Viking Space Program Is Exploding With Awesome

Yes, little Kerbal. At least, there's that.

Long ago, before the seduction of fast food and motorized vehicles, there resided vikings in the land of Kerbin. It was not an easy time. These fearsome Kerbals lived and died with their colossal ships, which spat flame like the behinds of dragons. But like their eventual descendants, they persisted and grew from strength to strength. Their endless quest for naval perfection was known as the Viking Space Program and it was, like everything else in Kerbin, kinda cool.

In case you somehow missed the hype shuttle, Kerbal Space Program [official site] is an enormously involved space flight simulator which features the eponymous little green men and a lot of explosions. It’s also a mind-bogglingly complicated game that has spawned a wonderful cadre of mods and feats, ranging from the hilarious to the historically accurate. And this wonderful, absurd little idea, of course.

YouTuber SWDennis’s Viking Space Program is both upcoming comedic sensation and a downloadable craft for your game. In this eight-minute first episode, SWDennis shows you how to pilot space-age viking ships, how to harpoon spacewhales, and how to spectacularly crash.

You can download their vessel yourself to have a crack, though you’ll also want these mods: Infernal Robotics; Pro Props; KAS; Collision FX; Better Buoyancy; and Hot Rockets.

(Incidentally: Have a dragon!)


  1. amateurviking says:

    This all seems a bit too professional for my tastes.

    • Stugle says:

      I was wondering what you were going on about until I saw your username. Well played.

  2. MrFinnishDude says:

    I’m an avid Robbaz fan and I call copyright infringement.

    • SukaiSky says:

      You do know that Robbaz didnt copyright Viking Space Program, meaning it is open for free use, also copyright infringement would mean that this video would have to be the exact same as the footage Robbaz uses, as it it not Robbaz’s Footage it cannot be copyright infringement <3

      Robbaz also supports the video AND I QUOTE "I have, and it's cool as shit! :O"

  3. Wytefang says:

    Looks lame.

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Has no one ever heard of the Volition Bravos?

  5. Tazer says:

    There is a youtuber named Robbaz, who I really like (the only sub I have actually) and he’s been doing this longer, and better (and harder, sorry couldn’t resist). You should check out some of his videos. Not really designing boats, but still I think it’s the VSP (Viking Space Program).

    • Nurglemir says:

      I came here thinking that this was about Robbaz’s Viking Space Program! SHENANIGANS!

  6. fragmonkey90 says:

    As others stated, there is a youtuber named Robbaz who does Viking themed things in his games. In this case, he does the Viking Space Program. Robbaz > whatever this garbage is

    • Eggman says:

      Try watching the video before making a silly comment. This is totally different to Robbaz’ content.

      • fragmonkey90 says:

        I did, I just assumed this would be the Robbaz Viking Space Program which is altogether more entertaining and well-known

  7. Maltose says:

    That really made me want to play Skyrim again

    • Eiv says:

      I just formatted my PC completely, damned if i’m downloading all those mods again. I shall partake in the soundtrack though. :)

  8. LionsPhil says:

    That dragon is awesome.

    And people complain about KSP’s flight model. :P

  9. nichevo says:

    SWDennis’ best works are his random clips compilations. Same sort of silliness as a boat going to space but much faster; 5-30 seconds for each gimmick. Indeed, they’re my favourite KSP videos.

  10. communisthamster says:

    Once upon a time perhaps we would have berated a simulator just a little for having such shoddy water/buoyancy mechanics instead of skipping straight to the bit where “we love it because it’s bad”

    • LionsPhil says:

      Water is not exactly the focus of a space simulator, any more than vehicle collisions are the focus of ETS.