Freeware Garden: Condor

The majesty of colours...

Equipping you with everything from a jetpack and a stealth field to bionic legs and a pair of cool rocket boots, Condor tasks you with navigating the tricky rooftops of the sprawling metropolis of NeoQusqo in order to reach the Spire. Acts of cyber-terrorism will ensure that you don’t encounter any resistance. The heights will be your only enemy and your payment will be more than generous.

All you have to do is traverse┬áthe cyberpunk cityscape without, well, without plummeting to your doom. These are very high buildings indeed and you’ll have to carefully jump from ledge to ledge, hover across gaps, discover new routes, navigate what is essentially a big maze, and slowly make your way towards the Spire.

The sparse checkpoints will keep things tense and only mildly frustrating and that – the mildness of the frustration – is the experience of someone who passionately┬ádislikes first person platforming.

But Condor is different. Scouting the horizon to decide on my route made me feel a bit like a cyberpunk, morally corrupt version of Spider-Man. Discovering a hidden passage excited me. Making leaps of faith that didn’t end in a sharp fall had me celebrating and, well, what I mean to say is that Condor is great. Play it.


  1. Doomsayer says:

    The only challenge I found was the one to my patience. For someone with rocket boots I spent 99% of my time waiting to reach distant areas that held some faint promise of navigational challenge. And it’s even worse when I found an actual maze of extremely long corridors that provided absolutely no jetpack engagement whatsoever.

  2. ErraticGamer says:

    Yeah, I quit when I got to the maze. There was just no way I was going to waste more time on that.

  3. gunnar says:

    I actually enjoy this a lot. I also dislike the maze, it is quite dull, but after that it gets better than before. The music has a nice Blade Runner vibe to it, and overall I find it quite calming. On the next run I will try to run around the maze, maybe that is possible… but I agree, it is brilliant.