Badland Coming To PC

So barkin' pretty

Gorgeously atmospheric sidescrolling float-em-up Badland [official site] began life as a tadpole on iOS. It has made a fair few ripples since it appeared in the App Store, picking up a bevy of awards. And now, after much splashing about on mobile devices, the game is making a spring migration for the bigger waters of the PC, the – pfft. Who cares about consoles? Let’s carry on.

Badland, for those not already in the know, is this lovely adventure that will have you guiding a furry black thing through a lush, fairy-tale forest to some enigmatic goal. Your objective is to the right side of the screen before the left side can crush you into a pixelated pulp. As is the case with such things, there will be obstacles to deal with, hazards to puzzle through. Your feathered companion is thankfully endowed with some unique prowess to help him through these dangers. It can be enlarged significantly, or even reduced to a horde of teeny, tiny little puffballs. You’ll accrue friends as you pass by too, and they act as a barometer of health. Lose all of the little creatures, and you’ll restart the level.

The Badland that is making an appearance on the PC won’t be your everyday Badland. Instead, it’s going to be a Game of the Year Edition with souped-up graphics, four times more content than before, and 27 multiplayer deathmatch stages. (Why does everything have to end in death? Why, why, why – ahem.)


  1. Volcanu says:

    Aside from the admittedly very pretty backgrounds, I really didnt see what the fuss was about with this, The game is pretty poor in my opinion, mostly consisting of occasionally pressing the screen.

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      Phasma Felis says:

      Now, let’s be accurate. It consists entirely of “occasionally pressing the screen”, in the same way that, oh, say, Half-Life consists entirely of “occasionally pressing buttons and moving the mouse,” because it’s (’til now) a phone game and I don’t know how else you’d control a phone game. (Let’s be honest, tilt controls suck.)

      But no, I know what you actually mean. It’s a one-button game, in the grand tradition of Canabalt, and you don’t like one-button games. Which is fine, you’re allowed. But just to be clear for the audience, this is the most intricate, beautiful, atmospheric one-button game I’ve ever seen, and dismissing a game solely because of its control mechanism is ridiculous. Unless it’s tilt controls.

      EDIT: And apparently it’s no longer a one-button game even–the PC/console versions now let you control the speed and direction of flight, and they’ve redesigned all the levels to match. Which is…weird. But hey!

      • Volcanu says:

        Well yes, to each their own. As I said, that’s merely my opinion.

        My comment about occasionally pressing the screen, was meant to imply that there is little else to do other than occasionally hold down a button. There isn’t much ‘game’ there, in my view. There is no directional movement, and little in the way of challenge (that’s not due to it being a one button game mind you, some of which can be very challenging). Again, I dont have a problem with something not being ‘gamey’ per se – I enjoy Telltale’s output, often criticised for being barely a game – providing interest is provided in some other way.

        Whilst the backgrounds are beautiful, I found the game tedious, quite quickly. I persevered, but it didnt really improve. I’m not criticising it for the control mechanism as such -to me that implies the way you interact with the game (touching a screen, MKB, using a gamepad) so much as the game failing to use the input method in an interesting or satisfying way. If a game only asks you to perform a simple action repeated ad nauseum, with little else changing bar a background- then I find that fairly boring. Besides, I think it IS legitimate to criticise a game for having a poor control mechanism – reviews of games frequently do this.

        Anyway, from your edit it sounds like they have completely changed that and perhaps it is more interesting to play now.

        Finally, I’m genuinely glad you like it – and you are clearly in good company, it’s been very popular. And that’s great – its nice to find something you love. But I was just sharing my reaction to it. I wanted to like it, unfortunately I didnt.

        • johannesvuorinen says:

          Developer here. We agree that pressing just one button would have felt odd using a keyboard or game controller. That’s why we decided to change the control mechanics for the GOTY Edition to give you more freedom and to make the game feel even better for the PC platform. This required us to redesign all the levels in the game but that was definitely worth it.

          • Volcanu says:

            Well firstly let me just say it’s nice to see a developer taking a look at their game and deciding how it will work on a different platform (even if it requires significant work), rather than just porting it across.

