Shape Of The World Will Grow On You/Around You

I am instantly enamored with the look of Shape of the World [official site]. It’s a first person wanderer where every step creates the world around you, your ambulation prompting bushes to burst into existence, trees to unfurl long branches, and staircases to wind a path in front of you. It’s not due out til 2016, but you should watch the teaser below now.

In spite of the collectible pyramids, it seems like Shape of the World is simply about your wandering and exploration – which I find a happy relief, as I’m less interested in first-person puzzles than I am gawping in nice places. Here’s what the developer says:

Shape of the World is a game where the a world that grows around you, a lone wanderer, as you explore and construct the landscapes of this ephemeral first-person “walking simulator”. The world materializes as you willingly oscillate between thrill of getting lost — scrambling through ancient trees and fallen logs — and the satisfaction of being found again — spotting a familiar sight as you crest that once elusive hill. Your presence is the driving force behind the dynamic, evolving environment as you establish more permanent monuments to mark your way. Does the forest grow when no one is around?

Though you may just want to ignore that and stare at the screenshots in the game’s presskit. I’m fond of this shade of blue:


  1. Shardz says:

    It seems like a Proteus on crack…I like it!

  2. heretic says:

    looks great!

  3. DOINKATRON says:

    Short Draw Distance: The Game

    • LTK says:

      That’s what I thought when RPS first covered this too, but hey, almost all videogame worlds only exist in a small radius around you anyway, I applaud someone embracing the concept and doing something interesting with it.

  4. mukuste says:

    Art style reminds me of Eidolon.

    This is a Good Thing.