Papercraft Adventuring: Papetura Demo

Honestly, his little friend is fine.

Papetura [official site] is one of the prettiest handcrafted games I’ve played. It’s an adventure game, as these things often are, starring a paper curl of a chap and his little… cat? on strange travels through a magical paper world with the most beautiful spotlighting making everything glow. A short (short!) demo is up for download on its site or playable in your browser, starting you off being swallowed by a paper whale, and developers Petums are trying the crowdfunding lark.

Look, just look at how the demo starts and tell me this isn’t delightful:

The demo isn’t much longer than that, mind, with only one short and simple puzzle but I’m certainly keen to see an awful lot more. Petums point out games like The Neverhood and Machinarium as adventuring inspirations, and they’re hoping to nab Machinarium composer Floex for the soundtrack too.

The tiny studio are looking for $13,000 (£8,600-ish) on Indiegogo to finish development, planning to release it on Windows, Mac, and Linux towards the end of 2016. Pledging at least $9 (£6) would get you a copy of the finished game. They say it’ll be 2-3 hours long.

Gosh, and look at how they make all these pretty little things:


  1. Flavorfish says:

    The music from that video is from Floex’s latest EP! You might also know him as Tomas Dvorak, the guy who did the Machinarium and Samorost soundtracks! Here’s a link to the EP: link to

    Easily one of my favorite musicians. Machinarium, Zorya, and Porcustone are all amazing music.

    Game looks great. Will back.

  2. souroldlemon says:

    True indie, and… We need more handmade games!
    This indiegogo campaign is fixed funding, so you get a refund if they don’t make their target within the month.

  3. Frosty Grin says:

    Look, just look at how the demo starts and tell me this isn’t delightful:

    This isn’t delightful. I like handcrafted games, but this one doesn’t look good to me at all.

  4. Niko says:

    Aw, that looks quite cute.