Watch The Night Drift By In Night Tune

I had meant to tell you about Night Tune [official site] when it came out two weeks ago, but its dreaminess interfered. Every time I load it up, my eyes get heavy, my focus fades, and soon I’m held trancelike as the night drifts by. It’s a free little treat where we’re driven endlessly, aimlessly through the night, the passenger of a phantom driver. Road lights, car lights, and warning lights illuminate and silhouette buildings we can’t quite make out, and our bleary head lolls over while the radio plays MP3s we feed it. Look, I’ll show you.

I’ve started playing it while catching up on radio shows and podcasts, as it stops me from fidgeting with my computer and gives something to stare hazily into. Or just plug in some dreamy driving music and away I go, peering out the window. I was very delighted to discover, after visiting it a fair few times, that one of those half-glimpsed buildings in the distance was a church spire. I wonder what else out there in the darkness I haven’t seen.

Night Tune is made by Pol Clarissou, who you might remember from Even the Stars and Offline, or Naut as part of the Klondike collective. If you like this, I think you’ll dig Offline in particular; it puts us at the control panel of a train going through eerie tunnels, and is also big on passing lights.

It’s a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux over here.


  1. yabonn says:

    Nailed the night radio voice in that video.

  2. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    This also works nicely with Jeff Bridges Sleeping tapes. He does some Jeff Bridges talking to weird synthie-tunes. its free here.

  3. Pich says:

    Does stuff changes depending on the music or is it just a fancy looking media player?

    • KwisatzHaderach says:

      According to the first song there should be a dwarf and a giant somewhere on the streets.

  4. leeder krenon says:

    Shoppers!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t <3 RPS any more.

  5. TekknoTroll says:

    The only song I can play to this is Kavinsky’s Nightcall

  6. tofusheep says:

    this + Boards of Canada – Kid For Today = goodness

  7. cederic says:

    Surely you combine this with.. link to

  8. corinoco says:

    Puts soundtrack of Blade runner on loop…

  9. Da5e says:

    This does not work especially well with ‘Language Recovery’ by Whitehouse.

  10. alms says:

    I never successfully stuck with any podcast until I got sick of radio station hopping in ETS2. Adds to the immersion actually.