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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Darkest Dungeon of Discounts

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Does anyone here T-Rex when they sleep? Because I do. And that stinks when you sleep on your wrist and wake up with this lingering ache. PTSD seems an inevitable future for all people who work with their hands but goshdarnit, the twinges stink, anyway. Wait for my fifties please, cartilage! This week’s crop feels slightly “meh,” especially since Gamersgate had unfortunate pricing accidents a few days ago. (Which was guiltily good.) P.S: I am currently obsessed with Darkest Dungeon. It rocks.

The Big Stuff:

Nothing terribly not-obvious this week. But, I do recommend dropping by Bundle Stars to check out their RPG Maker discounts. They’ve got a number of resource packs going for cheap. Additionally, it looks like GreenManGaming is aiming to revisit the turbulent months of 2014 with a series of sales dedicated to last year’s best. As of the time of writing, I see Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Evil Within, and Civilization: Beyond Earth marked down. They’re all 24 hour deals, unfortunately. Which means writing about them would only be an exercise in sad.

Devolver Bundle
You don’t have to buy all of the games, it’s just way more cost-effective to do so. Over at, Devolver Digital has a sweet deal going. Not only do they have titles like Shadow Warrior and Serious Sam on sale, they’ve also got a smattering of movies, all of which are suspiciously well-populated with hipster beards. The natural state of the Internet, I suppose. Alas. Moving on.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Pretty, but people tell me there are jump scares. Jump scares are bad. The last time someone jump-scared me in real life, I jump-punched them in the nose. Jump scaring is an awful thing for me. I – what was I saying? Oh, right. So, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an adventure game that will have you inching perplexedly through this glorious-looking world. You play as a detective with paranormal abilities and it’s your task to figure out why the eponymous Ethan Carter vanished. It’s an excellent game, all said and done. We certainly thought so, at least.

Shadows of the Vatican: Act 1
Little is more enticing to a bargain hunter with a blue bucket than a game that is absolutely free. While I can’t say I am particularly enticed by its look, it seems interesting enough. It’s an adaptation of a book by David Yallop, with art direction from a Marvel veteran. The story itself involves an ex-priest who finds himself needing to investigate a missing briefcase and the Vatican’s involvement in some traumatic memories. A bit cliched? Perhaps. But it’s oh-so-free.

Topware Bundle
More discounts? Lord, you guys are insatiable. Okay, fine. Have at it. You wanted more discounts? Here. More discounts. TopWare’s an interesting critter in part because opinions about their games often seem quite divided. Some adore ’em in spite of their issues, others abhore them. (Granted, you could say that about just about anyone.) Personally, I have an unreasonable fondness for it because they are at least tangentially involved with Septerra Core, my first proper exposure to RPGs as a kid. Also, 90% off is nice. (Here’s hoping this is not German-only.)

Tropico 4 Collector’s Bundle
Are you a good dictator, a great dictator, or a tyranically awesome one? Tropico 4 wants to know. This massive bundle contains the Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition along with an extravangant (11) amount of DLCs. How awesome this offer is is, of course, dependent on how much you value the idea of messing around with DLCs. But Tropico 4 is widely regarded as a competent romp. If you’re in the mood for games of such nature, why not give this one a shot?

Also of note:

1C Strategy Collection – >$9.87/£7.50/€8.75
Don’t fancy playing a third-world dictator? That’s okay. 1C has your fantasy needs covered. Several iterations of King’s Bounty are included in this package along with the questionably named Fantasy Wars and the more imaginatively labeled Reign: Conflict of Nations.

Groupees Be Mine 17 – $4/£2.65/€3.54
I’d get this for Cinders alone. It’s a taut little visual novel with lush graphics and a surprisingly entertaining tale. Nothing that might necessarily win awards, but certainly worthwhile to nab. Included is the amusing Deepest Dungeons of Doom and slightly more hmm-inducing offerings like Sinking Island. It has a music album entitled: Cats Never Die. If nothing else, this Groupees collection is good to felines.

[Apologies for the late post – come home Graham we miss you, and sometimes forget the responsibilities we picked up while you were away.]

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