            Thanks also for responding to my somewhat critical comments in a mature and constructive way. I appreciate it must be difficult to hear negative remarks about something you’ve worked hard on. In any case, clearly many people are big fans of your game so I’m sure that helps! Best of luck with it, even if it didn’t ‘click’ for me.

    • Zekiel says:

      I know what you mean. It’s very pretty, but I found the gameplay entirely so-so. I played for an hour or two, got stuck somewhere and never had any motivation to persevere. So I’m mystified by the adulation its got. I guess its just not my genre – but then I enjoyed Braid and Limbo (apart from the spider, obviously)

      • Volcanu says:

        Yeah, it’s clearly not my genre either. But likewise, I enjoyed Limbo very much.

  2. AngoraFish says:

    So the relevant game platform on the trailer is “Steam”, not “PC”. Maybe this has been going on for a while and I’ve only just noticed, but it strikes me as odd. Does “designed for Steam” include Mac and Linux, for example? Surely, were the game just available on PC, it should just say “PC” along the PS4s, Wiis and suchlike.

    • Hex says:

      The game is, indeed, available for Mac and Linux/SteamOS. It’s possible also that the game requires Steamworks. I would assume whenever “Steam” as opposed to “PC” is listed, the game either requires Steam, and/or is available across PC, Mac, and Linux.

    • johannesvuorinen says:

      Developer here. Yes, the game is coming to PC, Mac and Linux. And not just Steam but to other stores as well. To make the trailer a bit clearer (since there are so many platforms listed in the trailer) we decided to just use the word Steam since almost everyone knows what that means. Also, we are supporting Steam specific features such as leaderboards, achievements and cloud sync (and something else not yet announced in the future as well). More info coming nearer the launch.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Fantastic. Thanks very much for taking the time to post a comprehensive response.

      • jrodman says:

        “the word Steam since almost everyone knows what that means”.

        No, I don’t agree at all.

        Everyone knows that steam is “that thing you can buy games with”. But Steam is connected to ps3 & 4 titles, as well as mac, windows, and linux. There’s also the steambox. There’s also “steam exclusive” and “uses steamworks drm”. Many people assume they know what is meant among these variables, but many different options exist, and if I game on a mac (which I do maybe 80% of the time), the “coming to steam” moniker leaves me with more questions than answers.

        It’s a growing trend, but one I’d like to see reversed.

        • johannesvuorinen says:

          Good point. Putting as much information as possible to as small space as possible is pretty difficult. Especially for indie developers as we are who are more used to developing the games than marketing them. :) Always some compromises need be made. Not sure what would the best way to describe in short a game coming to PC/Mac/Linux and Steam supporting its features and other stores as well. :)

    • welverin says:

      But using PC instead of Steam isn’t really any different, because that encompasses Mac and Linux as well. Now if they had said Windows…

  3. LTK says:

    I loved this game, especially the physics. Combined with the sound effects, it’s amazingly chunky and physical. Same goes for the explosions, which are the polar opposite of special-effects fireball explosions: 100% force, 0% fluff.

    I got this game in the Humble Bundle, will the Steam version be made available there as well?

    • johannesvuorinen says:

      Thanks for your kind words! Glad to hear you enjoyed the original.
      Most likely will be available there at least at some point. We haven’t yet talked about that thoroughly as we are still polishing the game. Will keep everyone updated in our blog: link to

  4. Voqar says:

    Never heard of it – which isn’t surprising since someone would have to pay me a lot to play a console and pay me more to keep up with which games are popular on consoles.

    That said, I DO wish that games like Uncharted would come to PC since even someone who doesn’t care about consoles and wish they’d all die and go away has heard about that game and it sounds awesome. Sorry Sony, I’m not buying your console to play a couple of exclusive games and it’s pretty narrowminded and pigheaded to keep great games exclusive when you’re already drowning in money anyways.

  5. gwathdring says:

    Ooh, this looks lovely and interesting.

  6. Psychomorph says:

    Redesigned for Steam.

  7. Talesdreamer says:

    Oh, I have this on my cellphone! Lovely little thing, albeit some physics-related puzzles can be a bit frustrating. I may buy it again just to catch gorgeous screenshots for my desktop backgrounds.