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Rebound: Original Binding Of Isaac Getting New DLC

The new Hollow shouldn't appear in the starting room when it's finished. Shouldn't.

Though The Binding of Isaac‘s remake-o-expansion Rebirth has been out for a few months, and even has an expansion in the works already, dear old original Isaac hasn’t gone forgotten. Co-creator and programmer Florian Himsl has announced he’s working on new DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb by himself. It’ll bring a new Hard mode to the roguelikelike weep ’em up with “elite” versions of monsters, a bit like Rebirth has, along with bug fixes.

Despite now being 101 hours into Rebirth, I never played original Isaac, so I can’t gleam much from this video beyond what Florian and his pal say. Do note that this vid is using a build spawning the new Hollow in the start room specifically to show them off. It’d be a mite cruel otherwise.

“I am trying to add a mostly more enemy behaviours mostly. Will see what else I get the time to add,” Himsl explained in a YouTube comment. “I always wanted to go back and fix these things. But my computer was laggy in flash and I kept making more mistakes then I was fixing bugs, but now I feel I have become a better programmer and also I have a new computer.”

He added in in another, “So far it’s only me. But if I do good they might add my ideas to Rebirth.” That sounds more hopeful than a concrete plan, mind.

As for when it’ll arrive, and how much it’ll cost, those are mysteries for now.

Here’s another video with a horrible spider oh gosh I do not like Isaac’s spiders at all. The various species probably kill me more than anything and I don’t fancy this spiderbomb at all:

Ta to the reader who sent in a tip about this. I didn’t ask if I could print his name (and age and town), so let’s call him Tammy Parton, age 7 3/4, from Abingdon, and pop a special RPS Tip Troupe badge in the post. Thank you, Tammy.

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