Watch Evolve Singleplayer Matches With Commentary

An in-depth gameplay video with two matches demonstrating the offline mode in Evolve [official site] has popped up. If you’re curious about Evolve but aren’t a big fan of games with a multiplayer focus, or are already gearing up for the game’s release and are interested in how its offline mode works as a tool for practice and experimentation, feast your eyes on this beast.

Both featured matches are Solo Exacuation Defend mode, with the first from the player-controlled monster’s perspective. Commentary is provided by a pair of enthusiastic chaps, and props to whichever man spake the immortal words “when you kill them to their death”.

In both matches the monster is a Wraith, which seems to be designed for sneak attacks, abductions and generally confusing the Hunters. Interestingly the Wraith starts the match at its maximum level, meaning the player has access to its full range of powers from the outset – but they have no means of recovering any lost health. As a result their playstyle involves a careful game of cat and mouse, managing their health carefully whilst making best use of armour. Their strategy hinges on attacking and distracting the AI hunters while minions do the bulk of the work attacking objectives.

The second match, from the Hunters’ perspectives, is a great demo of how an experienced player will constantly hot-swap between their various team members, making the best possible use of their abilities to execute a common strategy. The AI appears to do a reasonable job when the player’s not driving – as evidenced by how close the first match was.

It looks like offline play will offer plenty of opportunities for dedicated online players to experiment with different strategies and Hunter combinations, and to get a feel for the strengths of monsters versus different team loadouts, as well as offering those who prefer solo experiences to get a little Evolve in their life.

[Looking for info about Evolve’s bizarre pre-order shenanigans? Alec covered that in depth here and here.]


  1. funkstar says:

    I find this commentary really irritating… ugh. There’s a lot of MOBA sounding talk in the monster part of the video too, something I didn’t realise was a part of evolve – minions, lanes, jungle?

    • Asurmen says:

      Only the Evacuation mode has that.

      Also RPS typo. Didn’t know Exacuation was a word…

  2. Billzor says:

    Like the idea, but I’m not liking the float-i-ness of the movement of the characters, both hunters and monster. Feels… I dunno, not good?

    • Jakkar says:


      The Wraith floats, true, but the Goliath is stompy, and feels as heavy and solid as any character I’ve played in a game. He is essentially Kabuto. When on foot, the humans feel small, agile, but not ‘floaty’, though the jetpacks lack oomph, sadly.

      • Billzor says:

        Yes, the lack of oomph is what I dislike. I’m wishing the devs had gone with a Titanfall-inspired movement system instead of jumpjets.

        • Asurmen says:

          Without jump sets, you get a rather flat level which is easier to catch Monsters on.

      • socrate says:

        The goliath does feel floaty as hell and not anything like the kabuto please don’t say that cause this is just trolling

        i just find nothing in that game that is appealing its like the vs mode from L4D which btw was extremely unpopular even in the beginning…they should have seen this coming but these dev obviously are oblivious to what make their game fun and is even more clear with the dumb DLC thus we get stuck with that…not alots of good dev left these days

        Edit:why also did they think that it was a good idea to have this dumb commentator thing into this thing?…well i guess because its one of the most boring game to watch ever so i guess thats why but wow still horrible watching this is like a torture

        • Asurmen says:

          VS mode was unpopular? Commentary means a game is boring? And you accuse someone else of trolling.

    • Ferno says:

      I’ve played mostly monsters and they have a lot of weight/feeling behind the movement and attacks (wraith aside). The bass produced by the Goliath walking when you play as him is actually too loud and messes up my headphones.

  3. April March says:

    “Feast your eyes on this beast”?

  4. mezron says:

    Not pre-ordering this. It looks like a great game, but there are a couple things concerning me.

    One is the hype level… no game can live up to this level of hype. See Titanfall as an example. It’s a good game, but seems to have fizzled rather quickly. I played the free weekend and thought it was OK, but it certainly didn’t blow me away. I still haven’t bought it.

    The other is the DLC. I don’t really have a problem with DLC, but this is looking like it could be a never ending drip feed which I don’t like. I don’t want to feel like I’m committing to a couple years subscription that varies from $1.99 to $15.99 per month just to keep up with the Jones’.

    If it’s still considered a good game when the inevitable Gold, GOTY, Complete, Darwin, or whatever the finished version is called I’ll pick it up then.

  5. Bashmet says:

    He mentions you can play offline without consequences, what are the consequences of playing online?

  6. deanimate says:

    Some great multiplayer footage over on twitch from theguidance and maniacsquirell

    link to
    link to

    This game is amazing fun.