for now. The short but excellent Mango Blue is well worth your time.

For starters, it looks absolutely lovely, with its colourful isometric graphics, and a hefty and truly woolly orangutan as its protagonist. I do love orangutans. Even when they aren’t humorous librarians, Mango Blue shows that they can make for brilliant heroes. This particular orangutan seems to be trying to escape from a lab.

Making a run for it involves a not particularly traditional combination of pointing-and-clicking, platforming, puzzle solving and the reading of walkthroughs, which the game is kind enough to provide for itself. Yes, walkthroughs.

Mango Blue introduces incredibly obscure puzzles you cannot hope to solve on your own and builds an incredibly smart, fourth wall breaking walkthrough mechanic that has you discovering pages filled with hints in order to progress. Innovation and humorous effect aside, this is a brilliant idea, expertly implemented and is reason enough to play through the game.

Besides that, the surreal world make this fun and unique experiment an absolute joy to play through. There’s also a rare chance to play with the colours of squids.


  1. MLM says:

    Avast gives a threat level warning of “high” for this game’s file

  2. Humppakummitus says:

    Oi! Stop resizing pixelart!

  3. JB says:


  4. floher says:

    You got me at the Discworld reference.

  5. RichSG says:

    Great little game considering the time it was made in.

    Shame they didn’t take the question of ‘escaping the lab’ or ‘participating in a study by following the walkthrough further’ though. Unless I missed something, it ended kind of abruptly. Though still great fun to play!

  6. Jakkar says:

    Inexplicably charming.

  7. UltimateWalrus says:

    Thank you very much for featuring this! We’re really flattered you liked our game out of all the ones you played :]

    Sorry to spam, but if you like this game, you might want to follow Ultimate Walrus through facebook, twitter, or the newsletter on my site ( In addition to getting news about other projects, you’ll know when we expand on Mango Blue in the future, which we were thinking of doing.

  8. jamesgecko says:

    Does it just end when you get the fourth note? It seems like it might be a puzzle, but I have no idea what to do.

    • RichSG says:

      Is that the clipboard note? Or the G G R B one?

    • UltimateWalrus says:

      Try clicking on the octopi :] The clicking is a little finicky in the current version (sorry about that) so if it doesn’t do anything try again.