Rebound: Original Binding Of Isaac Getting New DLC

The new Hollow shouldn't appear in the starting room when it's finished. Shouldn't.

Though The Binding of Isaac‘s remake-o-expansion Rebirth has been out for a few months, and even has an expansion in the works already, dear old original Isaac hasn’t gone forgotten. Co-creator and programmer Florian Himsl has announced he’s working on new DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb by himself. It’ll bring a new Hard mode to the roguelikelike weep ’em up with “elite” versions of monsters, a bit like Rebirth has, along with bug fixes.

Despite now being 101 hours into Rebirth, I never played original Isaac, so I can’t gleam much from this video beyond what Florian and his pal say. Do note that this vid is using a build spawning the new Hollow in the start room specifically to show them off. It’d be a mite cruel otherwise.

“I am trying to add a mostly more enemy behaviours mostly. Will see what else I get the time to add,” Himsl explained in a YouTube comment. “I always wanted to go back and fix these things. But my computer was laggy in flash and I kept making more mistakes then I was fixing bugs, but now I feel I have become a better programmer and also I have a new computer.”

He added in in another, “So far it’s only me. But if I do good they might add my ideas to Rebirth.” That sounds more hopeful than a concrete plan, mind.

As for when it’ll arrive, and how much it’ll cost, those are mysteries for now.

Here’s another video with a horrible spider oh gosh I do not like Isaac’s spiders at all. The various species probably kill me more than anything and I don’t fancy this spiderbomb at all:

Ta to the reader who sent in a tip about this. I didn’t ask if I could print his name (and age and town), so let’s call him Tammy Parton, age 7 3/4, from Abingdon, and pop a special RPS Tip Troupe badge in the post. Thank you, Tammy.


  1. Optimaximal says:

    DLC for the DLC?

  2. faelnor says:

    I love the original game as well as Wrath of the Lamb, and I’d gladly return to it in theory. In practice however, I wouldn’t be able to stomach the framerate drops of the flash original after spending so many hours playing the silky smooth Binding of Isaac Rebirth on my 2009 Core2Duo.

    So, interesting, but if the flash engine isn’t heavily optimised, this won’t be for me.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I tried going back to the original after playing Rebirth and I couldn’t do it. It felt too slow and laggy by comparison… which is unsurprising since that’s one of the reasons McMillen wanted to do Rebirth in the first place.

    More power to Himsl for going back and fixing stuff, but I fear it’s a bit redundant at this point.

  4. Skeletor68 says:

    The only thing I miss about the old Isaac is the soundtrack.

    • Stopsignal says:

      There is a mod out there to change it, you know!

      • Jalan says:

        Even being a bigger fan of Danny’s music I still don’t see why anyone would do this, as Rebirth contains sections of the game which Danny never composed anything for (since they never existed in the Flash version) and being stuck with Ridiculon’s tracks for those sections + Danny’s old replacements for the others just doesn’t constitute a cohesive experience.

  5. lordfrikk says:

    It’s commendable but the original version is unplayable for me with more enemies on the screen and I feel like that’s the case for a lot of people.

  6. Drivic says:

    I think his heart is in the right place, but with Rebirth around I don’t know how futile this will be, in the end.

    Rebirth is an improvement in nearly every way (the soundtrack and, for some weird people, the art being the only arguable aspects) so I really can’t see people going back to vanilla Isaac, especially not with its low, low frame rate.

    By the way, what happened between Edmund and Himsl from him to be “left out” of Rebirth’s development, anyone knows?

    • Nevard says:

      IIRC it was simply a case of Himsl not having much experience developing games that don’t use Flash/Actionscript, there were no hard feelings between them.

      • Drivic says:

        Oh I’m glad so, thanks! Was afraid it was something like the whole drama between Edmund and Danny, the original’s composer.

        • MrTambourineMan says:

          Say what? Do you have any source about Danny vs. Edmund? I want to know more.

          • Jalan says:

            Google it (there’s mentions of it from Ed himself on his Q&A blog and third parties such as ourselves talking about it on the likes of Reddit/etc). Don’t expect to find a solid answer though, as neither Ed or Danny have given one (and likely never will) as to the reason(s) why they don’t work together anymore.

  7. Danda says:

    Wrath of the Lamb was so difficult that it almost ruined BoI for me, so I’m definitely not looking forward to playing this :(

    • Jalan says:

      It should be nice to pick up the Rusty Key and see it actually doing something for a change.

  8. kalirion says:

    It’s fine to charge for the extra content provided by the DLC, but bug fixes should be free, shouldn’t they?

    • SnoozeFest says:

      Well in traditional software development the client usually pays a supporting fee that covers the cost of bug fixes, so no, they are not free.

      I know games are different, but some bugs are fairly hard to pinpoint (pc hardware specific, settings specific, game encounter specific) never mind actually fix. Some of the money from sales are allocated towards this, but what happens when that runs out? Should you work for free just because you are doing what you love? I actually don’t know what the best solution is, other than allowing refunds for people who are unable to play the game (even if they did play it for 20 hours before it started to bug out). Bugs are unfortunately just unavoidable under reasonable development practices.

      Another view: I have clocked up 60 hours of BoI and so far not found a single bug or slowdown.

      • Jalan says:

        The Rusty Key does absolutely nothing in the Flash version, that’s a bug everyone encounters.